Starting From Scratch

Full-mouth restoration returns brilliant new smile.

When she was 10 years old, Molly* spent the bulk of her summer vacation visiting her grandparents in Orlando. Thirty-two years later, Molly still says the best part of that vacation was learning how to bake with her grandmother.

“I enjoyed that even more than going to Disney World and SeaWorld,” Molly remembers. “We baked cookies, pies, cakes, all kinds of things. I literally fell in love with baking that summer, and my passion for it has never died.”

Molly’s passion for baking is so great that it’s no longer just a hobby that fills her weekends. She bakes full time now for a Palm Beach caterer and, if all goes as planned, she hopes to open her own bakery within the next year or two.

“I was hoping to open the bakery in early 2021, but I’ve lost a lot of work because of the coronavirus and haven’t been able to save as much money as I needed to get that done,” Molly reveals. “I’m not worried, though; that bakery is going to happen.”

When it does happen, Molly will go from working in the back of the house to the front of the house. She’ll be dealing with customers and clients on a daily basis. To prepare for that change, Molly recently underwent a smile makeover.

“That’s something I needed to do no matter what,” Molly confides. “I’ve never had the best of teeth, mostly because I never kept up with regular cleanings and dental visits, and it had really become a problem for me.

“I had reached a point where it was painful for me to chew because I had a lot of broken teeth and I couldn’t use my whole mouth to chew. I had to chew in certain parts, where it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

“And again, that’s all my fault. I was never really a fan of going to the dentist, and I eventually paid a price for it. So the bottom line was, I really needed to clean up my smile, and that’s why I started looking for a good dentist.

“The first thing I did was visit a couple of dentists to get an idea of what really needed to be done. Then I asked some friends and even some clients who they would recommend. The name I kept hearing over and over was Regency Court Dentistry.”

Three In One

Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton is part of Health and Wellness Dentistry, which was founded by Naved Fatmi, DMD. In addition to its Boca Raton office, Health and Wellness Dentistry has two other locations: Town Square Dentistry in Boynton Beach and Square One Dentistry in Jensen Beach.

Molly first visited Regency Court Dentistry in the spring of 2020. It was then that she met Aurelie Huyghues-Despointes, DMD, and expressed her desire for a new smile. Dr. Huyghues-Despointes remembers the visit well.

“Molly came in and the first thing she said was that she hated her smile and needed someone to fix her teeth,” Dr. Huyghues-Despointes recalls. “The other thing she said was that she wanted a Hollywood smile.

“After learning her objective, the first thing I did with Molly was give her a thorough examination. It was obvious right away that she had not taken good care of her teeth because they were all very stained, decayed and broken down.

“The other problem I found was that her bite had collapsed. It almost looked sunken, so I knew I was going to need the help of the prosthodontist who works with us as well. The first thing we did in terms of treating her was to give her a deep cleaning.”

The deep cleaning helped restore the health of Molly’s gums, which were infected in some areas. The next step was to begin the restoration of Molly’s teeth. The restorative work was performed by Dr. Huyghues-Despointes under the guidance of the practice’s prosthodontist, Ronik Seecharan, DMD.

With the exception of one tooth, an upper left second molar that had to be extracted, all of Molly’s teeth were salvageable. Three needed root canals, but the rest were restored through the placement of individual crowns that served more than one purpose.

“By placing the temporaries, we were able to build back her facial structure and bite, which was unstable due to excessive wear on the teeth,” Dr. Huyghues-Despointes explains. “We had to use crowns because her tooth structure was compromised.”

“Ecstatic Over The Results”

Working through one quadrant at a time, Dr. Huyghues-Despointes followed Dr. Seecharan’s guidance and eventually crowned 26 of Molly’s teeth. In each case, Molly was fit with temporary crowns that she wore for about two weeks before being fit with the permanent crowns.

“It was a full-mouth reconstruction,” Dr. Huyghues-Despointes adds. “Every tooth received a crown. She also had some implants placed prior to seeing us and we utilized those as well in our reconstruction because she never had them restored.”

Molly says the implants were initially placed 12 years ago. It was largely because of her reluctance to visit a dentist that she never had them crowned, but now that she has, she’s thrilled with the look and function of her new smile.

“It’s been a long journey, but I’m ecstatic over the results,” she raves. “I could not be happier with how this all turned out. Once I went into this, I wanted to get all my teeth done at once, and I was able to do that, and it’s just worked out great.

“I definitely made the right choice visiting Regency Court Dentistry because Dr. Huyghues-Despointes and Dr. Seecharan are just great. They did a great job, and they always made me feel comfortable and relaxed and confident.”

*Patient’s name changed at her request.
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