Trim, Tone, Tighten In One Simple Treatment

New sculpting system combines proven technologies without needles or surgery.

Phillip Matador considers himself an “average guy.” He’s 42 years old, married with two children and has a mortgage. He works as an accountant. It’s a job he believes he was destined to do. 

“I’ve always loved numbers and math, and accounting was something I’ve always been interested in,” the Palm Beach native shares. “My dad’s an accountant, so it was an easy transition for me.”

A graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Phillip has spent the past eight years running an accounting firm in the Tampa area. He greatly prefers operating solo over being a small gear in a big engine.

“Before I started my company, I worked for one of the big accounting firms in town, but I was underpaid and underappreciated,” Phillip reveals. “What I like best about being on my own is the ability to manage my own time and be in direct contact with my clients. There’s no one above me dictating how to do my work and how to interact with clients.” 

Like many other “average guys,” Phillip found it difficult to keep slim and trim after turning 40. Although he managed to sustain a normal weight for his height, he struggled with stubborn fat deposits, particularly around his midsection.  

“I eat healthy and exercise to help maintain a good physical image, yet there were certain areas of excess fat that were troublesome,” elaborates Phillip, who lives in Tampa. “My stomach, love handles, the little backpack around my underarms and my upper thighs all had that little extra girth that bothered me, and I wanted to get rid of it. 

“While visiting my parents in Palm Beach, my mother told me about the place where she goes to get BOTOX® injections and fillers: GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Royal Palm Beach. She said, I think they have a machine that can help you with your problem. I wasn’t interested in going under the knife, so I made an appointment.”

During his initial visit to GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, he met with Cigdem Gali, MSPA, PA-C, a physician assistant specializing in aesthetic medicine. After hearing Phillip’s concerns, Cigdem recommended treatment with the recently released InMode EvolveX™ system, which performs minimally invasive body sculpting. 

“Phillip traveled from the other coast to visit us based on rave reviews from his mother, who is a patient with us,” Cigdem reports. “He had some stubborn fat in his abdomen that he couldn’t eliminate with diet and exercise, so we recommended six treatments with the EvolveX.”

New and Improved

InMode introduced its Evolve technology, which uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells and tighten skin, in 2020. In September 2021, the company released the EvolveX, which is a new and improved system that comes with the multifunctional Transform hand piece. 

“In the past, we had techniques such as CoolSculpting®, which killed fat cells and lowered the fat content of the body. However, it didn’t address skin tightening,” Cigdem describes. “Then, RF technology came along, which tightened skin. At the same time, there were other treatments, such as EMSCULPT® NEO, that tones muscle. 

“The EvolveX does all three functions. It decreases fat, tones muscle and tightens skin in one simple treatment. We can use the Transform handpiece on just about any part of the body, including the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, flanks, even the jowls in the face. And we’ve been achieving fantastic results.”

EvolveX is effective because the handpiece combines two proven technologies: RF energy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It uses bipolar RF energy to target the deep dermal layers. The energy heats and melts fat in the tissue and remodels the skin, improving its appearance. 

“EMS induces muscle contractions that are beyond what is achievable during traditional workouts,” Cigdem explains. “Even if people are healthy and fit and go to the gym often, they cannot work the muscles this extensively with exercise.

“The EvolveX with Transform is an innovative treatment that builds and strengthens muscle while enhancing the appearance of the skin and treating stubborn fat without needles or surgery. The combination of technologies delivers a no-downtime alternative for sculpting the body.”

According to Cigdem, patients treated with the EvolveX experienced an average fat reduction of 30 percent and an average 27 percent improvement in muscle tone. Those results are provable using GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery’s 3D body scanner.

“The 3D scanner gives us a complete body composition analysis,” Cigdem details. “Patients stand on a plate. The scanner rotates 360 degrees around them and records all their dimensions. It tells us their weight and how much fat and muscle they have. We use the initial results as the starting point and measure their improvement at the end of their treatment. It’s the latest and greatest technology.”

A typical course of treatment with the EvolveX includes four to six treatments, each lasting about 45 minutes. During the procedure, patients may feel a little warming of their skin similar to a hot stone massage, but there are no known side effects.

“It’s a quick and easy treatment that can be done over the lunch break,” Cigdem extols. “It’s performed in a comfortable treatment room and is completely noninvasive.”

“Exactly as Advertised”

True to form, Phillip achieved the average results following his EvolveX treatment: 30 percent fat reduction and 27 percent improvement in muscle tone. Although he completed six treatments, he noticed a difference in his appearance after just a few.

“The machine used electrical pulses to stimulate the muscles on my abs,” Phillip describes. “As the electrical charges passed through my body, they caused my muscles to contract. During the treatment, while I was just hanging out watching TV, I got the equivalent of several thousand abdominal crunches.

“By my third treatment, I definitely saw major changes. There was significant improvement in my abdominal muscle definition and shrinkage of my love handles. And I didn’t have to have surgery. 

“Now, I have more muscle definition and tone throughout. Before we started the treatment, they showed me great before and after pictures of others. I would say my results are comparable. The treatment was exactly as advertised.”

Phillip traveled more than 200 miles across the state to Royal Palm Beach on six occasions for his EvolveX treatments at GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. 

“It was well worth it,” he maintains. 

© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Before and after images courtesy of GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. mkb
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