Relief from Debilitating Back Pain

Innovative treatment works after multiple surgeries did not.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

John finally found relief for his spine pain at Alpha Wave Health Centers.

The ornate, hand-painted ceiling of the Grand Colonnade at The Venetian® Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada is just one of the many Renaissance-like finishes that make the Italian-inspired hotel and casino the showcase that it is.

John Hicks is among the skilled craftsmen who helped give that resort and many of the others along the Vegas strip their charm.

“I was the supervisor of a crew of what are known as high-end finish carpenters,” John relates. “We didn’t do baseboards. We did things like five- and six-step crown moldings and things like that that we called fufu stuff.

“We worked on all the big hotels and casinos there in Las Vegas – Mandalay Bay, the Luxor®, the Bellagio®, the Mirage®, Paris®. We worked in a lot of the suites, some of the gambling areas and on a lot of the ceilings in those places.”

John, 73, retired from his job in 2000 but not voluntarily. He was forced into retirement after he and two co-workers were hit while walking across a Las Vegas street by a car driven by a drunk driver.

Since then, John has undergone four back surgeries, more than a dozen spinal procedures and tried a variety of treatments in an effort to erase the debilitating back pain that ensued from the accident, but to no avail.

“The pain was so bad that I had difficulty sitting for any length of time,” John laments. “That was bad enough, but what made it worse is that I couldn’t stand for any length of time either. I eventually got to a point where I had to walk with a cane.”

John, who recently moved to Florida to “get out of the desert,” has feared for years that he would forever be disabled by his pain, but he learned differently after reading an article in Florida Health Care News about Alpha Wave Health Centers.

With offices in Leesburg and St. Augustine, Alpha Wave Health Centers specializes in the treatment of pain and other issues through the use of an acoustic wave therapy called AcuteWave™.

John made an appointment.

Advanced and Highly Effective

After conducting a thorough examination, Scott Hollington, MD, of Alpha Wave Health Centers, determined that John’s pain was largely a result of a massive buildup of scar tissue, a byproduct of all the invasive treatments he’d had done on his back previously.

“I have looked for many, many solutions for my spine pain. . . . AcuteWave treatment is the only thing that’s worked for me.” – John

That made him a good candidate for AcuteWave therapy, and as he often does, Dr. Hollington recommended a full regimen of six treatments.

Known clinically as extracorporeal pulse activation technology, or EPAT®, Alpha Wave Health Centers’ AcuteWave therapy is the most advanced and highly-effective noninvasive, drug-free treatment method cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

AcuteWave treatments are performed during an in-office procedure that stimulates the metabolism, enhances blood circulation and accelerates the healing process, which allows damaged tissue to gradually regenerate and eventually heal.

The AcuteWave procedure has proven effective in the treatment of a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions in the neck, shoulder, back, chest, feet and ankles. It has also proven effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction using the GAINSWave® protocols.

“The AcuteWave machine has been around for about forty years, and it generates sound waves that go in and affect the deep soft tissues in the body,” says Dr. Hollington.

“These waves penetrate the skin about three inches deep. That’s far deeper than chiropractic therapy, massage therapy or any other modality can get. And by affecting tissue at that level, you can get what we call scar reorganization.

“That’s important because scar tissue can get rock hard and impinge on the nerves and muscles in a way that prohibits them from moving naturally. But this machine gets in there and loosens that scar tissue up to a point where we can actually remodel it.”

Another great benefit of AcuteWave therapy, Dr. Hollington emphasizes, is that it helps eliminate the root cause of pain. That makes it far more effective than the medications or injections that are often prescribed for such issues.

“There are a lot of causes of musculoskeletal pain,” Dr. Hollington states. “It can come from a pinched nerve or damaged muscles, tendons or joints. These problems are often treated with opiates. But opiates just hide the symptoms. They don’t cure anything.

“Another pain management tool is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory treatments. These treatments reduce inflammation, which exacerbates pain, but it’s not clear if eliminating the inflammation actually cures the underlying defect causing the pain.

“Our wave machine actually affects the tissue of the body. It regenerates old vessels and helps form new vessels, which further reduces pain. It produces those waves in broad spectrums, which allows us to treat the entire problem area.”

AcuteWave treatments are administered through a small, handheld device that emits the acoustical waves in short, painless pulsations. It eliminates pain and restores full mobility in more than 80 percent of all patients treated.

“The numbers for people who use this treatment for pain relief are very good,” Dr. Hollington expounds. “Everyone gets some pain relief from it, and some get a lot of pain relief from it very quickly, after just one or two sessions.”

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

John & Olga Hicks

Rapid Results

As it is with many patients, John experienced relief after just a few of those 30-minute treatments.

“I will tell you that I have looked for many, many solutions for my spine pain,” John relates. “Doctors have tried everything from shots and medications to spinal cord stimulators, but this AcuteWave treatment is the only thing that’s worked for me.

“I went to Alpha Wave Health Centers because the article I read said they can effectively treat your pain without shots or medications, and they were right. This treatment works really, really well. I’m no longer in pain or taking any pain medication of any kind.

“I don’t need a cane to walk anymore, and I’m even working out in the yard, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do again. I used to have trouble sleeping at night because of my pain, but now I sleep just fine, the way I’m supposed to.”

John has received a total of nine AcuteWave treatments since he first visited Alpha Wave Health Centers a little more than a year ago. He now visits the clinic only on occasion to make sure his pain remains in check.

“When you’ve been in pain as long as I was, it’s hard to believe anything will work for you, but this does,” John adds. “That’s why I definitely recommend Alpha Wave Health Centers and AcuteWave therapy. They’re both outstanding.”

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