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Ozone sauna therapy a new twist in fight against viruses – and more.

Since retiring 17 years ago, Linda Arce, 70, has devoted a good part of almost every day to improving her physical and mental health. That’s one of the reasons she and her husband chose to move to The Villages®.

Linda Arce

“We were drawn by all the activities they have here,” Linda confirms. “I especially love playing pickleball in the morning, and usually play for about an hour and a half seven days a week. I also play golf and table tennis.

“To keep our minds active, we like to play cards. We play games like double-deck pinochle, cribbage and euchre. But it’s the sports I love the most. I’m not a real crafts type of person. I’m a sports person, and I love staying active in sports.”

A former tournament bowler, Linda’s love of sports is so great that she has remained active even through some health challenges, not the least of which is a respiratory issue she has dealt with since childhood.

“I’ve had chronic bronchitis since I was a little girl,” Linda reveals. “In fact, my doctors have told me that my lungs are actually scarred from all the bronchial attacks and coughing that I’ve been through. On top of that, I now have asthma, too.

“I have a lot of difficulty breathing, especially during allergy season, and my chest gets so congested that my coughing is horrible. It’s so bad that I have to be careful not to go into a coughing fit in front of people because they’ll think I’ve got COVID-19, and I don’t.”

Ironically, it was just after COVID-19 began to spread that Linda learned of a treatment that could not only aid her breathing, but also possibly improve her chances of warding off the coronavirus. She learned about it at a health center in Summerfield called iPulse.

Activated Oxygen

Founded by Peter DeSimone, iPulse is an all-natural technology-based wellness center that offers noninvasive, drug-free remedies for chronic pain, swelling and other maladies. One of those treatments is called ozone sauna therapy.

Ozone Sauna Therapy has helped alleviate some of the symptoms of Linda’s chronic bronchitis.

A new twist on an ages-old idea, ozone sauna therapy uses steam to naturally cleanse and oxygenate the body and strengthen its immune system. That, in turn, has wide-ranging beneficial effects on a person’s health and well-being.

Those effects used to be realized through time spent in steam baths or thermal springs, but they can now be realized by relaxing for about a half-hour a few times a week in a specially designed private sauna cabinet, or pod.

“There are hundreds of years of medical literature showing that viruses cannot live in the presence of ozone.” – Peter DeSimone

The sauna cabinet creates an environment where activated oxygen, or ozone, is absorbed through the pores of the occupant’s skin and into the bloodstream, lymphatic system and fat tissue. Once inside the body, the ozone goes to work detoxifying the lymphatic system, clearing the skin, relaxing the muscles and accelerating blood flow, which can assist the body in killing bacteria,
viruses and microorganisms.

“Ozone literally kills just about everything that’s bad in the body,” Peter explains. “It will kill mold, fungus and bacteria, even cancer and viruses. In fact, there are hundreds of years of medical literature showing viruses cannot live in the presence of ozone.

“So when President Trump was brainstorming out loud a while back and sort of asked if there was a way to put Clorox® or Lysol in the body and kill the virus, he actually had the right idea. He just used the wrong words. If he had suggested putting ozone into the body, that would have made sense because you can safely put ozone in the body, where it will act as a defense mechanism. And it’s better than waiting for a vaccine, therapeutics or something else to come along.”

Linda first visited iPulse a little more than a year ago while searching for an alternative treatment for back and elbow pain. She has been a regular ever since, and when Peter mentioned ozone sauna therapy, she jumped at the chance to give it a try.

“I started in January doing the ozone sauna therapy five times a week, and I did that for the whole month of January,” Linda explains. “Since then, I’ve been going once every two weeks just to make sure the ozone stays alive in me.

“Peter told me that ozone stays alive in the body between two and four weeks, so by going every other week I’m hoping to build up my immune system because with all my respiratory issues, if I get COVID-19, I’m afraid I may not survive.

“So I’m doing it mostly as a preventative measure to protect me from COVID-19. But ever since I started ozone sauna therapy, I feel like I’ve been breathing better. I’ll know for sure when allergy season comes around, but I feel wonderful right now.

“In fact, I recently told Peter that I can’t remember the last time I felt so good because my back pain and elbow pain are pretty much gone, too. I get an occasional flare-up of back pain every now and then, but it’s nothing like it was before, and I thank Peter for that.”

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