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Guarding Against Osteoporosis: How Gina Warren Found the Solution in 20 Minutes to Fitness

Read How Gina Warren Incorporates Light Weightlifting to Prevent Osteoporosis and Maintain Her Health

When the cost of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance goes up, it’s often a result of the work done by number crunchers such as Gina Warren, whose job is to make sure the insurance company she works for can compensate its policyholders for their losses. “I’m an actuary,” Gina explains. “I help evaluate risk for my company; set our reserves, which […]

Overcoming Back Challenges: How Marian Orlosky Finds Relief and Strength Through 20 Minutes to Fitness

Discover How Marian Orlosky Enhances Her Quality of Life and Strengthens Her Back with 20 Minutes to Fitness

When she walked away from her 38-year career as an educator several years ago, Marian Orlosky didn’t think she’d find another line of work more rewarding than the one she had teaching special education students and special education teachers. Then she became a provider of Interactive Metronome®. A therapeutic assessment and training program, Interactive Metronome (IM) has proven effective in […]

20 Minutes to Fitness”: A Slow-Cadence Training Program for All Ages

Susan McCormick, 66, Finds Strength and Health Through Tailored Training

The winter months are always the busiest time of the year for Susan McCormick, who along with her husband, Chuck, rents out a unique historic property along the Gulf Coast in Venice that accommodates about 20 visitors during peak season. “The property has three buildings that were built in 1926. In 1930, it became known as the Banyan House because […]

Defying Osteopenia and Embracing Strength: Lynne Bennett’s Journey with 20 Minutes to Fitness

Discover how Lynne Bennett, 79, Overcame Osteopenia and Found Renewed Strength Through Tailored Training at 20 Minutes to Fitness, Leading to Improved Well-being and Physical Confidence

It’s been about 20 years now since her husband’s loathing for Chicago’s long, cold, snowy winters and his love of golf brought Lynne Bennett to Florida, where retirement has gone just about as well as the couple hoped it would. With one exception. About three years ago, Lynne was diagnosed with osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis, a more severe condition […]

Overcoming Hip Dysplasia: Chalise Bourque’s Inspiring Fitness Journey with 20 Minutes to Fitness

Discover how Chalise Bourque, 73, Triumphed Over Developmental Hip Dysplasia and Achieved Mobility and Strength Through Tailored Training at 20 Minutes to Fitness, Redefining Possibilities and Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

Chalise Bourque was on the move early in life. At an age when many babies are still crawling or cautiously taking their first steps, she was already running. She was also falling a lot – more than she probably should have, even at that tender, young age. At first, Chalise’s parents didn’t think much of all their daughter’s stumbles. That […]

Balancing Career and Fitness: Marie Byrd’s Success Story at 20 Minutes to Fitness

Discover how an education professor and single parent, Found the Perfect Fitness Solution to Maintain Strength and Well-being Amidst a Hectic Lifestyle at 20 Minutes to Fitness, Achieving Remarkable Results in Just 20 Minutes a Week

As a University of South Florida education professor working diligently to achieve tenure, Marie Byrd was already leading a hectic life when a divorce left her as the single parent of her five-year-old daughter some seven years ago. With work, writing and parenting already taking up a good deal of her time, Marie found it impossible, following the divorce, to […]

Unlocking Strength and Vitality: The Transformative Power of 20 Minutes to Fitness

Discover how tailored 20-minute workouts are revitalizing lives and enhancing well-being.

Dr. Catherine O’Connell’s cat Fuzzy is quite a handful. Barely two years old, the Maine Coon is already living up to its reputation as the “gentle giant” of the domestic feline world, as it currently weighs in at a robust 18 pounds. For more than a year, Catherine had been telling her son that she needed to stick to a […]

A Pain in the Butt

Getting a colonoscopy is not something most of us want to think about. But as we reach age 50 (earlier if there’s a family history of colon cancer or other issues), it’s an imperative screening test that we all need to have. I will tell you this – the test itself is not bad at all. A shot of propofol, […]

Screening Sense

Everybody wants to stay healthy and live a long life, and prevention of disease is one way to help you meet that goal. But some disorders, like many cancers, can’t be prevented. The next best thing is to detect them in their earliest stages when they’re most amenable to treatment. Routine screening tests are recommended for some of the more […]

The Ginger Gene: Testing proves redheads need more anesthesia

  It was just a typical visit to the dentist. An old filling had cracked and needed to be replaced. No biggie, right? Well, five shots of Novocain later, I’m thinking it’s kind of a biggie. Not the actual repair, but rather the fact that apparently my body thinks its immune to Novocain, a wonder drug that allows modern man […]

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