To the Pointe

Painless, in-office laser treatment corrects toenail fungus.

Tim Lowe

The dream of one day becoming his own boss and owning his own business became a reality for Tim Lowe about 19 years ago, when he left the storage company he was working for and opened up a package and shipping store in Sarasota.

“We do the same thing that a UPS® store does, but we provide more services, including UPS, FedEx® and postal for shipping packages,” Tim explains. “We also sell stamps, rent mailboxes, that sort of thing.”

The shop keeps Tim on his toes all day, every day, but being on his toes became a painful experience for him after he stubbed the third toe on his left foot against a bedpost one night last year.

“It was all black and blue and sore, but that part eventually went away,” Tim says. “At least, it did until I did the same thing again – same toe and everything – a few weeks later. After that, the toe healed up just fine, but the nail didn’t.

“It started to grow up instead of out, and it became a bit of a problem because you couldn’t clip it right. It was all discolored and became kind of hideous-looking. It didn’t look healthy to me, so I decided to have a foot doctor check it out.”

Before and after images courtesy of Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center.

Before and After

No Tests, No Side Effects

The foot doctor Tim chose is Dawn Chiu, DPM, of Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center. Dr. Chiu diagnosed Tim’s problem as toenail fungus and prescribed PinPointe FootLaser® therapy, which is her preferred weapon of choice in the battle against toenail fungus.

“I prefer it because unlike oral medications, which can upset a person’s stomach, the laser treatment kills the underlying fungus without causing side effects, and there’s no need for the patient to take a blood test beforehand,” Dr. Chiu informs.

The in-office laser treatment lasts only a few minutes, during which time the laser is passed over the nail in a crisscross pattern to ensure full coverage. Patients usually feel a warm sensation on their toe while the laser treatment is in progress, but no pain.

Afterward, patients can resume normal activities. When combined with topical ointments, the laser treatment has an 80 percent success rate. Tim, who had the treatment performed twice during a six-month period, is factored into that success rate.

“Dr. Chiu did the laser treatment and prescribed a topical ointment, and together, they made a big difference,” Tim exudes. “The nail started to get better really fast after the first treatment, and after a second, it was looking good and growing normally again.”

Tim says he now has five healthy-looking toes on each foot. He doubts that would be the case had he not gone to Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center and received the PinPointe FootLaser treatment from Dr. Chiu.

“She’s really good,” he enthuses. “She’s so good that I’ve already referred a couple of friends to her. I can tell you this: If I ever have a problem like that again, Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center is the place I’m going to. I won’t go anywhere else.”

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