Playing It Safe When Selecting Gifts For Kids

A tradition common during the holidays is the giving of gifts to loved ones, particularly children. But it’s important that the presents are appropriate for children’s ages, skills and abilities, and that any toys given are well-made and safe. Those are the key messages of National Safe Toys and Gifts Month, observed each December. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) […]

Defining DMD, The Most Common Form Of Muscular Dystrophy

September marks National Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month.

Wednesday, September 7, is World Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Awareness Day. DMD is the most common and most severe form of muscular dystrophy, a group of genetic diseases characterized by progressive muscle weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles. Found almost exclusively in boys, DMD is caused by a mutation on a gene located on the X chromosome that is responsible for producing a muscle-protecting protein called dystrophin.

Caring For Children’s Eyes

Your baby’s vision at birth is limited but develops progressively during the growth process. While developing, your child’s vision is vulnerable to eye diseases. Untreated, vision disorders can interfere with your child’s ability to learn and play, and can lead to headaches, eyestrain and fatigue. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, a time to concentrate on the well-being […]

Safeguard Your Child’s Dental Health

Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month. The theme for 2022 is “Sealants Make Sense.” But before we talk about sealants, let’s review some basic strategies for safeguarding your child’s dental health. Your child’s primary – or baby – teeth begin to form during the second trimester of pregnancy. This is the time from […]

Discussing Birth Defects

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 4½ minutes a baby is born with a birth defect in the US. One in every 33 babies born in this country each year is affected by birth defects. They are the leading cause of infant mortality, which is the death of babies before their first birthday. Birth defects account […]

If You Drink This Holiday Season, Don’t Even Think About Driving

Car accidents involving intoxicated drivers happen even more often during the holidays, when social binge-drinking is more accepted and prevalent. Increased drinking at holiday parties and gatherings leads to an uptick in impaired drivers on the road and a higher risk for alcohol-related accidents. So, even if you drive sober, there’s a greater chance you’ll be sharing the road with […]

Select Safe Toys And Gifts This Holiday Season

December is a month of multiple religious and cultural celebrations. A tradition common to these celebrations is the giving of gifts to our loved ones, particularly our children. We all want to make our kids happy this holiday season. But before you give them that toy they’ve been asking for, make sure it’s safe. That’s the message of National Safe […]

Catching Up On Children’s Eye Health

Newborns can see colors and objects up to 12 inches away, and their vision gets progressively sharper as they get older. By the time they reach school age, children should possess clear, comfortable vision at all distances. But problems can develop as your child’s vision matures. Most childhood vision problems emerge between 18 months and 4 years old. The most […]

Common ENT Disorders

  According to the American Academy of Otolayrngology’s Division of Head and Neck Surgery, ear, nose, and throat disorders are one of the main reasons children see a physician, and ear infections rank as the number one reason. February is Kids ENT Health Month, so this blog reviews a few of the more common ENT disorders that affect children. Just […]

Children’s Dental Health: Starting Off Strong

Children have 20 baby, or primary, teeth – 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. The primary teeth begin to come in at around 6 months of age, and by the time your child is 2 to 3 years old, all of the primary teeth should have come in. On the flip side, most adults have 32 permanent […]

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