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Family-owned provider offers customized solutions for patients.

In 1963, Rudi Gresham entered the US Army, where he earned $73 a month serving his country. Later, he continued to serve his country, but in a different capacity.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Rudi’s new hearing aids allow him to hear phone calls directly through his hearing devices.

“I worked for the government and the military for 20 years,” says Rudi, 74. “For the government, I was a senior advisor to the Department of Veterans Affairs appointed by President George W. Bush.”

As his career with the government and military wound down, Rudi began to suffer from hearing loss. He’s visited several hearing aid providers and worn a number of devices.

Three years ago, while in need of a hearing aid repair, Rudi visited Hearing Aid Lab, a family-owned business with offices in Lake Mary and Orange City. That’s where he met Elise Guzman Roubicek, BC-HIS.

“Elise was very nice and professional, and she repaired the old hearing aids I had,” Rudi says. “I told her I’d be back.”

Rudi’s return came recently after he detected a deterioration in his hearing.

“I first noticed the problem when I was watching television,” Rudi shares. “Even with my hearing aids in, I had to have it up so loud that it was bothering other people. Then one day I saw an ad for hearing aids and decided it was time to go back to Hearing Aid Lab.”

“World of Difference”

Advertisements like the one Rudy saw are often for over-the-counter hearing aids. But there’s a difference between the providers of those devices and providers such as Hearing Aid Lab, which offers medical hearing aids.

“We perform hearing tests on patients and match the hearing aids to the prescription developed from their test results,” Elise observes. “Our hearing aids are completely digital and programmable, and we customize solutions to the patients’ needs and lifestyles.”

When people purchase hearing aids online, they don’t receive a hearing test or customized solution, a hearing care professional never examines their ears, and they have nowhere to go if they don’t understand the technology and need advice.

“We are careful to choose the appropriate hearing aids for each patient so they get the full benefit from them,” Elise notes. “It’s very important that people find a hearing aid provider, such as Hearing Aid Lab, that builds relationships with its patients.

“As soon as I got my new hearing aids, I noticed right away that I had to turn down the TV volume and could hear people’s voices more clearly.”-Rudi

“That way, if there is an issue of any kind, they have someone they can turn to for support and follow-up care. People are not going to find that over the internet.”

At Hearing Aid Lab, serving the patient doesn’t stop after the purchase of the hearing aids. Instead, the staff develops relationships with their patients to provide ongoing service and care.

“We do a lot of follow-up to fine-tune the hearing aids, as well as clean and maintain the devices, which is really important,” states Elise. “It’s like getting oil changes in your car. You have to do that to keep it running.

“We’re not a big-box store, and we’re not a chain. We’re a smaller, family-owned practice, and we’re able to spend a lot of time with our patients and give them as many follow-up sessions as they need.”

“When I returned to Hearing Aid Lab, Elise examined me and tested my hearing,” Rudi reports. “After that, she recommended new hearing aids that do something remarkable. I can sync these hearing aids with my iPhone, so I can now hear clearly through my phone.

“As soon as I got my new hearing aids, I noticed right away that I had to turn down the TV volume and could hear people’s voices more clearly. I hear much better now. My hearing aids from Hearing Aid Lab make a world of difference in my life.”

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