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Buy Safe Toys During Season Of Giving

December 9th, 2019
The wrong toys can cause serious injuries or death. It’s the season of giving and that means toys. Whether they’re given to children during Christmas or Hanukkah or donated to toy drives or pediatric hospitals, toys can put smiles on the faces of those who give and those who receive. However, toys that are unsafe and inappropriate for a child’s developmental stage can be harmful and even cause injuries that send kids to the emergency room. According to the Consumer…

Fidget Spinners: Harmless or Hazard

August 7th, 2017
So, these toys called fidget spinners are the latest craze. Everybody who can get one has one (except me). I’ve never played with one – never actually seen one – but I have seen articles and advertisements for them all over the place. From what I’ve read, once you start playing with a spinner, you can’t stop. Fidget spinners get you hooked because they’re mesmerizing. They have three prongs, or arms with weights, or bearings, that are attached to a…