One-Stop Shop

Health care model offers primary care, specialized services, even a pharmacy.

When a woman in her mid-30s woke up one recent Monday morning with a runny nose, nasal congestion and a pounding headache that spread all the way into her cheeks, she immediately called her doctor and booked an appointment.

Later that day, after her doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection, the woman had to venture out from home yet again, this time to visit a pharmacy, where she obtained the antibiotics the doctor prescribed to fight the infection.

Had she been insured by Florida Health Care Plans, her day would have been a bit easier.

As it has in Palm Bay, Florida Health Care Plans is creating one-stop medical shops where patients can see a doctor, have certain tests run and prescriptions filled in the same office and in one visit.

It’s a health care model designed to erase many inconveniences associated with being sick or injured, and Jeffrey Saluck, DO, believes it could reshape the way patients are typically treated, no matter the malady.

“It is rather unique,” Dr. Saluck says. “Florida Health Care Plans has deemed our facility here in Palm Bay a hub, and the resources that we have to offer our patients are invaluable to them in so many ways.

I’ve been practicing in Brevard County since 1990 and the fact that we have a pharmacy right here in our office and the ability to perform diagnostic testing for someone is just amazing. What’s marvelous is how convenient it is.”

That convenience stretches in all directions. At its Palm Bay facility, Florida Health Care Plan members can get regular checkups, have blood drawn and tested, get x-rays and prostate exams, and in most cases get results immediately.

“I had a patient come in a few weeks ago for an exam and we found out she had a lump in her breast,” Dr. Saluck relates. “That’s a terrifying thing to hear, but in minutes we had done an ultrasound and determined that the lump was a benign cyst, not cancer.

“That woman knew the answer to her problem long before she ever walked out of our door, which saved her hours, even days of worry because she was able to learn that answer right away instead of needing to go to a diagnostic center for the ultrasound and then possibly have to wait days for the results.”

The pharmacy and all other services offered through the Palm Bay facility are available to any Florida Health Care Plan member. Members do not need to be patients of Dr. Saluck. And the services are expanding.

The facility has the equipment to perform cardiovascular ultrasound, but it does not yet have a cardiovascular ultrasound tech. Once that position is filled, patients will be able to receive that service as well.

“It’s really nice that Florida Health Care Plans has built this facility for its members,” Dr. Saluck concludes. “I don’t see any other patients, only Florida Health Care Plan members, and I have virtually everything I need to treat them right here at my disposal.”

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