One-Hip Wonder

Same-day, outpatient replacement surgery ensures rapid recovery.

The four horses that prance around Joan Hoff’s property in Punta Gorda are about as close to “ideal” as you’re going to find for their breeds. Getting them there and keeping them that way were once a big part of Joan’s life.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Feeling like a filly again, Joan is walking pain-free following her hip replacement surgery.

“I used to do halter,” Joan says of the discipline that emphasizes a horse’s bone structure, musculature and body proportions. “It’s kind of like a dog show, but instead of showing a dog, you walk your horse out and it has to stand perfectly so it can be judged.

“I started getting away from it about five years ago. I got too busy with work, managing my husband’s and son’s construction company. We still have the horses, though. We have two quarter horses, a paint and a shire, which is like a Clydesdale.”

As time wore on, showing her horses wasn’t the only activity Joan got away from. She also got away from a regular exercise routine that included an almost daily run. Unfortunately, it wasn’t work that forced her away from her routine. It was hip pain.

“The first time I experienced that hip pain was about three years ago,” Joan relates. “It was in my right hip, and at first it wasn’t that bad. I was still able to walk and run, so I fought through it, thinking it would eventually go away.

“I thought it might be sciatica or something like that, but it just kept getting worse and worse. Eventually, I reached a point where I couldn’t even walk anymore without limping. But that wasn’t the only problem. When I stood up after sitting for a while, I needed to stand there for a second or two before I started walking because the pain was so intense. Then I had to bear the pain for a minute while I was walking, but I was still walking with a limp.”

Joan’s pain even disrupted her sleep. She says that for months she tossed and turned most nights, unable to find a sleeping position that didn’t cause her hip to ache. After about six months of sleepless nights, she finally sought medical help for the problem.

Specialized Care

On the advice of a dentist that she once worked for, she sought that medical help from Advanced Orthopedic Center. During her first visit to the practice, she was examined by Dale A. Greenberg, MD, who broke some bad news to her.

“He told me I had arthritis and that I was eventually going to need a hip replacement,” Joan reports. “He said I could probably get by with cortisone shots for a while but that, in time, the pain would start to interfere with my life again and I’d need to get the surgery.”

Joan agreed to try a cortisone shot, which alleviated her pain for a couple of months. She then received a second cortisone shot. When the effects of the second shot wore off, she returned to Advanced Orthopedic Center, where she decided to have hip replacement surgery.

That surgery was performed by Jason E. Reiss, DO, a specialist in total joint reconstruction and a minimally invasive form of hip replacement surgery known as anterior direct hip replacement, which is often performed on an outpatient basis.

“For our patients who are otherwise healthy, have good home support and are eager to get home, we can do this operation in an outpatient surgery center,”
Dr. Reiss confirms. “That way, the patient is not required to stay in a hospital at all.”

Joan met all the criteria for having her hip surgery done on an outpatient basis, which involves a unique protocol where the surgeon works through a three- to four-inch incision in the front of the hip area.

“The surgery went great, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.” – Joan

“The key here is not the size of the incision, it’s what we do through that incision, under the skin,” Dr. Reiss educates. “You can work through a small incision but still do a lot of damage if you’re degrading or cutting up muscle and tissue.

“What we do in this procedure that we did with Joan is go in without cutting or detaching any muscle. All we do is retract between two specific muscle groups, so in the end it’s just bone work that’s performed.

“That’s good for the patient because by not cutting muscle and tendons, the patient can get up and about quicker following surgery. They are immediately more mobile and with fewer precautions than patients undergoing traditional hip replacement surgeries.”

Back to Normal

Another thing that aids the patient in this procedure is the artificial joint that is implanted. It’s a smaller implant that has a bit more curve to it. The size and shape makes it easier to slip beneath the muscle without doing any damage.

As is typical with patients having this surgery on an outpatient basis, Joan went home within a few hours of the surgery being completed. Within days, Joan was walking pain-free without a limp and sleeping quietly through the night.

“I was in pain for so long that at first I couldn’t even comprehend what it might be like to walk without pain or a limp,” Joan says. “But now I’m walking normally again, and I’m excited about my life ahead and the fact that I can do anything I want.

“I feel wonderful, and I’m ecstatic about it. The surgery went great, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. That’s why I so highly recommend
Dr. Reiss and Advanced Orthopedic Center. They’re all great.

“Dr. Reiss and everyone there is so comforting, and I really liked that they let it be my decision as to when I would have the surgery. They told me the first time I saw them that I’d know exactly when the time was right for me to have it, and they were right.”

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