Service With A New Smile

Rebuilding that beautiful bite may be easier than you think.

Commercial and recreational boaters alike were dealt a disappointing surprise a couple of months ago when the Canadian-based parent company of Evinrude outboard motors announced it would no longer be making the popular boat engines.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers.

Martin Nyberg

Martin Nyberg of Hill Marine Service in Fort Myers was among those greatly affected by the news.

“I work for an Evinrude dealer doing outboard motor and pleasure boat repair,” Martin reveals. “We’re a warranty and service center for Evinrude but, unfortunately, they’re not going to be making the boat engines anymore.

“The good thing is, we’re still going to be doing warranty work on all the motors that are still out there, so I’ll still be working on them for the next eight to 10 years. We just won’t be selling any new ones, which is kind of a bummer.”

It’s not just boats and boat engines that Martin repairs. In his spare time, the 44-year-old has been restoring a 1966 Pontiac Tempest that he’s had since he was 19. The engine and transmission have been replaced, and he’ll soon move on to the interior.

“It was the second car I ever owned, and I guess you could say I’ve grown attached to it,” Martin says. “I’ve got it back in pretty decent shape, with all the lights and exterior things working, so I’m almost there with it. It’s a fun hobby.”

Like the boat engines he works on and that Pontiac, Martin’s teeth had fallen into a state of disrepair over the years. But it wasn’t until last year, after a friend asked him to be in his wedding, that Martin decided to take care of the problem.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers.

Martin Nyberg Before

“I knew I wouldn’t look good in the pictures, so I figured it was time to finally do something about it,” Martin explains. “My biggest worry was a missing tooth in the front. I lost that tooth about 20 years ago when I fell and hit a concrete wall around a pool.

“My dentist at the time put a post in there, but 12 years later it came out. By then, my old dentist had retired and I never did anything about it. Ever since then, I’ve always been a little hesitant to smile or even go out in public much.

“But then my best friend asked me to be in his wedding, and I wanted to make sure I looked good for it. Thankfully, my friend’s mom works at a dentist office, so I went there to see what could be done about that tooth.”

Bridging the Gap

That office is Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers. During Martin’s first visit he met with Katrine A. Farag, DMD, who found more than just a missing tooth that needed repair.

“What inspired Martin to visit us initially was that missing right lateral incisor, which is the tooth right next to the two front teeth,” Dr. Farag says. “When I started my examination, however, I discovered he was missing a number of teeth, especially in the back.

“He told me he had been missing those teeth for a while, for many years actually, and what unfortunately happens when you’ve been missing teeth for many years like that is you begin to lose a lot of bone structure and eventually your whole bite collapses. That’s what happened to Martin. He was missing a lot of teeth, mostly on the top, so when he would bite down, the lower teeth went straight up to the gum where he was missing the upper teeth.

“The same thing was happening with that missing tooth in front. A lower tooth was going straight into the space where that missing top tooth had been, so the challenge was fitting something into that space.”
In taking on that challenge, Dr. Farag determined she would need to rebuild Martin’s bite. To do that and correct the aesthetic problem created by the missing front tooth, she would need to extract a few other teeth as well.

The fact that some of Martin’s remaining teeth were infected made that decision easier. The difficult part for Martin was deciding how to replace all the missing teeth. He had three options, though Dr. Farag quickly cut it to two.

“A lot of people in a situation such as Martin’s come in thinking they’re going to need to get dentures,” Dr. Farag reports. “Many of them assume that’s their only option. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, I told Martin, You’re too young for dentures.

“So, we talked about dental implants, but because he had so little bone left in the area where he lost the teeth, the surgery required to prepare him for implants would have been very extensive. That’s why he decided to go with a full fixed upper bridge.”

The fixed upper bridge would include replacement teeth for all those teeth that had been lost previously, including the missing tooth in the front, and it would be secured by new crowns placed on healthy existing teeth.

The first step in fashioning that bridge was to extract Martin’s failing teeth. That included extracting what remained of the missing front tooth, which still had some structure to it beneath the gums.

“For this kind of bridge, you need to have enough good anchors to support it, and we were fortunate that Martin did,” Dr. Farag explains. “We prepped those good teeth with crowns to serve as the anchors.

“The other replacement teeth were connected to those crowns so it’s all one piece. Then, for the missing tooth in the front, we added what we call a pontic. That’s a fake tooth, but it’s connected to the other anchors and looks and functions like a real tooth.

“The whole thing is done from a mold, and from that mold the lab makes a temporary bridge that Martin wore until the permanent bridge was ready. But even with the temporary, he could eat and smile and do everything normally.”

Confidence Builder

Martin smiles a lot these days. He was fit with a temporary bridge in time for the wedding and later received the permanent bridge, which he’s ecstatic about. He says his new smile has made him a lot more confident and outgoing.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers.

“I let my teeth go for far too long, and Dr. Farag did a great job reconstructing the damage I did.”

“It has changed my whole outlook,” Martin raves. “They did a beautiful job and took great care of me. I haven’t had a full set of teeth for a long, long time, but I do now, and they look awesome. I’m super impressed with what they’ve done for me.

Martin now visits Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers for regular cleanings. He’s also planning to have Dr. Farag restore his lower arch, which will require the placement of a partial. Martin says he’s confident Dr. Farag will do a great job on that arch as well.

“Dr. Farag and her whole staff are just great,” he enthuses. “They made me feel very comfortable and took away any fears I had right away. I let my teeth go for far too long, and Dr. Farag did a great job reconstructing the damage I did.

“I’m thrilled about all that they’ve done for me and love the new smile they gave me. That’s why I readily recommend them to anybody. In fact, I just recommended them to a neighbor. I told him, You definitely want to see Dr. Farag. She’s great.

“She makes you feel comfortable, she gives you options for the work that has to be done and she explains everything that’s going on. She tells you what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, and the staff is just wonderful. They’re all very kind and conscientious. You won’t find anyone better in the area.”

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