These Injections Can Resolve Your E.D.

Erectile dysfunction with comorbidities requires treatment that optimizes sexual and overall health.

Logan* attended college to become a construction manager, joining a field in which he long had an interest. His schooling included a degree in business and finance from Cornell University in New York. He then built a career as a real estate developer and established a construction management firm.

“My company works on major projects,” Logan describes. “We’ve built apartment buildings and office buildings. We’ve constructed a couple of shipyards, a couple of restaurants and a few hotels.”

A New York native, Logan twice relocated to Florida. The first time was many years ago. He made the move back because there were many construction opportunities in the Sunshine State.

“Initially, I lived in West Palm Beach, and my company completed a lot of construction in the Southeast at that time,” Logan confirms. “Then, I moved to California for 28 years. I returned to Florida in 2014. My company built a big shipyard in St. Augustine.”

The 69-year-old has no plans to retire anytime soon. His business is as busy as ever, and he plans to remain involved with its operation for a little while longer.

“I’ve probably got another five years in me, at least,” Logan says. “We just finished two apartment projects, and we’re getting ready to start a half-million square feet of warehouse space. We are also working on putting together a project to build two high-rise condominiums in Flagler County.”

While Logan thrived in business, his personal life was a mighty struggle. He fought to maintain his stamina, particularly in the bedroom. He suffered with a combination of medical issues that led to erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to achieve or maintain and erection suitable for sexual activity.

“I have Type 2 diabetes and heart issues, and they caused me to develop erectile dysfunction,” Logan elaborates. “I couldn’t have sex, which was very disappointing for me and my wife. I tried all kinds of over-the-counter treatments and the medications, and none of it worked for me.

“As it turned out, I also had low testosterone, and that caused significant fatigue. I suffered with sleep apnea, was overweight, experienced brain fog and had no stamina at the gym. My cardiologist recommended I see Richard Hanel at Focused Men’s Health.”

Richard J. Hanel, MSN, ARNP, is the owner and primary health care provider at the practice. He evaluates, treats and refers patients to specialists as needed to benefit the patients’ overall health and wellness.

“Logan came to us about four years ago,” Richard recalls. “He had significant erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and myriad comorbidities including diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Our goal was to optimize him so he can perform at his best at all times, to get him feeling as young as he used to feel.”

When Logan’s erectile dysfunction failed to respond to medications, Richard recommended injections of Trimix, a vasodilator that is injected into the penis.

“The compound improves blood circulation in the penis, which induces erections even when it is almost impossible to achieve an erection otherwise,” Richard states. “Trimix is a last-resort treatment, but it works well when patients are candidates for it, as Logan was.

“My performance in the bedroom is fabulous now.” – Logan

“We also recommended testosterone replacement therapy for Logan. Testosterone replacement therapy essentially brings patients back to their youth by restoring the male hormone to rejuvenating levels. In addition to making patients feel younger, it also optimizes muscle, brain function, sexual desire and physical fitness.”

Testosterone replacement therapy at Focused Men’s Health can be delivered through several methods, including gels and creams, injectables and implants.

“We use bioidentical hormones in our implants,” Richard adds. “These hormones are made of all-natural ingredients. The implants are placed just underneath the skin. They steadily release the hormones to keep the levels elevated over time. They last about six months. With the implants, patients have no daily or weekly regimen to follow as with gels, creams and injectables.”

In addition to Trimix injections and testosterone replacement therapy, Richard also addressed Logan’s comorbidities to improve his overall health.

“The condition that brought Logan to us was erectile dysfunction, but we also took over most of his medical problems because I believe, as a health and wellness provider, I cannot treat one without the other,” Richard observes. “We took a more well-rounded, holistic approach to Logan’s health issues.

“We identified each issue and addressed it. We adjusted his current medications and added new medications as needed to optimize his heart and kidney health. When we adjust medications, we make sure everything we give balances him out.

“We still referred Logan to a cardiologist, urologist and nephrologist, but by working as a team we have succeeded in optimizing him so he is the best he can be. He still needs ongoing treatment, but for a 69-year-old man with significant medical problems, he is doing pretty darn good.”

Logan has even managed to lose some weight through a medically managed program offered at Focused Men’s Health. It uses semaglutide, a medication that promotes weight loss by decreasing appetite.

“Logan is receiving semaglutide to help with weight loss and to optimize kidney function,” Richard reveals. “Semaglutide has been shown in studies to markedly improve renal and metabolic factors in people with kidney disease.”

“Everything Got Better”

Logan first visited Focused Men’s Health to correct his struggles in the bedroom. He says the Trimix injections did that “almost immediately.”

“My performance in the bedroom is fabulous now” he says. “I don’t have any issues anymore, and that’s got my wife smiling. Richard gave me back the sexual part of my life. I’m grateful to him for that.”

According to Logan, the testosterone replacement therapy was also effective at eliminating the uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms he was experiencing.

“I noticed right away that my energy level increased and that the weariness and fatigue went away,” he confirms. “My thought processes improved, too. I’m not foggy in the head anymore. I didn’t realize how many issues are related to testosterone.”

Logan says the treatments he’s received at Focused Men’s Health have greatly improved his health, and he has high praise for the practice’s primary care provider.

“It’s been totally successful,” he relates. “It has absolutely improved my quality of life, and Richard is a wonderful guy. He really cares about his patients and is very hands on.

“He checks everything and is extremely careful. I’m very pleased with him. I would gladly recommend Richard and the Focused Men’s Health staff to anybody. They’re fabulous and always on the ball. They do a great job and put their patients first.”

© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. mkb
* Patient’s name was changed at his request.


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