One and Done

Same Day Teeth® option restores smile in a single visit.

Photo courtesy of Bayway Dental.

Jane (right) trusts Dr. Sherberg implicitly

Despite all that has transpired since its conclusion, the Persian Gulf War in which Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army was driven out of the oil fields of Kuwait is still considered one of the greatest US military successes of all time.

Former nurse Jane Bigelow, 76, played a big part in that success.

A US Air Force colonel stationed at the Rhein-Main Air Base in Frankfurt, Germany at the time, Jane was the commander of the 2nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, which was responsible for airlifting injured soldiers out of the war zone and back to safety.

Her work there was a success all its own.

“My folks met the challenge, because everyone was transported safely, which was our goal,” Jane explains. “We wanted to get them back quickly, triage them and then decide who had to go to the States, who could be cared for in the European theater, and so on.”

Jane’s command of the 2nd AES filled up the final two years of a 24-year military career that ended in 1992. She is now retired and splits her time between Buffalo, New York and St. Petersburg, which is where she was a couple years ago when a medical issue flared up.

“I had a sore on the roof of my mouth, and when I asked my primary care physician about it, he said, Jane, I think this is a dental issue,” she says. “There just happens to be a dentist right around the corner from where I live, so I went there to see what it was.”

The practice near Jane’s home is Bayway Dental in St. Petersburg, where David Sherberg, DMD, FAGD, is experienced in sedation dentistry and has the skill and technology to perform virtually any dental procedure a patient requires.

“We’re a one-stop shop, so most of our patients don’t need to see a specialist to get the care they need,” Dr. Sherberg says. “We do root canals, crowns, dentures, implants, veneers, extractions, just about everything.”

“And we do a lot of that work under sedation. I am certified in IV sedation, and only a handful of general dentists in St. Petersburg can claim that distinction. One of the great advantages of this is it allows patients who require a lot of work to get that work done in just a few appointments.”

In addition to specializing in the treatment of patients with dental anxiety, Dr. Sherberg also takes on patients who have long neglected their oral health. Jane didn’t fall into either category, but Dr. Sherberg was able to help her nonetheless.

Photo courtesy of Bayway Dental.

Prior to receiving Same Day Teeth, only Jane’s bottom teeth were visible in her smile line. Now she has a full natural smile.

Ready When You Are

“When Jane came to me the first time, she was wearing an upper partial denture that didn’t fit quite right,” Dr. Sherberg explains. “That’s what was causing the sore that she came in for, and there were some other problems.

“The teeth that the partial denture hooked on to were not in great shape. She was eventually going to lose those teeth, but at that time, she wasn’t ready to get into a full denture just yet, so what we did was fit her with a new partial.”

“I told her at the time, though, that if she ever decides to be a little more proactive about the denture, just let me know and we’ll discuss the options. Then one day about a year or so ago, she came in and said, I’m ready to have that conversation.

The options Jane and Dr. Sherberg discussed included traditional dentures, removable implant-supported dentures and fixed implant-supported dentures. Concerned about her ability to clean her dentures as she aged, Jane chose the fixed implant model, Same Day Teeth®.

“I was used to taking out my partial and cleaning it every night, but I don’t know that I’ll always have the manual dexterity to get a denture in and out every night, so I went with the fixed implant,” Jane says. “It’s the closest thing you can get to real teeth.”

Indeed it is. Dental implants are root-shaped, screw-like bodies that are surgically placed into the jawbone. Once the implant is in the jawbone, new bone naturally grows around it to form the foundation for replacement teeth.

The replacement teeth can be a single crown that is either cemented to or screwed onto an abutment, a partial bridge that can be affixed to one or more implants, or a full denture that can be fastened to a series of implants. There are many options, and it’s important to find the right plan for each specific patient’s needs.

Prior to placing an implant, some patients require a bone grafting procedure designed to enhance the volume of the jawbone so that it can properly support the implant. The amount of time needed for the bone development is about three months.

The amount of time usually needed for implants to heal to the point where they can support a prosthetic is between three and six months, but through the Same Day Teeth option, Dr. Sherberg can provide patients with new teeth immediately.

Immediate Impact

The Same Day Teeth option calls for the patient to receive four to six implants that are situated in a way that allows the patient to be fit with a temporary fixed denture that is later replaced by their permanent fixed denture.

“We call that the All-on-Four, Five, or Six Protocol and what’s great about it is that someone can literally have all their teeth taken out and then have their implants and temporary teeth placed at the same time, in one day,” Dr. Sherberg affirms.

“Another benefit of this exciting new protocol is that it’s rare that we need to do any bone grafting with it. We’re usually able to fit the implants into places where there’s enough bone to support them, which saves time and money.

“When doing implant procedures, we also do prosthetic planning where we analyze the patient’s jaw in 3-D and map the case out digitally. From those digital plans, we make guides that we use during surgery to place the implants in the exact spots they need to be.”

Less than five percent of all dental implants placed in the U.S utilize this technology, but Dr. Sherberg believes it is such an improvement that he provides this protocol at no additional cost.

Dr. Sherberg made use of all those tools in treating Jane, who took advantage of the Same Day Teeth option and was fit with implants and a temporary bridge late last summer. She has since received her permanent denture and says she couldn’t be happier with it.

“First of all, I want to say that Dr. Sherberg and his staff were wonderful,” Jane enthuses. “They took very good care of me, and from a post-op standpoint, there was never an issue.

“Everything went very well, and one of the things that I really like about Dr. Sherberg is that he is so precise. I was scheduled to receive my permanent bridge just before Christmas last year, but it wasn’t quite right, so he wanted me to wait a little longer.

“He said, Jane, I’m sorry, but I want to be sure this is right for you, so he had me come back just after the New Year, and when I did, it fit perfectly. There wasn’t an issue at all, so I was glad he took the extra time to make sure it was just right.

“I want to add that I have the highest regard for Dr. Sherberg as a professional. I trust him implicitly, and I’m very picky about who I go to in the medical field because I know the difference between exceptional and ordinary care.

“I always look for the professional who is spectacular, and Dr. Sherberg is on the leading edge with what he’s doing. I truly could not be more pleased with having him as my dentist, and I recommend him highly to anyone.”

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