Straight Ahead

City worker returns to duty after one-on-one physical therapy.

In 1999, Wayne Delin, a motorcycle enthusiast, traveled to Daytona Beach for Bike Week. He liked it so much that he purchased a home in the area, resigned from his job in Framingham, Massachusetts, and moved south.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

With physical therapy assistant Andre Lacerda (right) at his side, Wayne works out at Barr PT.

Following the move, Wayne found a job with the city of Daytona Beach Shores’ Public Works Division. It’s a job that involves construction primarily, and the physical nature of that work has taken quite a toll on his body.

“About seven years ago, my right knee started acting up,” says Wayne, 60. “I didn’t think too much about it at the time. I figured I was just getting older. I got a few cortisone shots in that knee, and that was that. Then last year, I started to seriously limp.

“I went to an orthopedic surgeon who sent me for an MRI that showed my right knee was bone on bone. The cartilage was completely gone. The doctor couldn’t believe I’d walked around for an entire year with my knee like that.”

The orthopedic surgeon recommended total joint replacement surgery, after which Wayne received two weeks of in-home physical therapy. The therapist then gave Wayne a list of places he could go for outpatient physical therapy.

“I chose Barr & Associates Physical Therapy, and I’m glad I did,” Wayne enthuses.

Equipped to Succeed

“Wayne came to us on January 27, 2020,” reports Lashanda L. Lovett, DPT, of Barr & Associates Physical Therapy. “When I first met with him, his leg was extremely swollen and lacked range of motion.

“Initially, I instructed Wayne on ways to properly ice his knee to help control the swelling. I explained the importance of straightening his knee to help him regain mobility so he could walk again.

“I began therapy using manual techniques including assisted exercises and manipulations. As he improved, I included different modalities such as cold laser stimulation that reduced the swelling in his knee and helped him regain range of motion and achieve better overall mobility.”

“Right now, I feel 100 percent better, like I didn’t even have a knee replacement.” – Wayne

As Wayne progressed through his physical therapy, Dr. Lovett added exercises using various equipment to his therapy regimen.

“In the beginning, I used a knee glider to help Wayne straighten his knee and improve his range of motion,” Dr. Lovett describes. “Eventually, he used the Airdyne® bike, which builds strength and endurance, and the BioStep semi-recumbent elliptical machine, which provides a total body workout without placing pressure on the knees.

“I also stretched Wayne’s calves and thighs using a fitter board and had him walk the staircase to further bend his knee and increase range of motion.”

“Dr. Lovett started my therapy by massaging my knee and performing hands-on manipulation and joint movement,” Wayne remembers “After that, she used a special laser that she moved across my knee.

“As I got stronger, I used some of the exercise machines. Barr & Associates Physical Therapy has almost a full gym facility. I used a special bicycle and rowing machine with pedals for my legs to improve my range of motion.”

Return to “Normal”

Wayne dedicated himself to the physical therapy regimen Dr. Lovett developed for rehabilitating his right knee after joint replacement surgery. And that dedication paid off. It didn’t take long for Wayne to notice a significant improvement in his knee mobility.

“After two weeks of therapy at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy, I walked into my orthopedic surgeon’s office with no cane or walker,” Wayne enthuses. “The doctor was amazed. He told me that I’m one of only two of his patients to achieve that.

“Currently, my range of motion is at about 110, 111. I really need to get that up to 125 eventually, but even now, I’m physically able to do anything I want to do. Nothing’s stopping me and I’m not having any pain.”

Wayne’s initial course of therapy at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy included 12 visits over six weeks. And recently, his insurance company approved six additional visits. Dr. Lovett plans to use the extra sessions to work on further increasing the range of motion in Wayne’s knee as well as his overall strength. While Wayne’s knee is almost fully recovered, he welcomes the additional visits.

“I’ll be starting back at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy next Tuesday and will be going for three more weeks at two visits per week,” Wayne says. “I look forward to it. It is very enjoyable to work with Dr. Lovett and her staff because they’re very social and we laugh a lot. They’re very thorough as well. They’re just great.”

The additional therapy is icing on the cake, however. Wayne has already achieved significant improvement in his knee rehabilitation and returned to his activities.

“Right now, I feel 100 percent better, like I didn’t even have a knee replacement,” Wayne raves. “I’m back to work full duty, and I’m riding my motorcycle and going to the gym five days a week after work. I just feel normal again. Going to Barr & Associates Physical Therapy was the best choice I ever made.”

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