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Get the Most from Medications

May 1st, 2017
When picking up a prescription at a drug store, customers typically are asked, Do you have any questions for the pharmacist? For most people in a hurry, the routine answer is no. But investing a few moments in understanding the medication you’ve just been handed isn’t a bad idea. For instance, should you take the medicine with food or water? If you’re taking another drug – or even something over-the-counter – will there be an interaction? Does it matter what…

The Painkiller Problem

June 22nd, 2016
June is National Safety Month, and in 2016, the organizers decided to focus on four areas: medication safety and prescription painkiller abuse; driving, biking and working safely; first aid and emergency preparedness; and preventing slips, trips and falls. These are all important, but right now, I’d like to concentration on the problem with painkillers. It’s more than a “problem” actually. Everything I read refers to the issue of prescription painkiller abuse as an American…