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Customized weight-loss program improves health, wellness.

If Ernest Hemingway wrote it, Kimberly Hogan has read it. Along with Edith Wharton (Ethan Frome, The Age of Innocence), Hemingway is one of Kimberly’s favorite authors, and she spends a little bit of time with one of them each morning.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Kimberly has lost more than 45 pounds on the Ideal Protein program

“Other people may sit and watch TV or whatever, but the first thing I do each morning before I get ready for work is have a cup of hot tea and sit and read for just a little bit,” Kimberly notes. “It calms me and gets me ready for the day.”

A nurse practitioner who works in primary care and sees close to 20 patients a day, Kimberly can have long and arduous days. Still, in addition to reading, she usually manages to squeeze a bit of swimming and/or walking into each day.

Despite her devotion to regular exercise, Kimberly, 62, has struggled for years to keep her weight in check. She says she first started putting on a few extra pounds after she gave birth to her children, and fad diets have never worked for her.

“The issue I’ve had with so many diet plans is that they’re fast fixes,” she says. “They have you taking diet pills to help you lose weight really fast, and so it’s that instant gratification thing.

“You lose a few pounds right away and you think the diet is working. But when you quit the diet pills, or you quit that particular diet, the weight comes back. I’ve done that before, and I know those fast fixes never work.”

Due in part to those fast-fix failures, Kimberly recently found herself approximately 80 pounds over what she considers her ideal weight. Oddly, it wasn’t until she sought help for an ankle sprain that she found a diet plan that actually worked for her.

“That’s what’s so ironic about this,” Kimberly says. “I was waiting to see the doctor about my ankle, and in his office I saw a copy of Florida Health Care News. Being in the health care field, I picked it up and started reading through it.

“As I was going through the paper, the article that really drew my attention was about a chef who had lost all this weight. I’ve been to that chef’s restaurant before, but in all the years I’ve lived in Cape Coral, I’d never heard of the diet plan he was on.

“I’m in the health care field, and I’ve lived in Cape Coral for 12 or 13 years and I’ve been a professor of nursing. Before I picked up that paper, I had never heard of this weight-loss plan. So, I decided to check it out.”

The plan Kimberly discovered by reading that article is called Ideal Protein®. It is a three-phase, ketogenic, lifestyle protocol that helps participants lose excess body fat and effectively improve their health and wellness while increasing vitality.

In the Fort Myers area, Ideal Protein is the weight-loss program recommended by Keith Susko, MD, a pain management and obesity medicine specialist at Pain Relief & Physical Rehab.

Complete, Effective Program

“Ideal Protein is such a complete and effective nutrition program that it has actually helped some patients reduce blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes medications they need to take,”
Dr. Susko explains.

“Some of those patients have been able to get off their medications entirely by sticking to this program, which helps them maintain their fat loss because it changes their eating habits and the way they look at food.

In addition to improving blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure, Ideal Protein also helps participants foster better appetite control to develop and maintain eating habits that become second nature.

Those goals are achieved through customized meal plans that help burn stored fat and preserve lean muscle by emphasizing high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed and by limiting the amount of sugars and dietary fats.

“Another thing I like about the program is that it acts as a natural appetite suppressant by increasing the fat-burning mechanism of the body, which suppresses the craving for additional carbohydrates,” Dr. Susko adds.

“That’s why it’s so easy for participants to stay on the program, because they’re not craving food and feeling hungry the way you do when you’re on a regular, high-
carbohydrate diet. And we help you through every phase of the program.

“You’re never going through this alone because we provide each participant with a personal Ideal Protein coach, who is specially trained to motivate patients and give them the help they need while offering suggestions for tasty, easy-to-prepare meals.”

Adapted from a fitness and nutrition program designed for Olympic athletes, Ideal Protein also helps participants preserve and sometimes increase muscle mass, which further fuels weight loss and helps to build added strength.

The program limits the intake of dairy, grains and some fruits, but to account for that, participants are encouraged to take a multivitamin as well as potassium, fish oil and calcium supplements to ensure they receive adequate amounts of minerals each day.

“The advantage you get from eliminating a lot of the dairy and grains from your diet is that you’re also eliminating some of the most inflammatory foods people tend to eat,”
Dr. Susko educates.

“I run a medical practice where I treat a lot of pain, and I’ve noticed that when my patients use the Ideal Protein program, their pain levels drop because they’ve reduced the systemic inflammation caused by some of the foods they’ve eliminated.

“Another advantage is that Ideal Protein helps patients decrease their gastroesophageal reflux and any medications they may be taking for that. It can also help with snoring or sleep apnea problems.

“That’s partly because fat loss in general helps with those things, but we notice that happens very quickly with people on the Ideal Protein program. In fact, within a week or two of starting the program, we start seeing all of these benefits.”

Participants in the Ideal Protein protocol are encouraged to exercise regularly, and to aid them in that endeavor, they are given access to fitness videos showing a variety of exercises that help them burn more calories.

“It’s always helpful to exercise when you’re in any type of diet program, and that includes Ideal Protein,” Dr. Susko explains. “But I started offering the Ideal Protein program because I had so many patients who simply could not exercise because they were in too much pain.

“I was looking for a way to help them lose weight because people tend to get heavier due to a lack of exercise. The beauty of Ideal Protein is that, if you can exercise, you’ll get faster results; but if you can’t, it’s still a medically sound way to control your weight.”

Life-Changing Results

Kimberly is proof of that. During her first 15 weeks on the program, she lost more than 45 pounds and a total of 33.5 inches across her body, including 14 inches across her hips, Dr. Susko reports. In addition, her body mass index, or BMI, fell 6.3 points.

“She used to need to leave her lab coat open at work, but now she can button it easily,” Dr. Susko says. “She’s also feeling more energetic, and that’s allowing her to do her job better and enjoy life more.”

The Ideal Protein program works so well that Kimberly even lost weight while on a five-day cruise. She originally feared she would gain weight while on the cruise, but by following Dr. Susko’s recommendations she easily lost weight.

“He told me, here’s what you’re going to do: You’re going to stay away from the breads and the desserts, eat proteins and take your supplements. And it worked,” Kimberly raves. “I lost about three pounds while on that cruise. Who does that?

“But that’s the wonder of this weight-loss program. It teaches you how to eat right, and I can say that I don’t miss the things I used to eat so much of, like cakes and pies and desserts. It’s a complete lifestyle change, and it has changed my life.

“That’s why I’m so grateful that I picked up Florida Health Care News that day in the doctor’s office and found Dr. Susko and Ideal Protein. It really works, and the coaches take so much interest in you. I feel blessed to have found them all, really blessed.”

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