Waves of Relief

Sanexas pulsed energy treatment eases neuropathy pain without meds.

Eight years ago, Jeff Barnhart retired from his position as a tugboat captain. Throughout his career, Jeff was based in Tampa. He traveled with the boat for three weeks at a time and was then off duty for three weeks, an arrangement that lasted nearly 35 years.

Jeff enjoyed the free time his job afforded him. He liked the salary as well.

“The best thing about being a tugboat captain is the money,” admits Jeff, 75. “It’s a lucrative profession. I got the job through my brother, who was in the Merchant Marine. I started out as a deckhand and worked my way up.

“My boat was an ATB, an articulated tug and barge. It was about 600 feet long and attached itself to the big barges. I mostly picked up oil barges and took them to different locations. We went everywhere, from Canada to Costa Rica. Before I retired, I had a run from New York to Texas.”

Since retiring in 2013, Jeff has worked a few hours a day doing general maintenance for the housing community where he lives. For fun, he often plays golf and pickleball, but those activities became difficult a few years ago after Jeff developed uncomfortable issues with his feet.

“There was awful tingling, burning, pain and tightness in my feet,” Jeff elaborates. “Those symptoms advanced over a period of two to three years and made it hard for me to walk, so I had to give up golf. My pain hovered around a five or six on a scale of one to 10.”

Seeking an explanation for his discomfort, Jeff visited a neurologist who told him his problem was peripheral neuropathy. It’s a condition that affects more than 20 million Americans and is the result of damage done to the nerves that run from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

Common causes of peripheral neuropathy include diabetes, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory infections. But Jeff suffered with none of these disorders.

“The neurologist told me that in 30 percent of cases doctors have no idea what causes the neuropathy,” Jeff reveals.

Eager to rid himself of the pain and tingling, Jeff underwent LED therapy, a treatment that purports to improve neuropathy symptoms by increasing blood flow to the affected limbs by exposing them to infrared or red light.

“The LED lights didn’t really do anything for me,” Jeff corroborates. “Then I saw an article in Florida Health Care News about Dr. Lupo’s treatment, so I called and made an appointment.”

Harmonic Vibrations

The article Jeff read highlighted the work of Robert C. Lupo, DC, a chiropractic physician who offers primary, chiropractic and holistic care at his Tampa-based practice, Physical Medicine Center.

“The symptoms Jeff described are consistent with neuropathy, and I ran some tests to confirm the diagnosis,” Dr. Lupo recalls. “Those tests showed that Jeff was a good candidate for a unique treatment protocol we offer.”

That protocol is called Sanexas electrotherapy. It’s a noninvasive form of electric cell signaling therapy, or ECST, that uses pulsed energy waves to treat painful areas of the body.

Traditional treatments for neuropathy include medications such as gabapentin, LYRICA® and antidepressants, but Dr. Lupo says those only mask symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying problem.

“After three months, there was less pain, burning and tingling in my feet.” – Jeff

“With Sanexas electrotherapy, we can repair the damage done to the nerves by whatever causes the neuropathy,” Dr. Lupo asserts. “And we do it without medications. That’s especially important given the concern we all have with the overuse of pain medications.”

In addition to treating chronic pain and discomfort, Sanexas electrotherapy can also relieve the symptoms associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia because it decreases inflammation, increases blood circulation and heals the body’s damaged nerve pathways.

It does this through a form of natural electric nerve stimulation that goes beyond transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) by using electronic signal energy waves produced by a digital UHF generator.

“The energy waves stimulate the body at the cellular level by delivering energy to the affected areas of the body in varying wavelengths that include low-frequency and middle-frequency signals,” Dr. Lupo divulges.

“That’s what allows this system to affect the nerve cell membranes as well as the surrounding tissue and produce a harmonic resonant vibration that promotes repair and healing. And it does this without causing any discomfort for the patient.

“Most importantly, it allows patients to decrease their reliance on pain medications and greatly increases their mobility. That in turn allows some to begin exercising again and just leads to a much better overall quality of life.”

Sanexas electrotherapy is painless, and benefits of the treatments include the normalizing of pH levels, which helps with food digestion and the destruction of germs in the gut. It also stimulates the production of serotonin.

“Serotonin is a chemical in our bodies that is sometimes called the happy chemical,” Dr. Lupo points out. “It contributes to happiness and well-being and eases most kinds of pain, so the increase in serotonin is just another positive result of this treatment.”

Many patients also report sleeping better and having less anxiety after beginning Sanexas electrotherapy treatments. More than 80 percent of all patients treated through this protocol gain enough relief from it to resume normal activities, studies show.

Back on Course

Jeff has been receiving Sanexas electrotherapy treatments twice a week for the past six months. He says he feels no pain during the treatments, only “a little tingling,” and noticed a difference in his symptoms not long after beginning the therapy.

“After three months, there was less pain, burning and tingling in my feet,” Jeff enthuses. “And two months ago, I started golfing again. Instead of a five or six, my pain level now is maybe a two or three. Our goal is to decrease it even further.

“Right now, I’m about 75 percent recovered. But I’m still in treatment, so I expect to recover even more. I’m very satisfied with my treatment so far. I highly recommend Sanexas electrotherapy. And I recommend Dr. Lupo and Physical Medicine Center as well.”

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