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Holding Off Heart Disease

February 22nd, 2021
It’s February, and you know what that means – it’s American Heart Month. It’s that annual opportunity to review what we know about heart disease. And it’s our chance to be sure we’re doing everything we can to prevent or manage it in our lives. After all, heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women in the US. About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year – that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. What’s more, almost…

National Diabetes Awareness Month:

November 6th, 2019
Time to turn sugar highs into sugar lows. It’s fitting that the day after the sugar high of Halloween marks the start of National Diabetes Month. No doubt the folks who came up with the idea for a low-sugar awareness month figured this to be a good time to start keeping it real before the pumpkin pie, chocolate peppermint brownies and sugar cookies start to derail our diets. And well they should. According to the U.S. Department of Health and…

Get with the Beat!

April 6th, 2016
It happens every now and then. My heartbeat runs amok. It’s likely due to too much caffeine or one of my medications, but I’ll get palpitations. The feeling is truly weird. My heart’s been checked out and everything’s OK, but there are a lot of non-heart-related reasons your heart can skip a beat. Of course, if you get palpitations, you’ve got to get your heart checked out, especially if you have other symptoms such…