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Holiday Drinking: Time for Wisdom and Moderation

December 22nd, 2020
The holidays are marked by festive celebrations with family, friends and coworkers. Typically, alcohol flows freely at these celebrations, and it’s not uncommon to drink more at these events than you do during the rest of the year. But binge drinking has negative physical and emotional effects, and puts you – and others – at risk. Most people know that drinking too much is bad for your liver. Consistent heavy drinking causes different types of inflammation in the liver, such…

Feel It? Forget It!

December 8th, 2015
There are many celebrations going on in the month of December with the holidays and all that goes with them. Here’s one celebration you might not know about. December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month or to spell it out more clearly, National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. Part of any prevention month is making people aware of the scope of the problem in the first place. The Centers for Disease Control…