Sophisticated Development

Advanced vacuum therapy allays back pain and more.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Since undergoing VAX-D Therapy, Dr. Rowell has resumed his
favorite activities

Theodore F. Rowell, DC, had been a chiropractor since 1972. He served patients in Michigan, Arizona and Georgia for nearly 48 years. It’s fair to say that he is quite discerning when it comes to choosing a chiropractor for his own needs, which he recently needed to do after aggravating an existing injury.

“It was an old injury from an auto accident many years ago,” Dr. Rowell elaborates. “As a result of that injury, there was a badly deteriorated disc in my low back. But it was treatable through traditional chiropractic channels such as adjustments and manipulations.

“Then five years ago, I suffered a bad fall while working in my yard. That reinjured my low back and damaged it to the extent that adjustments just weren’t helping enough. The pain was debilitating.

“Most of the time, the pain was an eight to ten on a scale of one to ten, and I couldn’t function. I couldn’t stand up straight. Within a few minutes of going into a store and walking around, my low back and buttocks became so numb that I had to sit down. The pain interfered with my life greatly, and I suffered like that for almost six years.”

When Dr. Rowell moved to Florida last year, he set out to find a chiropractor to treat his painful back condition. But he narrowed his search to those who offered a specific type of treatment, a modern version of a therapy he used more than 30 years ago. That’s how he discovered Craig S. Aderholdt, DC, of Back Pain Institute of West Florida.

At Back Pain Institute of West Florida, Dr. Aderholdt provides the most advanced treatments for patients in severe pain. Among those treatments is the unique, nonsurgical VAX-D® Therapy. It is a patented, FDA-approved medical decompression technique for alleviating pressure on the discs of the spine that Dr. Rowell is familiar with.

“Within a couple of weeks of beginning VAX-D Therapy, I began to feel some improvement in my condition, and it gradually got better and better.” – Dr. Rowell

“When I was practicing thirty, thirty-five years ago, chiropractors and researchers developed a treatment protocol called disc distraction,” Dr. Rowell recalls. “It was a technique for improving the alignment of the spine, especially in the low back, where the spinal discs had degenerated to the point where little disc actually remained.

“Disc distraction was a manual procedure that stretched and worked the damaged area back to where it could regenerate and rehydrate with fluid. Consequently, patients received relief of chronic, painful back conditions. VAX-D Therapy is the newly created and highly sophisticated development of the disc distraction technique I used all those years ago.

“Dr. Aderholdt is the only chiropractor in the state of Florida who utilizes VAX-D Therapy as far as I know. We became friends, and he started treating me.”

Maximum Benefit

VAX-D Therapy may be a medical decompression technique, but it is not a traction device, Dr. Aderholdt emphasizes. It is different because it works differently and achieves significantly better results, the doctor asserts.

“Chiropractic adjustments alone can actually relieve the pain for many patients,” notes Dr. Aderholdt, who is one of the few doctors in the country, not just the state, who offer the unique VAX-D treatment.

“But for select people who suffer with conditions such as sciatica or herniated, bulging or degenerated discs, VAX-D Therapy has proven extremely effective. Dr. Rowell was a good candidate because the treatment is effective at alleviating low back pain. It also helps with neck pain, numbness, tingling and pain radiating down the arms and legs.”

The treatment is straightforward. During VAX-D Therapy, the patient relaxes on a comfortable, computer-controlled table, secured by a pelvic belt or patented cervical collar, depending on the area to be treated. Carefully specified tension and pressure changes guide the use of VAX-D, allowing the therapist to focus decompression at the exact level of spinal dysfunction.

The VAX-D system is computerized, which enables the table to make subtle but targeted movements. These movements create a powerful vacuum within the disc space. This vacuum gently draws the disc back to its proper orientation, pulling nutrient-rich spinal fluid into the disc and stimulating repair cells that effectively mend the disc.

“Nothing else can create such a powerful vacuum,” Dr. Aderholdt observes. “That is what makes VAX-D such a valuable tool for pain relief. There are imitators, but the vacuum effect is the most powerful one known.

“VAX-D doesn’t allow the muscles to contract, like other machines can. In fact, it is the only nonsurgical treatment that has been clinically proven to reduce disc pressure to negative levels.”

“When I get a VAX-D treatment, I lie on a table with a belt around my pelvis, strapped to the lower portion of the table,” Dr. Rowell describes. “My upper body is immobilized by a harness, which fits snugly, but comfortably, around my shoulders and underarms.

“Guided by the sophisticated computer, the lower portion of the VAX-D table moves toward my feet while the upper portion stabilizes me. As the table spreads apart, it gently stretches my spine to rehabilitate and rehydrate my old, injured discs and joints. VAX-D Therapy also uses a cervical mechanism in a similar fashion to treat neck injuries and pain.

“Because the treatment is computerized, I receive the maximum benefit from each visit.”

Secondary Condition

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

VAX-D Therapy is straightening the irregular curvature in
Barbara’s neck.

Barbara Owens, 62, was born in Waterford, a small industrial city ten miles south of Erie in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania. After high school, Barbara left Pennsylvania for Indianapolis, Indiana to attend Butler University. Upon graduation, Barbara moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she got a job with an import-export business.

“That’s where I met my future husband,” Barbara recalls. “When he was transferred to Long Beach, California, we moved to Los Angeles, where I lived for twenty-five years. In LA, I worked for a medical software company with clients across the United States. I traveled all over the country training doctors on new software for patient billing.”

Following a divorce from her husband, Barbara moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to be closer to her sister, who lived in Indianapolis, and her parents, who lived in Kentucky. She later moved to Kentucky to take care of her ailing mother and then moved along with her sister to Florida in October 2018.

Like Dr. Rowell, Barbara brought with her to the Sunshine State an existing back injury that required ongoing chiropractic care. But she soon learned that she also had a silent cervical condition that could lead to severe pain and instability in the future if not treated.

“The curvature in my neck is almost gone, and the vertebrae, which were nearly touching each other, are now separating… VAX-D Therapy is working
for me.” – Barbara

“When I was in high school, I slipped on some stairs in the school and pulled the ligaments in my low back,” Barbara relates. “I’ve been going to a chiropractor for that injury for quite a few years, so when I moved to Florida, I knew I needed to find one here. I heard about Dr. Aderholdt and his VAX-D Therapy, so I decided to check him out.

“Dr. Aderholdt took x-rays and told me my back was good, but he noticed that my neck had a curvature to the left. I didn’t have any pain in my neck at the time, but he said that if I didn’t take care of that curvature, I would have trouble with pain down the road. He suggested we take care of it with VAX-D Therapy.”

Barbara agreed, so Dr. Aderholdt used the therapy’s cervical modality to address Barbara’s neck condition. She was delighted to discover that the treatment was not uncomfortable. In fact, she often found it relaxing.

“With the VAX-D system, they put a collar around my neck while I lie on a bed,” Barbara says. “The collar attaches to something on the back of the VAX-D machine so that when they turn it on, it gently pulls my neck. It doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, I tend to fall asleep while I’m having VAX-D Therapy.”

Complications Avoided

Each VAX-D treatment lasts about half an hour, and the treatments have a long track record of leaving patients such as Barbara and Dr. Rowell satisfied, Dr. Aderholdt points out. Long-term studies show that VAX-D is effective in more than 88 percent of patients who go through the treatment.

“I consider VAX-D one of the most effective nonsurgical medical treatments for low back pain, neck pain and sciatica today,” Dr. Aderholdt asserts. “This revolutionary technology is one more tool I can offer my patients as we work toward relieving pain and maintaining the health of the lumbar and cervical spine.”

Many patients report a significant reduction in back or neck pain within only a few treatments, although the total healing process takes longer, Dr. Aderholdt stresses. The reason it takes a longer period of time, the doctor says, is that bulging or herniated discs require a series of VAX-D sessions to fully reposition themselves.

“Some patients think they will get relief after a handful of sessions and they can just quit, but that’s not the case,” he observes. “Patients must follow through with all of the required treatments to get the full benefit.”

Dr. Aderholdt notes that VAX-D Therapy has the added benefit of eliminating the need for surgery in many cases.

“Many patients with severe back or neck pain want to avoid surgery, and that is something that VAX-D allows,” he states. “With surgery, there is the potential for serious complications. Because VAX-D is noninvasive, those complications are avoided.”

Full Function Regained

Dr. Rowell is among those who began to feel relief early on in the VAX-D Therapy process. But he followed Dr. Aderholdt’s recommendation and completed the entire course of treatment. And he’s glad he did.

“Within a couple of weeks of beginning VAX-D Therapy, I began to feel some improvement in my condition, and it gradually got better and better,” Dr. Rowell enthuses. “I started treatment daily for a couple of months, then as I improved, we stretched it out to three times a week and then once a week.

“Now, I’m getting regular adjustments from Dr. Aderholdt to sustain the pain relief I achieved. I periodically get a VAX-D treatment, maybe once a month, to maintain my newfound health and the improved condition I’ve developed.

“The VAX-D treatments have helped me to avoid aggravating my low back, which feels pretty good. My pain level is now zero to one on a scale of one to ten. Occasionally, I have a little soreness in the old injured area, but it’s not debilitating or keeping me from functioning.”

Far from it, in fact. Dr. Rowell says that since receiving VAX-D Therapy, he has resumed his favorite activities, which he had to forsake when his low back pain was so intense.

“Now, I enjoy walking and bike riding,” he shares. “I also enjoy shopping. I like to go to the flea market and places like that. I like fishing and go whenever I can. And when I’m fishing, I stand a lot and twist my body quite a bit. I can do those things again that I wasn’t able to do in the past.”

Dr. Aderholdt’s goal with Barbara was to use VAX-D Therapy to gradually straighten out the unhealthy, leftward curvature in her neck and prevent any painful condition from developing in the future. The treatment is succeeding.

“I’ve been receiving VAX-D Therapy since last year, and Dr. Aderholdt has taken several x-rays,” Barbara relates. “We’ve noticed that my neck is almost upright like it should be. The curvature in my neck is almost gone, and the vertebrae, which were nearly touching each other, are now separating, and that’s a good thing. VAX-D Therapy is working for me.

“Sometimes, I get pain in my lower shoulder on my right side, but Dr. Aderholdt treats that with an adjustment, and the pain goes away. Other than that, I have no problems. I’m actually doing quite well. I lost fifty pounds, so I feel very fit.”

Barbara is thrilled to be feeling so well. She now has plenty of energy for the activities she enjoys most.

“I love bowling, and I like biking and swimming,” she says. “I also enjoy walking my dog. He’s a Dachshund named Rolf.”

VAX-D Therapy was successful for Barbara and Dr. Rowell, and both patients are complimentary of Dr. Aderholdt, his staff and his unique treatment.

“When I met Dr. Aderholdt, I really liked him,” Barbara raves. “He’s a very nice gentleman, very caring. He wanted to make me well, so I felt very comfortable being there. The people in the office were also very nice. I’m glad I decided to go to Back Pain Institute of West Florida.”

“When I first started going to Dr. Aderholdt, I talked to some of the other patients in the office’s waiting room,” Dr. Rowell reports. “Invariably, they told me about their improvements using VAX-D Therapy. Almost everybody was getting better, and they were happy to tell me about it.

“Dr. Aderholdt is a very fine doctor of chiropractic, well-grounded in the healing principles of chiropractic care. He’s a graduate of Life Chiropractic College, which I’m proud to say some of my donation dollars helped to found many years ago.

“I’m glad I found Dr. Aderholdt. He’s very dedicated to helping as many people as he can regain better health and have a happier, healthier life with chiropractic care and the use of VAX-D Therapy.

“I wish I could have had this modern advantage when I was in practice. I could have helped thousands instead of hundreds of people relieve their pain and stress with it, so I highly recommend VAX-D Therapy and Back Pain Institute of West Florida. I’ve spoken to several people already about Dr. Aderholdt, and I recommend him highly as well.”

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