Serving Up Smiles

Bartender’s teeth were on the rocks before Dentures in a Day.

Matthew McCann is a people person. That attribute serves him well in his job as a bartender and server at a local restaurant. Waiting on customers is nothing new to Matthew; he’s worked in the hospitality industry for nearly 25 years.

Close up of Matthew McCann smiling.

Matthew’s new upper denture has given him a boost of confidence.

“My parents opened a sports bar in 1995, and that’s when I started in the industry,” Matthew, 40, recalls. “Initially, I worked as a dishwasher. But over the years, I also worked as a cook, a server and eventually a bartender.

“I like being a bartender and server because I’m face-to-face with people all day. Right now, I’m working at a Tiki bar and restaurant, which is a place where people come to relax. I like helping people enjoy their experience.”

As Matthew has proven, a genial personality can carry someone a long way in his business. So can a glowing smile. Unfortunately, Matthew’s smile long fell short of ideal. Neglect was the reason.

“Growing up, I had great teeth,” Matthew relates. “My parents got me braces when I was younger, but as I got older, I didn’t want to go to the dentist anymore. I was afraid of what they were going to tell me.

“Then I started grinding my teeth, and from there, I started to develop cavities, chipped some teeth and even had a couple pulled. The other problem was that I started to develop infections in my mouth, and because of that I was always in a lot of pain.

“Sometimes, the pain woke me up in the middle of the night. It was so horrible that I would not wish that pain on anybody. As time wore on, the problems with my teeth got progressively worse. Eventually, they became so bad I couldn’t do anything to save them.”

The deterioration sparked a search for a dentist, but he wasn’t happy with the treatment plans the first few proposed. Then a friend offered some expert advice.

“A friend of mine who’s a dental hygienist told me I should check out Venetian Dental,” Matthew recalls. “She said they do good work, so I made an appointment. It was hands-down the best experience I ever had with a dentist.”

Venetian Dental is the practice of Alexander Gaukhman, DMD. A skilled general, cosmetic and emergency dentist, Dr. Gaukhman examined Matthew’s teeth and recommended a treatment plan that Matthew liked.

“Matthew’s upper teeth were severely decayed and not savable,” Dr. Gaukhman reports. “He also had extensive periodontal disease. I recommended extracting his upper teeth and replacing them with a denture. I also suggested that in the future we should replace his lower teeth with an implant-secured denture.””

“Dr. Gaukhman is a great dentist, very professional and hands-on,” Matthew describes. “When I met him, he was straight to the point. He even worked with me on financing so I could afford the treatment because a lot of work needed to be done.”

Same-Day Service

Venetian Dental patients such as Matthew generally receive their dentures on the same day their teeth are extracted in a process called Dentures in a Day. This is possible because the dentures are fabricated in Venetian Dental’s on-site laboratory.

“The best thing about Dentures in a Day is that, in most cases, patients come to the office in the morning and by the afternoon their dentures are ready,” Dr. Gaukhman explains. “Patients can literally come in with broken teeth, failing teeth or infections and leave that same day with perfect smiles.

“The path we take to get them there starts with taking impressions of the patient’s teeth. When the dentures are ready, typically that very same day or the next day, the teeth are extracted, and the dentures are placed immediately. When done this way, the dentures serve as a bandage to minimize swelling and bleeding.”

Dr. Gaukhman followed that pattern in treating Matthew, who had his upper teeth pulled and was fit with a temporary traditional denture the same day.

“The process was fast and easy, and I experienced no pain,” Matthew recalls. “And immediately after the appointment, I had a temporary upper denture and a great smile.”

Unlike lower dentures, which tend to slip and slide and are best stabilized by dental implants, upper dentures generally don’t move. They stay put because sufficient suction is produced by the palate to hold them securely in place.

Hollywood Smile

A few months after his initial Dentures in a Day appointment, Matthew returned to Venetian Dental to be fit with his permanent prosthetic, a traditional upper denture.

“It looks beautiful,” Matthew describes. “I told the technician in the dental lab that I wanted the denture teeth to be Hollywood white, as white as he could make them.
He got them bleach white, and they’re absolutely beautiful.

“And my denture fits perfectly. It doesn’t move at all, so I can chew with no problem, and there’s no pain in my mouth anymore. Another great thing is that no one can tell I have a denture. Random people compliment me on my smile all the time now. They come up to me and say, You have a beautiful smile. That feels good because I wasn’t able to smile for a long time. I felt like I couldn’t smile.

“Before, I tried to manipulate my smile to where I thought it looked good. But looking back at photos, I can see I was wrong. My smile back then compared to now is like night and day.”
Matthew knew replacing his failing teeth with a denture would restore his smile. But he didn’t anticipate the full effect the finished denture would have on his life.

“I couldn’t wait to get my teeth fixed, and I thought my life would change when I did.” He says. “But I had no idea how incredible the impact would be. My confidence has really been boosted, and my health has been boosted as well.

“Within the next few months, I’ll get in touch with Dr. Gaukhman to discuss starting work on my bottom teeth. I’ll talk to him about financing and get the ball rolling on my bottom denture.
“Getting my upper denture at Venetian Dental was a great experience. I recommend Dr. Gaukhman and Venetian Dental to anybody. And for anyone who’s maybe a little wary of getting something like this done, I’d tell them, Go for it, because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!

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