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Hints for Handling Holiday Stress

November 30th, 2021
The holidays are upon us. But along with the holidays comes a dizzying array of demands on our time and energy. These demands include planning and preparing meals, baking, shopping, cleaning, attending holiday events and entertaining guests. This season is supposed to be a joyous time full of celebrations with family and friends. But often, we set impossibly high expectations for our holiday celebrations that cannot be reached, making this one of the most stressful times of the year for…

Stressed by the Headlines? There’s Hope

June 4th, 2020
Infections. Deaths. Racism. Brutality. Rioting. Looting. Shooting. Killing. It seems today’s headlines herald terrible news that the world we live in is in utter chaos. If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling somewhat frazzled by it all. And if you’re a news junkie, you may even be feeling downright depressed! There’s actually a name for that feeling. Psychologist Steven Stosny originally coined the term election stress disorder to describe the feeling of anxiety caused by the onslaught of news surrounding…

Times of Stress and How to Manage

July 27th, 2015
In his 18 years of life, this is undeniably the most stressful time of our lives together. As I prepare to see my 18-year old son off to military boot camp for 13 weeks, I stand by and watch in awe and amazement of the young man I see him become. The emotional rollercoaster began in his senior year of high school when the talks with military recruiters began taking place. He made…