The Road To Perfection

Multiple specialties lead to amazing smile makeover.

Frank is “thrilled” with his new smile from Bayway Dental.

When opportunity knocked some 30 years ago, Frank Bronko placed a sizeable bet on himself and opened up his own flooring business. He was 26 at the time, but with nearly a decade of experience in the business, his odds of succeeding were pretty good.

And succeed he has.

Dozens of Tampa Bay area hospitals, churches and businesses have turned to Frank for their flooring needs since he took his leap of faith. He’s done a few residential projects over the years as well, but commercial flooring is where Frank has made his mark.

“We sell and replace floors for places like banks, government offices and hospitality spaces,” Frank says. “As long as it’s in a commercial environment, we can help you out. I mostly run things now, but I’m still involved in sales.”

A couple of years ago, Frank found himself in need of some replacement work himself. It wasn’t his floors, though. It was his teeth. Like an old floor, they showed signs of age.

“Part of the problem is that my family genetics aren’t that great to begin with when it comes to teeth,” Frank confides. “We all had pretty weak teeth, even as kids, and I didn’t do myself any favors over the years. I neglected my teeth for a very, very long time.

“So, it got to a point where I knew I had to have something done. What really got me to move on it was I chipped one of my two front teeth. One night, I was eating dinner and somehow chipped that tooth. It was just a nick but being a front tooth it was very visible.”

That prompted a search for a dentist who could repair the flaw. When a friend recommended he visit David Sherberg, DMD, FAGD, at Bayway Dental in St. Petersburg, Frank took his friend up on the recommendation.

One For All

Frank’s first visit to Bayway Dental came about two years ago. He spent most of the appointment in consultation with Dr. Sherberg, who learned rather quickly that Frank’s desire was to do more than repair his nicked front tooth.

“The more we talked, the more it became clear that he really didn’t like his smile and he wanted to do something about it,” Dr. Sherberg recalls. “So, we discussed his options and together agreed on a treatment plan.”

Given the state of Frank’s teeth, the plan proved to be extensive. It included performing a root canal on one tooth, extracting three others and replacing them with dental implants as well as placing crowns on those and his other remaining teeth.

“Frank’s teeth were all pretty chipped up and brown, so we wound up treating 28 teeth in all,” Dr. Sherberg notes. “But the good news is that he was able to stay in our practice for all the work that needed to be done, including the root canal.”

Dr. Sherberg performed the root canal on a bottom right molar after Frank came in one day complaining of pain in that tooth. By then, Dr. Sherberg was deep into the smile makeover, which began with the extractions and placement of implants.

“When somebody comes to you wanting a nicer smile, you can’t stop until it’s the best it can be.” – Dr. Sherberg

Dental implants are root-shaped, screw-like bodies surgically placed into the jawbone. Once in the jawbone, new bone naturally grows around it to form the foundation for replacement teeth.

The replacement teeth can be a single crown that is cemented to or screwed onto an abutment, a partial bridge that can be affixed to one or more implants, or a full denture that can be fastened to a series of implants.

Prior to placing an implant, some patients require a bone grafting procedure designed to enhance the volume of the jawbone, so it can properly support the implant. Frank required such a procedure for one of his implants.

“With Frank we did what is known as a sinus lift, or sinus augmentation,” Dr. Sherberg educates. “A sinus lift is required when there isn’t enough bone to support an implant in an area near the sinus cavity. In that case, we either take bone from the patient, cadaver bone or a bone substitute and place it in the area where more bone is needed. After about three months, that bone should be strong enough to support an implant.”

Dr. Sherberg performed the sinus lift as part of his treatment for a failed left bicuspid. He also chose to replace a failing tooth on the lower right side of Frank’s jaw with a fixed bridge that was attached to another crown.

A Perfect Match

Just as Dr. Sherberg was completing his work, COVID-19 forced a brief shutdown of his practice. That and a challenge presented by the intense discoloration of Frank’s teeth added a few months to Frank’s journey to a new smile.

“Then we had shading problems with some of Frank’s crowns,” Dr. Sherberg reports. “Some of his original upper teeth were so dark that the darkness showed through the porcelain crowns and made his teeth look dark in some areas. It wound up taking three tries to get the shade right, but we eventually got everything to match up and look good, which is what needs to be done. When somebody comes to you wanting a nicer smile, you can’t stop until it’s the best it can be.”

When Frank first visited Dr. Sherberg, he was concerned mostly with the health of his teeth. He was worried he might have to get into a pair of dentures soon. Those worries are gone now, and Frank’s beaming white smile is proof.

“Everything worked out really well,” Frank exudes. “I feel very fortunate that I was recommended to Dr. Sherberg because he did a great job. I am thrilled with the results, and I’ve already recommended Dr. Sherberg to a couple of friends.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo by Jordan Pysz. Before and after images courtesy of Bayway Dental. mkb
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