Sudden Silence

Man hears again after traumatic hearing loss.

Photos by Nerissa Johnson.

Joan and Robert Cherasaro

Robert Cherasaro, 76, is used to being in charge. In his native New Jersey, he worked as a supervisor in an electric motor factory. In 1979, he relocated to

Florida, where he served as a utility supervisor for the city of Pembroke Pines. In 2003, Robert retired and moved to Deltona, but in 2007, he lost all control of his life.

“I suffered a gunshot wound and my femur was smashed, so the doctors put a rod in my leg,” Robert shares. “They didn’t want me to move the leg, so they kept me unconscious for two and a half months while it healed.

“When I woke up from the coma, I discovered that I’d lost my hearing. People were talking to me, but I couldn’t hear them. They had to speak up. A neighbor recommended Hearing Aid Lab, so that’s where I went for help.”

At Hearing Aid Lab, which is a family-owned business with offices in Lake Mary and Orange City, Robert met with Elise Guzman Roubicek, BC-HIS. Elise thoroughly tested Robert’s hearing, then recommended the best hearing aids for his hearing loss and lifestyle.

Returning to Sound

“Robert experienced a sudden hearing loss, which is not typical,” Elise observes. “Most people have a hearing loss that happens gradually over time. But Robert suffered a serious injury and was in a coma, so his hearing loss was quick and traumatic. He needed a customized solution to his problem.

“One thing we stress is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone’s situation is different. We specialize in sitting down with our patients, getting to know them and understanding their specific situations, then finding the right solutions for them. We work with them through the entire process of rehabilitating their hearing.”

At Hearing Aid Lab, there’s more to rehabilitating a person’s hearing than simply placing hearing aids in their ears. The hearing specialists at Hearing Aid Lab follow a proven process for returning people with hearing loss to the world of sound.

“We understand that it takes people with new hearing aids a little time to get acclimated to hearing sounds they’ve been missing for a while,” Elise explains. “We start our patients at hearing aid levels that are comfortable for them. Then gradually, we increase them to the levels required for their best hearing, which are based on their audiograms.

“This rehabilitation process may take several weeks for some people and several months for others. Because Robert’s hearing loss was traumatic, it was a little harder for him to adjust, but he did. Now, he’s so happy to hear well again.”

“My hearing is excellent with my hearing aids,” Robert enthuses. “The first thing I noticed when I got the devices was that I could hear my wife’s voice again. That was great because it had been a long time since we could really talk to each other.

“I have wonderful experiences with Elise and her family at Hearing Aid Lab. They’ve been really super to me. I recommend them to anybody and everybody.”

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