Touch of Class

Nonsurgical, pain-free laser therapy alleviates pain, restores mobility.

When the school day ends in Florida, more than 65,000 children take advantage of afterschool programs to avoid the dangers associated with returning to an empty house or unsupervised environment.
Karen Calestini, 54, is among those who makes afterschool programs work for the families that need them.

“I was a school aide when I lived in New York, and it’s almost three years now that I’ve worked in afterschool programs in Florida,” Karen explains. “I’m currently working with kindergartners and first-graders, and I really enjoy it.

“We always spend a little time outside with the kids if the weather’s nice, but we also help them with their homework and things like that. We keep them busy until about 5 o’clock each day. That’s when the parents start coming to pick them up.”

A Brooklyn native, Karen made the move to Florida about four years ago after her husband retired. She was eager to live in a warmer climate, and since they had previously purchased a home here, Port Orange became the destination.

About three years after the couple’s arrival, a problem with Karen’s right hand rendered it virtually useless. Due to crippling pain near her thumb, she couldn’t carry out some of the simplest of tasks.

“I couldn’t turn my hand or make a fist without it really hurting, so I couldn’t open a jar or hold on to a lot of things with that hand,” Karen laments. “That was bad enough, but then I fell one day and broke my left wrist. I had a cast put on the wrist, so for the longest time I couldn’t do much of anything for myself. For example, I couldn’t make anything to eat because I couldn’t cook anything. It was like that for about three weeks.”

After finally seeking medical attention for her right hand, Karen was diagnosed with tendonitis, or inflammation of a tendon. Her doctor suggested treating her with steroid injections, but Karen wasn’t comfortable with that option and chose instead to look elsewhere for help.

One-Stop Shop

The first place she turned to in that search was Injury Health Center. With offices in Daytona Beach, Sanford and Orlando, Injury Health Center provides chiropractic care as well as an assortment of pain-relief services.

“We do standard chiropractic adjustments, of course, but we also offer our patients a great number of other modalities that complement those adjustments,” says Stacy Hudock Proscia, DC, of Injury Health Center. “The chiropractic adjustment and getting the nervous system back on track is at the heart of what we do, but we also treat muscles, tendons and ligaments, which the bones are connected to. So, we’re pretty much a full-scope, one-stop shop.”

“I knew that if I went there for help with this problem that they would have a solution, and they did.” Karen

It’s a one-stop shop that Karen became familiar with shortly after leaving Brooklyn.

“Not long after I first moved to Florida, I began getting these bad headaches,” Karen reports. “I got an MRI, but that didn’t show anything, so I started looking for natural ways to get rid of the headaches. That’s how I found Injury Health Center.

“When I first went there they spent two or three hours talking to me and doing tests on my neck, back, legs and arms. After that, they eventually adjusted my neck, and it was as though they were miracle workers because after that my headaches went away.

“I was so impressed with them that a couple years later, when this pain in my right hand wouldn’t go away, I decided to go back and see if they could do anything to help me. This time, they suggested doing a laser treatment and I said, OK, let’s do it.”

“Great Results”

The treatment calls for the use of the Class IV deep tissue therapeutic laser, a pain-relief tool that uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal cells.

“Class IV laser therapy stimulates the metabolic process at the cellular level,” says Amber-Veta Ball, DC, of Injury Health Center. “It bypasses the skin and goes right down into the cell and into the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. It’s what gives us energy, helps us move and helps cells regenerate. So, the laser therapy bypasses the skin and goes right into the mitochondria and helps that area heal faster and create new cells faster.”

The noninvasive, painless treatments work by prompting the release of nitric oxide, which reduces swelling, promotes rapid healing and alleviates discomfort while increasing blood circulation.

“In addition to tendonitis, we use the Class IV laser to treat muscle sprains and strains,” Dr. Ball adds. “We’ve also seen great results using it on patients with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. It does very well with some of the inflammatory processes.

“We also see a lot of car accident patients who come in with whiplash, which is basically a tearing of the tendons and muscles, and we use the Class IV laser on those patients as well. We usually see them about three times a week, and we get great results.”

Karen got great results from her Class IV laser therapy. After about a half-dozen treatments – each lasting about three to 10 minutes – the pain in her right hand diminished, and mobility and function returned.
The treatment worked so well that Karen opted to have the therapy done on her left hand as well. She says her left hand was still a bit stiff due to the surgery.

“The laser treatments helped me tremendously, and they were absolutely painless” Karen remarks. “All I felt was a warmth on my hands that was quite soothing.

“The best thing is that I started to feel a difference after just one or two treatments. Now both hands are fine, so I am thrilled with the results. And I want to add that all of the people at Injury Health Center are just great. I knew that if I went there for help with this problem that they would have a solution, and they did. Like I said before, they’re miracle workers, and I definitely recommend them to anybody suffering with any kind of pain.”

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