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Facial treatments erase skin damage caused by wearing a mask all day.

Wearing a face mask for eight hours a day became part of the new normal that Mandi* had to adapt to after she was finally allowed to return to work at a mall jewelry store following the month-long shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Vivian Santiago

“I don’t mind it really,” Mandi says of wearing the mask. “It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not that big of a deal. The worst part is that it’s caused me to have some skin breakouts, mostly around my mouth and chin.”

Mandi isn’t alone. The stresses of wearing a face mask for hours on end each day are wreaking havoc on facial skin everywhere, with men and women alike suffering from acne breakouts, rashes, superficial wrinkles and dehydration.

“We’ve seen spikes in cases of skin damage caused by wearing a face mask,” says Vivian Santiago, a master esthetician at Physicians Body Sculpting. “Thankfully, we have some remedies for that.”

At Physicians Body Sculpting, Michael Wolfington, DO, and his staff specialize in aesthetic care for men and women and offer a variety of anti-aging and rejuvenating services for the body and mind, including aesthetic treatments known as CoolSculpting® and skin resetting.

Skin resetting is a therapy in which damage caused by regularly wearing a face covering can be erased and the skin can be returned to its natural state of balance. The concept is a rather simple one, Vivian explains.

The pores of our skin are like pipes, she says, and toxins, hormones and an array of bodily system secretions can build up over time and clog those pipes. When they do, the skin becomes stressed, inflamed, and breakouts such as blackheads or rashes occur.

One way to alleviate the buildup and damage is through a skin reset. Referred to clinically as a skin detoxification, it is designed to clean out whatever is clogging the pores so that normal flow can resume.

“It’s imperative to release and alleviate your facial skin of all impurities and damage that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Vivian states. “Professionally deep cleaning and exfoliating the skin will alleviate those symptoms of congestions and provide a feeling of clean, tight and radiant skin.”

At Physicians Body Sculpting, a professional deep cleaning or skin reset can be performed using one of several treatments, including Dermal Infusion-DiamondGlow™, VI Peel and ZO® Triple Exfoliation.

DiamondGlow is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.

The VI Peel improves the tone and texture of the skin by correcting many of the conditions that can come from wearing a mask, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to correct scarring and hyper pigmentation.

A ZO Triple Exfoliation is a facial scrub treatment that refreshes the skin and returns a natural youthful glow and softness to it.

“At Physicians Body Sculpting, we customize each treatment plan to treat the specific concerns and skin type of each client, so a consultation is required,” Vivian explains. “And there’s no better time for such a consultation than right now.

“With the spread of COVID-19 and so many of us being asked to wear face masks, 2020 is fast becoming one of the most important times ever for men and women to pay close attention to skin care.”

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