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Restoring Confidence: BTL Emsella Chair Offers Relief for Incontinence

Revolutionary Treatment at Physical Medicine Center Leads to Dramatic Improvement in Patients' Quality of Life

“Like Donna*, many women who have had children have weakened pelvic floor muscles. Childbirth is very tough on those muscles, and they often lose some of their firmness and strength as a result,” Dr. Lupo asserts. “That can ultimately lead to incontinence symptoms such as urgency and leakage. Women then start to lose urine when they laugh or do light activity. They simply cannot hold their urine like they used to.” Dr. Lupo points out that men can experience urinary incontinence as well. “In men, incontinence is typically found in those who have had prostate cancer or another issue such as diabetes that can cause their pelvic floor muscles to weaken,” the doctor elaborates. “Sometimes, the muscles just naturally lose strength and firmness as people get older.” Incontinence is a common condition. According to the National Association for Continence, more than 25 million American adults experience urinary incontinence. So, many women and men can benefit from treatment with the BTL Emsella chair. “The BTL Emsella chair is just that, a chair,” Dr. Lupo assures. “But it is also an FDA-cleared, noninvasive treatment for people suffering from the annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of urgency and leakage. “During an Emsella treatment, patients sit on the chair fully clothed. An electromagnetic pulse emanates from inside the chair. This pulse goes through the patient’s clothing and causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax, like clenching and releasing a fist. “What the chair is doing is simulating a Kegel exercise. During a roughly 30-minute treatment session, the chair simulates between 12,000 and 14,000 Kegel exercises, which is impossible for patients to do on their own.” The high number of muscle contractions created by the chair strengthens, tones and tightens the pelvic floor muscles, which eases incontinence symptoms and allows more control over urine flow. “With greater control, patients experience less leakage and urgency, so they worry less about having an accident while trying to find a bathroom,” Dr. Lupo asserts. “As a result, there is a lot less discomfort and embarrassment. Further, it significantly reduces patients’ dependence on protective pads or incontinence underwear.”

Additional Benefits

BTL Emsella chair treatments can help with other issues as well. “The pulsing action created by the chair also strengthens the anal sphincter, which controls the release of stool from the rectum,” Dr. Lupo observes. “A strong sphincter helps patients maintain fecal continence. “Also, many men who have undergone treatment with the BTL Emsella chair report improvement with erectile dysfunction. Both men and women report having stronger orgasms after their pelvic muscle tone has improved. Those are great bonuses for patients.” Lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic metabolism, which is the creation of energy by burning calories in the absence of oxygen. It is believed that a buildup of lactic acid contributes to muscle fatigue and tissue damage, leading to muscle soreness following an intense workout. The Emsella chair’s electromagnetic pulses remove lactic acid from the targeted muscles, so patients are not stiff and sore after a treatment. “And there is no pain or discomfort during an Emsella treatment,” Dr. Lupo says. “Patients may feel a tingly sensation when the electromagnetic pulses cause the muscles to contract, but most patients find the therapy very tolerable. They generally read, listen to music or simply relax during the session.” A typical course of treatment with the Emsella chair is comprised of two sessions a week for three weeks. After that, patients are instructed to perform Kegel exercises and other core strengthening exercises on their own. “Some patients come back to the office periodically for a tuneup treatment,” Dr. Lupo notes. “These are done to make sure the patient is maintaining tone in the pelvic floor muscles. “Treatment with the Emsella chair is outstandingly effective. The majority of patients are seeing 95 percent or more improvement in symptoms. Every patient reports improvement in urinary control, and very few continue to have incontinence issues after treatment.”

“Absolutely Amazed”

It was late-April when Donna first visited Physical Medicine Center and began treatments with the Emsella chair. After finishing those treatments in mid-May, she was thrilled with how well the therapy worked. “I’m absolutely amazed. My situation has turned around entirely,” Donna enthuses. “I no longer leak urine when I cough or laugh or feel that urge to use the bathroom. And I don’t get the feeling that I have to use the bathroom immediately, either. “Best of all, I no longer have to wear those heavy pads. I stay dry all the time, even when I run. The Emsella chair has greatly improved my quality of life.” Donna also is extremely pleased with the doctor that recommended the treatment. “Dr. Lupo is amazing,” she raves. “He’s kind, thoughtful and genuine, a truly compassionate individual. He’s also very intelligent. “He explained how the treatment works in terms I could easily understand. I appreciate his easygoing bedside manner and willingness to really listen to his patients. “I highly encourage anyone suffering from incontinence to visit Dr. Lupo and Physical Medicine Center and try the BTL Emsella chair. It truly works wonders, and it certainly did for me.”

* Patient’s name changed at her request.

Robert C. Lupo, DC

Featured in Restoring Confidence: BTL Emsella Chair Offers Relief for Incontinence

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