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Innovative chair therapy strengthens muscles to end urinary incontinence.

The occasion was Paige’s* 50th birthday party. The plan was to have dinner, drinks and a lot of laughs with a few of her closest friends. And that’s how the evening played out. 

There was just one little hiccup.

When someone said something that made Paige laugh hysterically, she experienced a sudden accidental loss of a small amount of urine. Thus began her personal battle with one of life’s most bothersome conditions: urinary incontinence.

“At first, I thought, Well, I’ve definitely had too much to drink,” Paige remembers. “I was also glad that I’d worn black pants that night because they helped hide the little bit of urine that leaked out. But then I had a similar experience a few days later.

Paige* found a remedy for her urinary incontinence at Dean Wellness Institute.

Paige* found a remedy for her urinary incontinence at Dean Wellness Institute.


“On that second occasion, I was at home, thankfully, and all by myself. I got a little chilly inside the house and sneezed, and the same thing happened again. A little bit of urine leaked out. That’s when I first realized I might have a problem.”

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine, and as it did with Paige, it can be sparked by something as simple as a laugh, cough or sneeze. It typically results in the loss of a few drops of urine, but it can also present itself as a strong urge to urinate.

Caused by a weakening of the bladder or sphincter muscles, an overactive bladder or nerve damage, urinary incontinence can also be experienced by men, but it typically occurs in women who are pregnant, have had children or are going through menopause.

Paige is a mother of three who has not gone through menopause, so at the time she fit just one of those categories. Nevertheless, she visited her doctor, who confirmed the condition and prescribed a medication designed to help her manage urinary frequency.

Paige soon soured on the idea of being on such a medication, however, and began researching other remedies for urinary incontinence. She found the one that suited her best at the Dean Wellness Institute in Vero Beach.

Traditional Medicine and More 

Dean Wellness Institute is the practice of Melissa Dean, MD. An expert in treating menopause and andropause, Dr. Dean practices traditional medicine while also offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Her specialties include hormone balancing, adrenal support therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the latter of which is considered the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues.

Her clinic also offers a variety of intravenous therapies, including IV vitamin therapy, anti-aging/regenerative medicine in addition to aesthetic treatments such as neuromodulators, hyaluronic acid-based fillers and microneedling with platelet rich plasma.

Recently, Dr. Dean added a nonsurgical, drug-free breakthrough treatment designed to correct urinary incontinence and restore confidence in people such as Paige. It’s called the BTL Emsella® chair.

Unlike drugs or surgery, the BTL Emsella chair stimulates the muscles that support the bottom of the pelvis, or pelvic floor, and restores neuromuscular control by delivering electromagnetic energy to those muscles.

“The Emsella chair is just that; it’s a chair that the patient can sit on fully clothed while being treated,” Dr. Dean explains. “Each treatment lasts for about 30 minutes, and during that time the chair induces contractions of the muscles in the pelvic floor.

The degree of contractions with the chair is something that someone cannot achieve on their own doing Kegel, or pelvic floor, exercises, Dr. Dean informs.

“But it’s very comfortable,” she assures. “You can literally sit there and have a conversation with someone as you’re being treated. It’s not a painful process in any way, and when the patient is positioned just right on the chair, which we make sure to do, the degree of the contractions is optimal for the strengthening that needs to take place.”

A typical treatment plan calls for patients to receive two 30-minute treatments per week for three consecutive weeks. Those treatments will not only help with urinary incontinence but also bowel incontinence and other issues, according to Dr. Dean.

“Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps improve stability,” Dr. Dean educates. “That’s important because it’s part of your core, and if you don’t have core strength, you can have hip problems, pelvic problems, rectal problems, all kinds of problems.”

In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor and decreasing incontinence, BTL Emsella chair treatments can also help patients more easily achieve orgasm and experience stronger orgasms, which can positively impact their sexual wellness and relationships.

There are no side effects. Unlike medications, which can cause vaginal dryness and dryness of the mouth, BTL Emsella chair treatments produce only positive results. Patients can even receive booster treatments if they wish.

“Depending on the patient’s age and severity of problem, it’s not unreasonable at all for someone to return every nine months or even a year later and undergo what in essence is a maintenance treatment,” Dr. Dean emphasizes. 

A Relaxing De-Stressor

Paige can attest to all that Dr. Dean says about BTL Emsella chair treatments. She described them as “completely painless” and “quite relaxing,” and notes that she typically passed her time during the treatment reading a magazine.

“It’s like waiting for your hair to dry at the salon,” she says. “I’d sit there, relax and read.

“It’s really quite comfortable, and the time goes by very quickly. For me, the treatments were like a de-stressor for my mind because I knew I was actually going to sit in one spot for about 30 minutes, so it was a good time to zone out.”

Studies show that the BTL Emsella chair has attained a 95 percent satisfaction rate among patients. Paige is among those pleased with the results, which is why she’s become such an advocate of the product.

“It gave me a great sense of relief,” Paige enthuses. “I cannot remember the last time I had a leakage episode. I recently went through a period where my allergies were really bothering me, and I was sneezing and coughing a lot. Normally, I would have experienced some leakage during that period, but this time – nothing. The BTL Emsella chair worked really well for me.”

Paige says she already plans to get a maintenance treatment once a year.

“This is a treatment I definitely recommend for other women who have the problem I had,” Paige declares. “I’ve talked with a lot of women who say they’ve tried everything, and I tell them, Try the BTL Emsella chair because it really works.”

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* Patient’s name changed at her request
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