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The mission of Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership has always been to provide excellent, evidence-based, advanced medical care in a compassionate and individualized manner. We understand that the little details matter when it comes to your health, and our “no stone-unturned” approach to diagnosis allows us to provide patients with the best treatment options available. Through the innovative use of technology, open communication, and hands-on medical expertise, our practice has served as a model for primary care providers across the region.

We understand that the little details matter elsewhere too. It makes a difference to us whether the wait time for your visit is 5 minutes or 45. We know how inconvenient it is to make an appointment just to ask your doctor a simple question. Most of all, it’s clear to us that caring for a patient takes time, and that 7-10 minutes per appointment with your physician just isn’t enough. This is where concierge medicine makes the difference.

The Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership is redefining quality care to reflect what matters to our patients: ready access to physicians and staff, convenient and easy scheduling, and a doctor who understands the nuances of your particular health situation. We are able to do this because our membership is limited to 600 patients, which ensures you’re receiving the individualized attention you deserve.


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