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Melbourne Retirement Community Embraces Virtual Normal

April 20th, 2020
With seniors among the most vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus, retirement communities are having to step up their efforts to keep residents safe. The real trick, though, lies in not just keeping residents safe but in maintaining a sense of normalcy within such communities. One community that has managed to meet those two objectives is Hibiscus Court of Melbourne, where the new normal can best be described as a virtual normal. For example, in place of personal visits…

New Technology Brings Back the Old-time House Call

March 17th, 2020
What was old is now new again. House calls, where a doctor arrives at your door with a black bag and stethoscope, are making a comeback. Only this time, medical providers come equipped with portable X-ray machines, labs and even EKG machines. “We’re bringing house calls back to medicine because we believe in high-quality patient-centered, convenient care,” says Dr. Paul Nanda, chief medical officer of Tampa General Hospital Urgent Care powered by Fast Track. “As medical providers, we want to…

Safe at Work

June 3rd, 2018
Every day, nearly 13,000 Americans are injured on the job. The more startling fact is that all these injuries are preventable. Workplace safety is a main point of focus for the Nation Safety Council, and not just during National Safety Month in June. Businesses and employees must be aware of potential safety hazards all twelve months of the year. Workplace safety involves a vast number of concerns. Some of the more commons are hazardous chemicals, drug use in the workplace,…