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The Floaters That Fogged Kathy’s Vision: How Dr. Kumar Brought Back Clarity

Clearer Skies Ahead: Kathy Rommel's Vision Transformation Through Vitrectomy

Wisconsin native Kathy Rommel spent 10 years as a travel agent in Green Bay. Of the various jobs she’s held, she says that was probably her favorite. “I loved being a travel agent,” Kathy relates. “It was awesome, fun and very interesting. I had to get a lot of information to the travelers. And I always did a follow-up to […]

Ease the Burden: Why Preplanning Funerals Is a Priceless Gift to Loved Ones

Discover the benefits of preplanning funerals and how it spares loved ones from difficult decisions and financial burdens during a challenging time

The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time for family members and friends. Those times become more trying for the survivors tasked with carrying out the deceased’s wishes regarding a funeral and burial or cremation. People can spare their family and friends this burden by preplanning the funeral, says Nina Guiglotto, a family services counseling manager […]

Revolutionizing Pelvic Health

Take a seat and let BTL Emsella treatments tighten your grip on urinary incontinence

Since her son and daughter went off to college a couple of years ago, Deb Beacham has been devoting a little more of her free time to herself. For Deb, that means playing tennis in the mornings and taking long walks along the beach with her dog, Jade, in the evenings. “I also plan to take up golf again this […]

Dr. Clifford Salinger: A Visionary in the Fight Against Corneal Blindness

Global reach of volunteers, resources are committed to the concept that vision is ‘a basic human right’

In the early 1970s, a group of Lions Club members from the Tampa Bay area recognized the need to create an eye bank closer to home. There were facilities in Jacksonville and Miami, but no organization was serving donor families and recipients in Central Florida. The group’s efforts resulted in the dedication of the Central Florida Lions Eye Bank in […]

Cataract Surgery: A Life-Changing Experience

Discover how cataract surgery transformed J.C. Curry's life, restoring his vision from legal blindness to 20/20 clarity

Few can claim that they have prepared meals for a US president, but J.C. Curry, who did a lot of the cooking for his wife’s Washington, DC, catering company, is among those who have had that honor. “We catered three events at the White House while we had our catering business, and there was another time when President Clinton just […]

Find Relief from Back Pain with Innovative Discseel Procedure

Discover how Discseel provides relief from herniated discs and chronic back pain

Daniel* is no stranger to pain. The Florida-based pharmacist seriously injured his back while serving in the Army in the mid-1980s. The injury left him with five herniated discs in his lower back and intense discomfort that grew progressively worse as the years went on. “The pain was both achy and sharp,” Daniel describes. “It was consistently a four or […]

Choosing the Right Dental Solution: Crowns and Partials vs. Dental Implants

Delve into the decision-making process that led Dale to opt for crowns and partials, saving time, teeth, and costs compared to dental implants

The first person you’re likely to see when you walk into HCA Florida Atlantis Orthopedics is Dale Jones, a self-described “multitasker” whose job is to keep the practice running smoothly and ensure that patients are seen in a timely manner. “I work the front desk, so I check patients in and out, answer the phone and make sure the doctors’ […]

Varicose Vein Relief: Brian Campbell’s Journey to Pain-Free Legs

Learn how minimally invasive procedures transformed Brian's leg health and improved his quality of life.

Brian Campbell, 68, began working in construction when he was 20 years old. He is the third generation of his family to work for the same construction company in his hometown of Niagara Falls, New York. Brian is now retired from his construction job, but he looks back on his career in the business fondly. “The company I worked for […]

Remarkable Vision Restoration: 55 Years After Construction Accident, Patient Sees Clearly Again

Ophthalmologist's Expertise and Innovative Surgery Restore Sight to Man with 55-Year-Old Eye Injury

In 1965, New York City native Robert Bauries was making his living as a sheet metal worker, mostly installing air-conditioning and heating system ducts in new construction. Robert was quite content, then disaster struck while working at a jobsite in Connecticut. “I was cutting a piece of steel, and it probably had a defect in it, because a piece of […]

Rediscovering Health and Vitality: Dr. Bruce Kahan’s Journey to Fitness After Retirement

From Busy Practitioner to 20 Minutes to Fitness: How Slow-Cadence Training Transformed a Retired Internist's Physical Well-Being

During the 40 years that he was in private practice in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Bruce Kahan devoted so much of his time to his patients and their well-being that he seldom had time to pursue personal interests. Since retiring two years ago, the 67-year internist has been making up for lost time. “One of the things I’ve always […]

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