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For 35 years, Donna Lewis spent each working day in virtual arm’s reach of a cuneiform tablet dating from 2040 B.C., a Gutenberg Bible believed to have been printed in 1455 and the private papers of 23 U.S. presidents.

Photo courtesy of Donna Lewis.

Donna Lewis

Such was her life inside the walls of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, where she literally worked her way up from a basement-level position to that of an executive in charge of procurement for special exhibits.

“It was just amazing,” Donna says of working in the nation’s library. “We were located right next door to the Supreme Court, so every once in a while you’d see a Supreme Court justice come in. And I certainly saw my share of senators and congressmen as well.

“I even got to meet Charles Schulz, the Peanuts’ creator. We held an exhibit for the 100th anniversary of the comic strip, and I handled all the procurement documents for everything that became part of the exhibit. Working there was a wonderful experience.”

Since retiring in 2004, Donna, 73, has been experiencing life abroad whenever possible. Along with her husband, the DC native and Virginia resident has visited Australia, a host of Mediterranean countries, including Italy, and the Caribbean.

She’s in the process of altering her snowbird status and moving permanently to Port Charlotte, where she escaped to a little more than a year ago after a battle with unrelenting left hip and leg pain began to take an excessive toll on her.

Donna’s discomfort was part of what she refers to as a full blown “pain episode” that began one morning in early 2019, when she woke up in so much “searing” lower extremity pain that she could barely get out of bed and walk.

“It hurt everywhere,” Donna laments. “It wasn’t a sharp little pain that would come and go. It was this niggling pain that was always there. Sometimes it wasn’t that bad, but it was always there, running all through my left leg.

“It was just awful, and it was keeping me from doing just about everything. For starters, I couldn’t sleep through the night because I’d wake up in the middle of the night with this pain running all through my legs and my hips. And that wasn’t all.

“I couldn’t do the simplest thing, like push a vacuum, because I couldn’t stand on both legs. I had a hard time driving a car, and because of the pain I couldn’t sit in an airplane for any more than about half an hour, so forget about traveling.

“After a while, I reached a point where I was using a cane to walk, that’s how debilitating it was. I could not function because I couldn’t focus on anything but my pain. That’s how bad it was.”

In an effort to discover and correct the root cause of her pain, Donna visited an acupuncturist, a primary care physician, a physical therapist and two orthopedic surgeons, both of whom said the issue was a hip socket that required replacement surgery.

Certain that her problem was the result of issues beyond her hip, Donna decided to pass on the surgery, in part because she had already planned a trip to Florida, where she intended to visit a chiropractor who also performs kinesiology.

“I wanted to see someone who knows kinesiology because I wanted to know once and for all, Is this just the hips, or is it possibly a muscular problem?” Donna states. “And what the chiropractor found was that there were a bunch of muscles that weren’t triggering properly.

“They were the muscles in my hip, thigh, calf and core, and there was just no strength in them. He did this test where he had me lay down on my back and he’d push against my left leg. I was supposed to resist the pressure, but I couldn’t.

“Those muscles weren’t working to the maximum the way they should, so I worked with the chiropractor for a while, but he eventually suggested that I go see Dr. Lieurance at Advanced Rejuvenation in Sarasota.”

John Lieurance, DC, RMA, DACNB, is a board-eligible chiropractic neurologist who has been practicing alternative and regenerative medicine for 25 years. Most of that time has been spent focusing on advancing his results at Advanced Rejuvenation.

A state-of-the-art wellness clinic, Advanced Rejuvenation employs a highly trained team of physicians who specialize in regenerative treatments considered to be at the forefront of nonsurgical regenerative therapy.

“What we have here is an incredibly powerful group of healers,” Dr. Lieurance says. “That group includes Dr. Jeffrey Sack (MD), Dr. Ron Bramson (DPM) and Beth Moran (ARNP), and they all do fabulous work.”

The group’s work with Donna began early last summer with a thorough examination. That revealed hip damage that may require future surgery but other issues that Dr. Lieurance was confident could be resolved through regenerative therapy.

The injection of stem cells and growth factors, two of the body’s most basic building blocks, is one of the more common regenerative treatments performed at Advanced Rejuvenation, but Stem Wave therapy was the one Dr. Lieurance recommended for Donna.

Also known as tissue regeneration technology, or TRT, Stem Wave is a revolutionary technology that uses acoustic waves and light to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions, joint pain, nerve damage, neuropathy and sciatica.


Orthogold 100

“Stem Wave technology uses sound, light and magnet therapy all at once to stimulate healing in the body at a level far deeper than I’ve seen reached by any other device in my 25 years of practice,” Dr. Lieurance educates.

“It can actually penetrate as far as eight inches into the body, and at that deep level you’re stimulating the body’s natural repair mechanism because you’re not just zoning in on one particular tissue. You’re literally showering all the tissue in that area.

“That’s critical to the healing process because it’s usually not the case where there is just one particular tissue that’s causing someone pain. There are usually several, and this device can get to them all. That’s why we consider it to be such a valuable tool.”

Valuable and Versatile

In addition to being valuable, Stem Wave therapy is also a very versatile tool.

Dr. Lieurance says it is quickly proving to be one of the most effective treatments for neuropathy as well as lower back, pelvic, hip, hand, foot and joint pain.

And while it has not yet been approved for such use by the FDA, Stem Wave therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, prostate hypertrophy and sexual wellness.

“Most men who have problems with frequent urination or high PSA (prostate specific antigen) have a chronic infection in their prostate,” Dr. Lieurance explains. “This condition, if left untreated, eventually leads to prostate cancer.

“But what we’re seeing is that when it’s used with ozone injections as support for an antimicrobial protocol, Stem Wave therapy has improved patient markers such as PSA and led to a reduction in the frequency with which they wake up needing to urinate at night.

“The protocol also works for erectile dysfunction, or ED. Just as we do with the prostate, you can use a combination of treatments where we’ll inject healing factors into the penis and use the Stem Wave over the penis to correct erectile dysfunction.”

“I’d recommend this Stem Wave treatment to anyone. It’s really leading-edge stuff.” – Donna

The handheld device used to administer Stem Wave treatments is similar to that used in an ultrasound procedure, but instead of producing an image such as a sonogram, the acoustic waves stimulate tissue, which sparks healing.

“A patient receiving this treatment will feel it when it goes over damaged tissue mainly because that’s when the head of the device, which is like a little balloon filled with water, starts stimulating healing where it is needed,” Dr. Lieurance explains.

“When you feel that pulsing, that’s when the healing is happening. After a certain period of time – often just one or two sessions – that pain begins to dissolve very quickly and the patient feels much better. That’s one of the reasons I like this therapy so much.”

A typical regimen of Stem Wave treatments consists of three treatment sessions lasting from 15 to 20 minutes. Those sessions are usually delivered about a week apart, but Donna opted for four sessions two weeks apart.

“I wanted that extra space in between sessions because I wanted to see, first of all, if the treatment was going to make a difference and, second, if it was going to last,” says Donna, who adds that the treatment experience is a very interactive one.

“Once Dr. Lieurance put the gel on the wand and began the wanding process, he would move it down along a bone or a fascia area, and he told me that if I felt pain anywhere to let him know because those were the areas that needed to be healed.

“He would take that wand and move it around and I would say, No, no, no – Yes, right there, right there. And then he would kind of linger over that area for a while, and as time went on the pain would get less and less, and then he’d move on to another spot.

“As for the treatments, they were a bit uncomfortable at times, but Dr. Lieurance told me that was going to be the case. And to be honest, I really appreciated the fact that I was able to be engaged in the healing process that way.”

Remarkable Results

What Donna liked even more were the results. She began receiving Stem Wave treatments in November 2019, and after two treatments she reported to Dr. Lieurance that her pain level had diminished by 80 percent.

The remaining two treatments reduced her pain level further, to a point where Donna once again feels comfortable doing most anything, including traveling, swimming and snorkeling, which are three of her greatest passions.

“I’m an Aquarius, and my life revolves around water,” Donna says. “So I need to be able to go up and down the ladder to get into the pool and get from the dock to the boat. There are certain motions that I need to be able to do to live my life the way I want.

“And I can do that now. Dr. Lieurance treated all the muscles and the fascia areas around my hips because that’s where the inflammation was, and from what I understand it created a disturbance that triggered the body to send healing properties to those areas.

“It’s the same principle as when you cut your finger. When you cut your finger, your immune system knows to send healing properties to that area to stop the bleeding and make a scab.

“So when he made that disturbance with the Stem Wave wand in the areas where I was feeling the pain, it triggered my immune system to heal that area. There’s no more pain in that hip socket or in my legs.”

Donna says she is so pleased with the results of her Stem Wave treatments that she is considering undergoing a booster treatment to ensure her pain remains at bay. Should she opt for such a treatment, she says she will get it from Dr. Lieurance.

“I recommend him to anybody because of the compassion he shows and because of the unique exchange of information that goes on during the treatments,” she says. “He does such a great job making sure you understand the process and what’s happening.

“It was never a situation where he said, We’re going to do four sessions and then let you loose. Before each session we’d sit down and do an evaluation where he’d ask me, What’s changed, what hasn’t changed, where do you feel better, where do you feel the same?

“That openness and the ability to have an in-depth conversation about your body and how you’re feeling is something that you don’t get with many doctors anymore. So many just want to give you a quick fix, but not Dr. Lieurance.

“And I love that he was completely honest with me and was so informative. From the very beginning, I never got the feeling he was trying to sell me on this treatment, and at the end he said the most important question he had was, Are you happier? My answer was, Yes.

“That’s why I recommend this Stem Wave treatment to anyone as well. It’s really leading-edge stuff. Anyone suffering from the kind of pain I was suffering from needs to try it because it has certainly worked for me.”

FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo courtesy of Donna Lewis. mkb
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