“O,” That’s Better

O-Shot® ends misery of sexual health disorders.

Elise*, 42, a Bronx native, moved back and forth from New York to Florida several times before finally settling in the Sunshine State in 2000. Being from New York, Elise was privy to the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. She was also keenly aware of the chatter on the streets. But there was one popular topic she admits she knew nothing about.

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“For years, I heard people talk about orgasms and how they’re the best things ever,” Elise discloses. “I asked my friends what I was supposed to feel. They said an orgasm feels like an intense rush of pleasant sensations inside. But I never experienced anything like that. My friends found it odd that at my age I had never had an orgasm.

“Intercourse was enjoyable for me, even though I knew I wasn’t going to reach orgasm. As long as my boyfriend was satisfied, I was satisfied. I always assured him it wasn’t anything he was doing wrong. I just didn’t have orgasms. Sex was pleasurable, but I never achieved that ultimate satisfaction.”

While working as a supervisor at an urgent care center, Elise got to know Patricia Spisak-Dial, ARNP, of Back In Action Medical Center in Palm City. Elise received several aesthetic services from Patricia, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and lip injections, so she trusted the certified nurse practitioner completely. Elise confided in Patricia about her orgasm issue.

“Failing to have orgasms is not a subject women typically talk about openly, but Elise did,” Patricia notes. “She told me she never had an orgasm, and she thought she was incapable of it. I recommended the O-Shot, which uses platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) to improve the health and sensitivity of the clitoral-vaginal area. Elise agreed to the procedure.”

“Patricia is amazing,” Elise observes. “I see how she interacts with her patients. She’s very good at what she does. She’s a great nurse practitioner, and I trust her. I felt very comfortable speaking honestly to her about my situation.

“When she told me about the O-Shot, she explained everything about how the shot works. She said it would increase my sensitivity substantially and make me more comfortable during sex, and that would enable me to reach the climax point.

“Patricia told me the O-Shot also helps with urinary incontinence, which had become a problem for me as well. As I got older, my bladder couldn’t really hold all the urine when I laughed or sneezed. She said the O-Shot is known to improve that.”

After hearing about the O-Shot from Patricia, Elise did some additional research on the treatment. What she learned impressed her, so she decided to give the O-Shot a try. Elise was also impressed by how painless and easy it was when Patricia performed the actual procedure on her.

“The O-Shot treatment wasn’t bad at all,” Elise reports. “Patricia numbed the area around my vagina and made me very comfortable. The shot itself was very quick, and I didn’t feel anything at all while she did it. And I was fine afterward.”

The Color of Honey

When delivering the O-Shot, the patient’s own PRP is used in the fluid that is injected. PRP is the portion of the blood that remains after the red blood cells have been removed, Patricia explains. It is a honey-colored fluid that surrounds and protects the wound anytime someone falls and skins their knee or elbow or suffers a scrape.

To obtain PRP, technicians at Back In Action Medical Center first draw blood from the patient’s arm. They then take the blood sample to a special centrifuge and spin it down. This process separates the PRP from the red blood cells.

“Sex is amazing now. Since I got the O-Shot, I’ve actually had orgasms multiple times with my boyfriend.” – Elise

“While I’m spinning the blood in the centrifuge, I numb the patient in preparation for the O-Shot injections,” Patricia explains. “When the patient is numb, I place one injection of PRP around the clitoral area and another directly into the anterior vaginal wall.

“People used to think there was an area of stimulation known as the G spot. But an Italian researcher back in the Seventies discovered there is no such thing. Rather, there is a clitoral-uterovaginal area that is responsible for sexual excitement more than the elusive G spot. That’s what we target with the O-Shot.”

PRP contains growth factors that work on the cellular level to stimulate growth and healing. Among the targets of these growth factors are nerve cells, where they improve cellular function. Growth factors aimed at nerve cells in the clitoral-uterovaginal area intensify sensation, which triggers orgasm.

“Another benefit of the O-Shot is it generates more natural lubricants,” Patricia asserts. “If a patient experiences dyspareunia, or pain with sex, due to vaginal dryness, the shot can assist with that as well.

“Dyspareunia often causes a decreased sex drive. If someone is having pain with sex due to dryness, they generally do not feel like engaging in any sexual activity. But improve the vaginal dryness, and sex becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

“The O-Shot is a same-day procedure performed in the office,” Patricia reports. “The entire procedure takes about thirty minutes and is relatively painless. The results of the shot last an average of about eighteen months. I underwent the procedure myself, and the results lasted about two and a half years for me. The shot can be repeated if necessary.”

Stock photo from iStockphoto.com.Paper Cut Pain

Thirty-year-old Florida native Heather* was once a registered nurse in an emergency room. She now works as a nurse practitioner in an urgent care center. Working in the health care field, Heather helps to bring hundreds of people with illnesses and injuries back to health. For years, she suffered a condition herself that she could not repair.

“I had issues with vaginal tearing with intercourse,” Heather relates. “I suffered a little, tiny tear at the base of my vagina every time there was penetration. It was always tearing in the exact same spot and felt like a paper cut.

“There was pain with the tearing and a little bleeding, and it would take a few days to heal. Then it would happen all over again the next time my husband and I had intercourse. It affected our intimate relationship because it made me not want to have intercourse even though we are very close and wanted to be intimate. It was just too uncomfortable.”

Heather visited multiple gynecologists and midwives searching for answers, and was put through a myriad of tests, but no one could determine why she was having this problem. They offered plenty of advice, but none of it helped.

“I tried many recommendations from the doctors,” Heather states. “I tried topical steroid creams, numbing creams and lubricants; my husband and I tried using condoms and tried not using condoms.

“I had biopsies done and cultures taken. I even tried diet changes and position changes. You name it, I tried it. My husband was understanding, thankfully, and anything the doctors suggested, he was willing to try because we were trying to have a baby.

“During the days I was ovulating, we had to pick one day to have intercourse, and that was all. I couldn’t have sex multiple days in a row because I was so sore. That decreased our chance of getting pregnant, and unfortunately, I didn’t.
“Nothing was working, then I heard about the O-Shot. I used to work with Patricia in the emergency room, so I was close with her. When I found out she was doing the procedure, I did some research, learned they used PRP in a restorative way and figured I’d give it a try.”

“Heather’s gynecologist told her the best alternative was to cut out the problem tissue, but she told me the last thing she wanted the doctor to do was to start cutting on her, so I recommended injecting some PRP into the tissue in question and see what it does,” Patricia says.

At first, Heather was a little nervous about getting the O-Shot. Her husband, while trying to be supportive, was a bit skeptical as well. Neither one got their hopes up too high because nothing they had tried in the past worked. Nevertheless, Heather proceeded with the treatment and, like Elise, was amazed by how simple it was.

“The treatment was quick and easy,” Heather comments, “and it was literally painless. I just felt a little pressure down there, but no pain at all. Patricia spent some extra time injecting the PRP into the area that always tears to help restore that tissue. Patricia was awesome. She made me feel very comfortable during the whole thing.”

Amazing Success

While patients can receive more than one O-Shot if needed to completely relieve their symptoms, Elise and Heather each received only one injection. Heather says it took about a week to see the initial results and a couple of weeks for the full results. She’s extremely pleased with the outcome.

“I feel great,” Heather enthuses. “I no longer tear or have pain with intercourse. The O-Shot has made intercourse more enjoyable, more pleasurable, and not just because I no longer have pain. It has also increased the sensation I feel during sex.
“That was a bonus side effect for me because without the pain and tearing, we could have intercourse more often during my period of ovulation, and I was able to get pregnant. I’m currently thirty-two weeks pregnant, so my treatment was one hundred percent successful.”

Elise experienced successful results from her O-Shot treatment as well. She was astounded by how her body responded to the PRP injections. Her urinary incontinence improved dramatically, and her sexual issue completely resolved.

“The O-Shot has made intercourse more enjoyable, more pleasurable, and not just because I no longer have pain. It has also increased the sensation I feel during sex. That was a bonus side effect for me . . .” – Heather

“Sex is amazing now,” Elise raves. “Since I got the O-Shot, sex is amazing. I’ve actually had orgasms multiple times with my boyfriend. The first time it happened, he said, Wow! This is different. This has never happened before. My orgasms feel exactly like my friend described them.

“Having orgasms has strengthened my intimate relationship with my boyfriend. It makes him feel better knowing that I’m having orgasms during sex with him. And it makes him very happy that he’s the first man I’m having orgasms with. I’m extremely satisfied with the O-Shot treatment process, and I’m very happy that I chose to do it.”

Both Elise and Heather opened up to Patricia about very personal issues, but Patricia treated them with respect and kindness and earned their trust. The women found their trust was not misplaced.

“Everybody at Back In Action Medical Center is amazing, but especially Patricia,” Elise reports. “The O-Shot is not the first time Patricia treated me. I’ve gone to her before for aesthetic injections, and she’s just wonderful at what she does. She’s truly an artist in my book.”

Heather agrees.

“Patricia is great,” she says. “I think she’s phenomenal. I’m one hundred percent confident in her. She makes me feel so comfortable talking about my condition. She’s very knowledgeable, and I think she’s doing great work. I recommend Patricia and the O-Shot to everyone I know.”

“I highly recommend Patricia and the O-Shot at Back In Action Medical Center to anybody having a problem like I had achieving orgasm,” adds Elise. “The treatment is well worth it!”

*Patients’ names were changed at their request.
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