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Noninvasive, drug-free chair therapy strengthens pelvic muscles, restores urinary control and confidence

The plan was to buy a piece of property, build a cottage on it and rent the cottage to vacationers. But then a friend badly in need of a break from the stresses of life came and spent a weekend chatting, relaxing and refreshing with Daryl Gimble. 

That changed everything. 

“As my friend was leaving, she said to me, Don’t do the vacation rental thing; do this,” Daryl remembers. “She said, You need to be working with people who need to unwind because I feel like a completely different person after all that you’ve done for me. 

“I was blown away by that, really honored, and that’s where I got the idea to create this private oasis where people can come and unplug for a few hours or even a few days, and I help them destress by using everything that’s in my toolbox.” 

It’s an extensive toolbox. At the retreat that she wound up building in West Palm Beach, Daryl teaches a variety of exercise disciplines, including qigong, Gyrotonic method and Gyrokinesis method. She also teaches meditation and offers lifestyle coaching. She even has an ozone pool. 

“I compare it to a spa, but it’s an experience that has a spiritual underpinning to it that is like no other,” says Daryl, who recently struggled through an experience like no other herself. It was an experience with urinary incontinence. 

Most often caused by a weakening of the bladder or pelvic floor muscles, an overactive bladder or nerve damage, urinary incontinence typically presents itself as a strong urge to urinate or an inability to hold urine when the urge arises. 

And while urinary incontinence typically affects older women, those who are pregnant, have had children or are going through menopause, it can affect men as well. 

Daryl, 58, began struggling with the issue early in 2022. 

“I first noticed it in January of that year. One night, I was taking a walk with a friend when, all of a sudden, I had a really bad moment,” Daryl explains. “I was actually rather fortunate that it started pouring rain just as it happened because it could have been very embarrassing.” 

At first, Daryl thought the issue was a result of a recent change in focus. She had spent several months prior to the episode building her oasis, and during that time she got away from regularly performing exercises that naturally strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

But even after resuming those exercises, her incontinence issue remained. Then, a few months later, while attending a medical seminar, Daryl met Karen Fish, a certified wellness professional and practitioner and the founder of Palm Beach Wellbeing. 

Take a Seat 

Palm Beach Wellbeing is located in the office of Distinctive Women’s Health Care, the West Palm Beach practice of Jeffrey Kotzen, MD, FACOG, the medical director of Palm Beach Wellbeing. 

At Palm Beach Wellbeing, Karen teaches the principles of whole health and offers leading-edge wellness solutions that include wearable light therapy and the use of the AVACEN® device for microcirculation. 

Karen also offers a drug-free protocol to treat urinary incontinence. That protocol uses a core-rejuvenation device called the BTL Emsella® chair, which stimulates the pelvic floor muscles and restores neuromuscular control through high-intensity electromagnetic energy. 

“A typical BTL Emsella chair session lasts just 28 minutes,” Karen explains. “During that time, the patient simply sits on the device fully clothed, and the chair provides the benefits of roughly 12,000 Kegel exercises. 

Jordan Pysz / ifoundmydoctor.com
Daryl joined the 95 percent of patients who report improvement in symptoms after BTL Emsella chair therapy.

“Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, but no one can do 12,000 in 28 minutes. This chair not only provides that effect, it also impacts almost the entire pelvic floor, whereas Kegel exercises typically affects only 25 percent of the pelvic floor muscles. 

“BTL Emsella sessions can also improve fecal incontinence as well as overall core strength. That’s important because it keeps people more stable, which is helpful in preventing falls. So, the BTL Emsella chair has many benefits.” 

Another plus of using the BTL Emsella chair is that there are no side effects. Unlike other incontinence treatments, BTL Emsella therapy is noninvasive, and it allows patients to immediately return to normal activities. 

Studies show that 95 percent of the patients receiving the therapy report improvement of incontinence symptoms, and 73 percent experienced a complete resolution. 

“This is a treatment that’s good for everyone, including men,” Karen states. “I even know women who have no incontinence issues who are using the chair because they want to avoid those issues. So, it’s a preventive treatment as well.” 

Dr. Kotzen agrees, noting that Karen “is providing a good service, a very safe service and a service that has results for the indication of the machine she’s working with. I’m happy to be sharing office space with her.” 

Regaining Control 

Daryl had no idea what Karen did when she first met her at the medical seminar, but she says “her eyes lit up” when she learned about the BTL Emsella chair treatments for urinary incontinence. 

“That moment when I lost control really freaked me out, so after Karen told me about the BTL Emsella chair, I went to see her the following week,” Daryl remembers. “She suggested that I sign up for six sessions, and that’s what I did. 

“I went twice a week for three weeks, and it’s a very convenient, very easy program. You don’t have to get undressed or anything, and you just sit there for 20 minutes or so while the chair provides this vibrational energy. 

“That’s the same thing that I work with, so it all makes sense to me. But the best thing is, it works. After those six sessions, I didn’t have a problem again until just recently, so those six sessions gave me a year’s worth of control and confidence.” 

Daryl says her recent experience with incontinence is nothing like what she experienced before, but she says she’ll probably sign up for another session or two to ensure she maintains the control and confidence gained from the first six sessions. 

“A couple of sessions once a year or so to ensure you’ve got that control and confidence makes good sense to me, so I will go back,” Daryl offers. “I’ve even thought about getting a BTL Emsella chair for my oasis, so I definitely recommend it. 

“And I recommend Karen as well. She’s a very kind, generous and considerate person, and she’s very professional. She makes you feel very comfortable, and you can really feel that she is there to help you.” 

Karen Fish

Holistic Medicine
Featured in Win The Race Against Incontinence

Jeffrey Kotzen, MD

Women's Health
Featured in Win The Race Against Incontinence

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