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Noninvasive, drug-free ED treatment improves sexual performance.

Most people see the 1975 movie Jaws and think twice about ever venturing into the ocean for a swim. Not Philip*. When he saw that movie for the first time as a 17-year-old some 45 years ago, it only inspired him to dive deeper into the sea.

Which he eventually did.

“There was something about that movie that triggered something in me,” Philip says. “Before seeing it, I had never even gone fishing. But afterward, I became fascinated by sea life and especially by sharks.”

“Now, I study sharks for a living. I study other marine animals, too, but sharks are what I focus on the most. It’s a fascinating job that has taken me all over the world and allowed me to see the oceans in a way very few get to see them.”

A Pittsburgh-area native, Philip has called St. Augustine “home” for the past 18 years. From there, he mostly travels up and down the east coast of Florida and into the Caribbean for work. During one such trip last year, he ran into a problem he didn’t expect.

“Depending on where I’m going and how long I’ll be gone, I’ll sometimes take my wife with me on my trips,” Philip says. “Last March, I had to go to the Bahamas for two weeks, so I brought her along, in part to celebrate my 60th birthday.

“The idea was to spend a few extra days there just relaxing after I had completed my study, but our little vacation didn’t quite go the way we hoped. I’m a little embarrassed to say, but the problem was in the bedroom.”

What dampened Philip’s vacation was an issue known as erectile dysfunction, or ED. It’s a condition that causes men to have difficulty developing and maintaining an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse, and it’s more common than many think.

Studies show that more than half of all men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. The chances are even greater among men with hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol or drugs (illicit or prescription) can be factors.

Erectile dysfunction is typically the result of circulatory impairment in the blood capillaries or urogenital areas of the penis.

For years, medications such as VIAGRA® and CIALIS® have been a first line of defense. If those prove unsuccessful, the next option is generally injections into the penis. If that fails, the last resort has long been a penile implant.

After visiting a urologist, Philip first tried correcting the problem by taking CIALIS. When that didn’t work, his urologist suggested another medication. In researching that medication, Philip stumbled on a different treatment: Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy, or APWT.

“I was kind of over the idea of treating this problem with pills, because I knew that wasn’t correcting the actual cause,” Philip states. “So, when I read about APWT, I was eager to find someone who offered it. Thankfully, I found a place right here in St. Augustine.”

Wave ED Goodbye

The practice is Alpha Wave Health Centers. With offices in St. Augustine and Leesburg, it specializes in the administration of APWT or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), which treats erectile dysfunction through the use of acoustical wave therapy.

Using a small, handheld device, the acoustical waves are delivered through a series of short, virtually painless pulsations that open the blood vessels in the penis and stimulate the nerve endings to enhance sensitivity and the feeling of an orgasm.

“The treatment is based on the same technology used to break up gallstones,” says Scott Hollington, MD, of Alpha Wave Health Centers. “The device transmits acoustical waves that break up the plaque and calcium that have built up inside the blood vessels of the penis.

“It works like a little jackhammer. Once that plaque and calcium is broken up you get better blood flow, and it’s that improved blood flow that leads to better, longer-lasting erections.”

In addition to providing better flow through existing blood vessels, APWT stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue, which is vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

Dr. Hollington points out that APWT can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, which is what occurs when scar tissue builds up in the penis and causes an abnormal bend, or curvature, that can impede urination or ejaculation.

Before and After of skin layers with the Alpha Swiss Laser.

APWT emits concentrated acoustic waves to restore blood flow and nerve sensitivity.

“By making certain adjustments to the machine’s settings, we can treat the fibrous tissue the same way we treat blood vessels and break down the scar tissue that may be causing that irregular shape,” Dr. Hollington informs.

ESWT treatments are typically completed in 15 minutes, but prior to providing any such treatment, Dr. Hollington begins his care for patients such as Philip by doing a Doppler ultrasound exam to determine the amount of vascular compromise in the penis.

“We look for something similar to what a cardiologist looks for in the heart, which is an occlusion of 70 percent or more,” Dr. Hollington informs. “If we see that, we go ahead with the treatment, and we re-evaluate the blood vessels after completion.”

Remarkable Results

APWT calls for two treatments per week for three weeks. Patients are evaluated 12 weeks later and, if necessary, can be given a second, third or even fourth
round of treatments.

Though most patients experience an improvement in sexual function after one round, many patients opt for subsequent rounds, Dr. Hollington says. Overall, 83 percent of all men treated with APWT experience a reversal of their condition, the doctor notes.

Philip, who first visited Alpha Wave Health Centers this past spring, is among those who reported positive results after one round. Now, his sexual performance is more than satisfactory.

“The results have been phenomenal,” Philip says. “The best way for me to put it is to say that I’m completely satisfied, and so is my wife. Just as I hoped it would, APWT treatments took care of the root cause of my problem, and now I’m benefitting from that.

“I really could not be happier with the outcome, and I want to say that I was very impressed with how clean the Alpha Wave Health Centers offices are and how professional all the doctors and staff members are.

“Being treated in this way can be a bit awkward, but my experience was nothing short of amazing. I was treated with absolute dignity and respect, which is why I absolutely recommend Alpha Wave Health Centers and APWT treatments to anybody.”

*Patient’s name changed at his request.
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