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Acoustic wave technology delivers hope for ED.

Years ago, when Calvin* was in the United States Marine Corps, he was stationed at a radar installation. Somehow, signs designating the area around the control room were removed, and Calvin was exposed to a type of radiation.Dr. Robert Lupo of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa treated Calvin’s (alias) erectile dysfunction using GAINSWave® therapy.

Calvin can’t say for sure that it was the radiation exposure that caused it, but soon thereafter, he started having problems with erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity.

“After that incident, I was told I’d probably never have children either,” Calvin shares. “Fortunately, God intervened, and I had three great kids. But I’ve had severe erectile dysfunction for almost twenty-five years, since I was about forty-seven or so.”

Some men may be embarrassed to talk about ED, but it’s a common issue, one that affects about 52 percent of all men. And of those affected, more than half are aged 40 to 60.

ED is frequently related to impairment of the tiny blood capillaries in the penis and urogenital area, which hinders the natural erectile response. Vasculogenic issues, causing decreased blood flow, are estimated to affect about 80 percent of men with the condition.

“I went to a urologist back home in Maryland who said my ED was pretty classic,” Calvin continues. “He said it often starts with position. At first, I couldn’t lie in bed and have sex with my wife; I had to stand up. Eventually, even standing up, I couldn’t keep an erection. We’d start having sex, and I’d lose it. It frustrated my wife to the nth degree.”

While living in Boston, Calvin went to a men’s clinic for advice and treatment. Doctors there diagnosed him with very low testosterone, and initially treated him through hormone replacement therapy.

The increased testosterone in his system caused him more side effects than benefits, and did little to correct his ED. As a result, Calvin later tried medications such as Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra®. He also used an ED pump and took ED injections. None produced the desired effect.

Then, after relocating to Florida several years ago, Calvin began searching for a new doctor to treat his ED. Calvin discovered that Robert C. Lupo, DC, of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa offered a non-drug treatment for ED called GAINSWave®.

“I spoke with Dr. Lupo, and he asked me what I wanted to achieve with the treatment,” Calvin says. “I told him I just wanted to be able to get an erection and that I’d been exposed to radiation while in the Marine Corps and again in 2008 as part of my treatment for prostate cancer. That also contributes to ED, and he said, We can start therapy today, but I make no promises. I agreed to the treatment and started therapy with GAINSWave.”

Unique Treatment

“GAINSWave is a unique treatment that uses sound-wave technology to clear the tiny microvessels in the urogenital region,” explains Dr. Lupo. “This increases circulation to the penis, which improves sensitivity and the quality of the erection, intensifying the entire sexual experience.”

Dr. Lupo says GAINSWave uses the same technology that has been effective for years in the US and Europe to treat plantar fasciitis; heel, knee and elbow pain; scar tissue, tendonitis and connective tissue injuries.

“GAINSWave emits concentrated blasts of sound waves akin to ultrasound or sonar technology,” he educates. “These sound waves travel faster than the speed of sound, and when applied through the correct number of pulses, frequency and energy, they can have a positive effect on tissue to restore blood flow and nerve sensitivity.”

Some men have experienced a renewed ability for healthier erections after only a few GAINSWave treatments, reports Dr. Lupo. Just two painless treatments per week over a three-week period is all most men need to restore or improve erectile function.

“GAINSWave’s ability to improve blood flow, increase new vascularization and increase nerve sensitivity in the urogenital region has been pretty phenomenal,” declares the doctor. “The erection ability is stronger, longer, better and more impressive. It’s taking men back to more youthful times in their lives without the necessity for medications.”

The noninvasive GAINSWave therapy is also used to successfully treat a painful syndrome called Peyronie’s disease. This condition is the result of a build-up of scar tissue and causes curvature of the penis.

In addition to receiving GAINSWave treatments, Calvin was also given another treatment by Dr. Lupo called the P-Shot®. The P stands for platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which Dr. Lupo says he uses in really tough cases when there is a lot of scar tissue, damage or Peyronie’s disease.”

With PRP, Dr. Lupo extracts the patient’s own platelets from his blood to obtain a high-quality platelet solution. He then injects the solution into strategic points in the penis. The PRP contains many growth factors and healing substances, so it begins to rejuvenate and heal the tissues of the penis.

“The P-Shot is like fertilizer that makes the cells in the tissue grow,” notes Dr. Lupo. “It helps patients with scar tissue achieve more improvement with GAINSWave. In Calvin’s case, the combination therapy made him responsive to TriMix, which he had not responded to previously. TriMix is a different type of injection made up of three medications that help men achieve and maintain erections.”

Full of Appreciation

Calvin had many factors working against him. In addition to the radiation exposure in the Marines, he had additional exposure during his treatment for prostate cancer. He also had the resulting scar tissue as well as the low testosterone level. It was a lot to overcome, but he felt he made tremendous strides with GAINSWave.Dr. Robert Lupo of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa treated Calvin’s (alias) erectile dysfunction using GAINSWave® therapy.

“I started GAINSWave, and very slowly, things started to happen,” Calvin recalls. “I woke up one morning with an erection, and I can’t remember the last time I had a morning erection. I was thrilled to death. Then a week or two after that, I woke up several times during the night with nocturnal erections, which are normal in healthy men.

”My condition since GAINSWave is better,” enthuses Calvin. “To have intercourse with my wife and have it to completion, I still need an injection of TriMix, but to me, GAINSWave therapy has been successful because I’ve come so far. I’m thrilled with the results I’ve achieved.”

For Calvin, GAINSWave is not a one-and-done treatment. He regularly returns for follow-up sessions to further the improvement he’s made with the therapy.

“I went through the initial course of therapy and renewed the treatment several times,” he states. “Now, I call Physical Medicine Center, go in and get treated a few times. Then, I stop for a month or two, then go in for a few more treatments. I truly appreciate everything Dr. Lupo has done for me.”

Adds Dr. Lupo: “We’re very encouraged by what GAINSWave has done for hundreds of ED patients without harmful side effects. Any man who wants to restore youthful performance should call us to explore this option.”

*Patient’s name withheld at his request.
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