Tremendous Transformation

Smile makeover restores confidence.

James playing the piano

James Pasquale

Nine years ago, when the New York Power Authority completed a series of efficiency upgrades that were designed to save the citizens of Oneida County more than $300,000 a year on their energy bills, James Pasquale was the rep promoting the achievement.

Even then, though, at the height of his long, lucrative career as the authority’s senior vice president of marketing and economic development, James’ heart and soul were elsewhere.

“My biggest passion has always been music,” James reveals. “I play the guitar and keyboards and write songs. I even owned a recording studio in New York for nine years and catered to singer-songwriters looking to get their music recorded.

“I had what I thought was a pretty good business model. I’d supply the musicians and together we’d record demos for these John Mellencamp-, Tom Petty- and Bruce Springsteen-types that they could then take to record companies.”

If a John Mellencamp, Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen ever came out of James’ small studio, he doesn’t know about it.

As for James’ recording career, that hasn’t taken off, either. Despite once owning a studio, the 62-year-old has yet to record his own work. He recently retired, and with more time to devote to music, he’s contemplating taking that plunge.

“I’ve written a few things that people have urged me to record, so maybe I’ll finally do it,” he says. “It’s so easy to do now because you can do it right on your computer. It’s not like it was back in the day when you had to go to a studio, so we’ll see.

“One thing I know for sure is that if I ever do record some of my own stuff and put out an album, I can smile for the cover photo. That wasn’t the case before I came to Florida and discovered Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers.”

The Right Call

Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers is the practice of Katrine A. Farag, DMD, and Joseph H. Farag, DMD. James discovered the practice by chance a couple of years ago after he chipped a front tooth while vacationing in the Fort Myers area.

“My job in New York was quite stressful, and because of that, I’ve been grinding my teeth for years,” James explains. “Because of that, I was always chipping my teeth, and my dentist back in New York would just bond them. My teeth used to look so bad that I never wanted to smile, and when I spoke, I would talk with my mouth almost closed because I didn’t want people to see my teeth.

“I was down here in Florida when one front tooth chipped, and it looked horrible, so I started looking for dentists in the area. Dr. Katrine Farag was the first dentist I called, and she took me in right away and fixed the tooth.

James Before

About a year later, James moved to Florida and made Dr. Farag his regular dentist.

“I was seeing her for cleanings and that kind of thing,” he recalls, “and because I hated the way my teeth looked, I asked, What can I do about this?

Dr. Farag initially suggested braces as a possible solution, but James wasn’t thrilled with that idea. She then suggested placing cosmetic crowns on the teeth in James’ smile line, which are the teeth visible when someone smiles.

“The transformation has been amazing. Now I can’t smile enough. – James

“He really liked that idea, so we took a quick impression and sent it out to a lab, where they did a mock-up of what his new teeth would look like,” Dr. Farag explains. “When the mock-up came back, James loved the way it looked, so we got started right away.”

The treatment plan called for James to receive crowns on eight upper teeth and six lower teeth. The ceramic crowns were created at a lab that Dr. Farag worked with closely in fashioning the size, shape and color of each crown.

“Everything is done digitally, so when the lab was making the crowns, I was able to see a digital design of them on a computer screen,” Dr. Farag informs. “That allowed me to work with the ceramist and suggest changes that I thought would be better cosmetically.

“We did all of that before James even came back to receive the temporary crowns. That way, I was sure he was getting something that was best for him. After placing the crowns, we had to make a few minor adjustments to get the right fit.”

Three and Out

James’ smile makeover was completed in just three visits, the first of which was the visit when he agreed to the treatment option and had the impression made.

James playing the guitar

James’ bright new smile is a crowning achievement.

During the second visit, his teeth were prepared and fit with the temporary crowns, which he wore for about three weeks. Dr. Farag explains that wearing the temporaries for that length of time allows for a better evaluation of their fit and function.

“We keep patients in their temporaries for a while because we want to make sure they like the color, shape and length of the crowns,” she says. “We also need to be sure their speech is not affected by them in any way and that they can eat comfortably.”

James had no issues with his temporaries. They fit perfectly, caused no problems while he spoke or ate, and looked great. The same can be said of his permanent crowns, which he received last summer.

“The transformation has been amazing. Now I can’t smile enough. Dr. Farag is an amazing dentist because when I smile now, you see 14 perfect teeth. I have people compliment me on my smile all the time. That never happened before,” James exclaims.

“I have Dr. Farag to thank for that. She’s a perfectionist. She wants your teeth to be perfect, and she’s incredibly honest and caring. Her staff is the same way. They embody the same principles Dr. Farag does, and they’re just phenomenal.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photos by Jordan Pysz. Before image courtesy of Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers. mkb
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