On the Move

One-on-one physical therapy gets recruiter back on his feet.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Larry is grateful to be out of his wheelchair and walking again.

Larry Wisniewski, 61, is a highly motivated professional recruiter for the medical pharmaceutical business. From 1988 to 1994, Larry worked out of an office in Orlando, but since 1994, his base of operations has been his Ormond Beach home. Much to Larry’s dismay, his home was the site of a serious accident in 2018.

“It was January fifth,” remembers the Detroit, Michigan native. “It was a Saturday morning around eleven o’clock. My wife and I were putting away the Christmas decorations in the attic.

“My wife was handing up the tubs of decorations to me, and somehow, I stepped off the plywood floor and onto the area that was just drywall. I fell through the drywall and landed in the hallway of the level below.

“I shattered both feet and ankles, the tibia bone in my left shin, and broke my left wrist and shoulder. I actually consider myself lucky because I could have hit my head on the banister and been killed.

“I underwent seven surgeries and had several pieces of metal implanted in my body. I was in the hospital and a rehab center for four months. When I got home, I received home health care, but I didn’t think I was getting enough therapy to get me better. Then my wife recommended Barr and Associates Physical Therapy.”

When Larry arrived at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy, he met with Lashanda L. Lovett, DPT, and Andre Lacerda, PTA. Dr. Lovett evaluated Larry’s condition and created a treatment plan to address his specific deficits.

“Larry came to us at the end of May,” Dr. Lovett remembers. “He was wheelchair-bound and unable to walk. There was excessive swelling in both lower extremities, and while he was able to stand briefly for transfers, it was extremely painful for him. Larry was under the impression he would never walk again.

“Initially, we used very light isometric exercises to calm the pain and swelling in his legs. As he was able to move more, we transferred him to the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and he started practicing gait activities.

“When Larry graduated from wearing non-slip hospital socks to wearing slides and eventually tennis shoes, and went from walking with a walker to a cane, those were days of celebration.”

Larry was at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy from May 30 until October 30, 2018. While there, he received one-on-one physical therapy from Dr. Lovett and Andre, a physical therapy assistant. Because Larry had extensive injuries, it was crucial to his physical and emotional recovery that he received one-on-one attention.

“Larry progressed quite well considering the amount of damage he sustained from the accident and how debilitated he was physically and psychologically,” Andre observes. “He went from being in a wheelchair and not being able to wear his own shoes to walking with a cane. I am very proud of him.

“Dr. Lovett and I could tell that Larry was a little depressed in the beginning. But once we worked with him and got him psychologically involved in his care, he began to succeed because he was willing to get better each day. It was good to see that change in him throughout his five months of treatment with us.”

“I highly recommend Barr and Associates Physical Therapy,” Larry says. “They not only exceeded my expectations of getting better in a short period of time, they also made each visit an enjoyable experience. I’m so grateful for them.”

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