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Individualized approach prompts return after second knee surgery.

In August 2019, Lynn Gott underwent total joint replacement surgery on her left knee. She was living in South Florida at the time so that’s where she began her postsurgical physical therapy. But Lynn’s rehabilitation didn’t go well and she experienced complications associated with a buildup of scar tissue.

Lynn has regained full range of motion in her right knee.

“At the time, I was getting married and moving to Daytona Beach, but my doctor wanted me to continue with therapy,” relates Lynn, 65.

“I went online and looked for providers close by. When I got to Barr & Associates Physical Therapy, I felt a connection. It felt like the right place for me.

“Barr & Associates’ methods were very different from those of the group in South Florida. They took their time and really figured out what was going on with me. They did a lot of massage work and had me exercising in different ways than what I had been doing. I responded quickly to their method of therapy and was able to regain the use of my left knee.

“This past September, after I had a total joint replacement on my right knee, I went back to Barr & Associates without any hesitation.”

Focused Therapy

“Lynn came to our facility on September 18 after undergoing a right knee replacement on September 9,” recalls Jennifer Young, DPT, of Barr & Associates Physical Therapy. “Lynn’s surgeon used a lateral approach, performing the surgery from the side of the knee instead of over the top.

“Lynn’s doctor had a strict protocol for her therapy. He wanted her to do leg presses, such as squats, on our Power Tower machine. She also had to walk on the treadmill for up to 20 minutes at three miles per hour, then she had to go up and downstairs.”

Initially, Dr. Young performed a passive range of motion exercises to improve the flexion and extension in Lynn’s knee. The therapist then worked to strengthen the knee so Lynn could walk and climb stairs. Dr. Young provided focused therapy, which aided in Lynn’s recovery.

“Every time Lynn came in, she received an hour of one-on-one time with me or the physical therapy assistant,” Dr. Young explains. “The therapy is individualized, tailored to the patient’s specific goals. We also have to follow the surgeon’s protocols, which we did in Lynn’s case.

Lynn completed physical therapy on October 30. The range of motion in her knee was 90 degrees when she first came in; when she left it was 122 degrees.

“Range of motion in a healthy knee is 140 degrees,” Dr. Young informs. “We try to get a replacement knee to 120 to 130 degrees. Lynn’s swelling dissipated as well, and she was able to return to her everyday activities.”

Lynn was very appreciative of the therapists and the individual attention they provided.

“In South Florida, the therapists serviced several people at the same time. At Barr & Associates, they focused on me. I worked with them for the full hour. They really got to know me,” Lynn explains. “When I was at Barr & Associates this time, it was during COVID. The staff was very careful about taking precautions, including social distancing. I can’t say enough about how good everyone is, from the therapists to the front-desk staff.”

Today, Lynn says she has full range of motion in her right knee.

“I can go up and down the stairs, and I’ve been walking two miles a day,” she says. “I absolutely recommend Barr & Associates Physical Therapy.”

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