‘Tried And True’

Ancient practice fills cosmetic need, produces collagen to reverse signs of agin

As a young mom returning Heather Schuerlein, AP, DACM, to the workforce, Maggie* LAc, Dipl OM, is a board-certified found a position caring acupuncture physician at Palm for disabled children. Most of the aid was health-related, so Maggie opted to expand her skills and entered nursing school. Ultimately, she spent 40 years as a registered nurse in her native Massachusetts.

“Initially, I worked at an acute pulmonary hospital within the Veterans Health Administration,” recounts Maggie, now 70. “Later, I became a pediatric nurse and spent the last 18 years of my career as a school nurse. In 2017, I retired and moved to Florida.”

Recently, Maggie became frustrated when she began to see subtle changes in her facial skin that she believed made her look older than her age.

“I never smoked so I didn’t have a lot of wrinkles, even around my eyes, but I started noticing lines around my lips,” she reveals. “There was also some sagging skin on my face that I wanted lifted for a younger-looking appearance.

“I knew acupuncture worked for many conditions, so I thought I’d try it for my face. I read that Dr. Schuerlein offers cosmetic acupuncture and decided to check it out.”

acupuncture to smooth out Maggie’s lip lines and tighten her sagging skin.

Cosmetic acupuncture involves inserting small, thin needles underneath the skin to stimulate the creation of collagen, a protein that gives skin resilience, strength and bounce for a firm, youthful look.

“Babies have an enormous amount of collagen, which is why they have such beautiful skin,” Dr. Schuerlein asserts. “As we age, however, collagen production naturally declines. Our faces begin to sag, and we develop lines and wrinkles around our eyes, lips and nose.”

Inserting the acupuncture needles triggers a self-repair response in the skin that decreases internal stressors that contribute to facial aging. Cosmetic acupuncture is effective for reducing lines and wrinkles, lifting and toning muscle, evening skin tone and texture, and improving skin elasticity.

“Cosmetic acupuncture works by increasing blood flow and activating collagen production, which results in revitalized and nourished skin, a brighter complexion and a more youthful look,” Dr. Schuerlein maintains. “It’s a gentle, natural way to rejuvenate and refresh a person’s appearance.”

After 15 cosmetic acupuncture sessions, Maggie is well on her way to achieving her goals.

“The lines around my lips are going away,” she enthuses. “They weren’t terrible to begin with, but the ones at the corners of my mouth were pretty deep. Now, that area is almost flat. The sagging skin has improved as well. My skin is much firmer now.

“Acupuncture makes sense to me. It’s an old form of medicine, tried and true for thousands of years, and I’m extremely pleased with my results.”

The retired nurse is pleased with Dr. Schuerlein as well.

“I love her; she’s great,” Maggie raves. “She’s sweet and funny, very down-to- earth. She’s very knowledgeable and knows what she’s talking about. She’s very qualified. I highly recommend her.” �

© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo
* Patient’s name changed at her request


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