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Hearing aid solutions meet couple’s individual goals.

Before COVID-19 clipped their wings, retirees Edward and Geraldine Keller routinely traveled from their residence in Trinity to a home they have in New York, where both enjoyed successful working careers.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Edward and Geraldine Keller

“I’m from Long Island and was a certified public accountant,” says Edward, 81. “I graduated from Fordham University and received a master’s degree from Adelphi University. I taught accounting for 20 years as an adjunct at Pace University. I’ve always been interested in numbers, which is the main reason I went into accounting, but my greatest joy was teaching.”

During the years surrounding her calling as a mother, Geraldine, 81, had a career as an educator for nearly a decade and a half. After that, she switched fields completely before retiring and becoming a full-time grandmother.

“I taught early childhood education for four years, until Edward and I had our family of five children,” the Brooklyn native relates. “Later, I went back to teaching for another 10 years, then went into health care. I became a recruiter for a health care agency. I retired in 1996 so I could take care of my grandchildren, which I did from 1996 to 2001, when we moved to Florida.”

While still living in New York, Geraldine noticed changes in her hearing. She visited an ENT, who performed a hearing test and recommended hearing aids, but at that time, Geraldine wasn’t ready to wear them. After moving to Florida, Geraldine’s hearing loss progressed to where she realized she needed help.

“I realized my hearing was not as keen as it used to be,” she admits. “I was having trouble hearing the consonants at the beginning and end of words, which are important to comprehension. I mixed up my T’s and D’s and Z’s, so I finally said to Edward, I’m going to have my hearing tested.

“I was looking at a copy of Florida Health Care News that had been delivered to our home. On the back page, I saw an article about Trinity Hearing & Balance Center, and in it was an interview with someone I know very well from our church. She talked about the wonderful experience she had at Trinity Hearing & Balance Center, so I decided to visit them as well. That’s where I met Dr. Hansen.”

Certified Expertise

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center in New Port Richey is the practice of Kelly Hansen, AuD, and Nikki Goldowski-Richa, AuD. The audiologists treat all types of hearing loss, balance disorders and hearing-related conditions.

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center’s philosophy and dedication to patient care set them apart from other hearing centers.
“Trinity Hearing & Balance Center is proud to be an AudigyCertified practice,” Dr. Hansen proclaims. “We are one of only 250 clinics in the nation to hold this certification.

“AudigyCertified professionals are among the country’s most experienced hearing care professionals, with members possessing some of the industry’s highest credentials. Our expertise is measured by our commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education and the expert application of current technologies.

“Dr. Hansen and Dr. Goldowski-Richa conduct their business with great integrity and compassion. I can’t say enough good things about them.” – Geraldine

“We work side by side with our patients to find a solution to their hearing problems,” Dr. Hansen adds. “Many patients who have gone through our Patient for Life® program experience greater satisfaction with their hearing technology and a greater quality of life.”

During Geraldine’s initial visit, Dr. Hansen tested her hearing and learned that she has a sensorineural hearing loss, which is a nerve-related hearing loss. The doctor also discovered that Geraldine lives an active lifestyle that requires her to hear clearly in many environments.

“Dr. Hansen determined that I have a hearing loss in the upper frequencies,” Geraldine confirms. “She advised me that I could really benefit from sophisticated digital hearing aids, and I agreed to wear them. I’ve been with her ever since.”

About a year after Geraldine received her hearing aids, Edward began noticing changes in his hearing. Like his wife, Edward went to Trinity Hearing & Balance Center for a hearing test.

“The problem with my hearing was most noticeable when we were out to dinner with a group,” Edward recalls. “At the table, the other people would be conversing and I couldn’t pick up the conversation. I would hear a word here, a word there, but basically felt left out. That’s what really drove me to look for help.”

After performing a hearing test and evaluation of Edward, Dr. Hansen determined that he also has a sensorineural hearing loss and would benefit from the type of hearing aids his wife received.

Edward’s hearing aids connect to his iPhone, allowing him to stream phone calls through the hearing aids and make adjustments using an app.

Geraldine’s instruments work with a hearing loop, an audio system that emits a wireless signal that can be picked up by hearing aids. That’s a blessing for her at church.

“I can hear the speaker’s voice directly in my ear, as if he’s right next to me,” Geraldine relates. “I can hear the priest clearly even if I’m sitting at the back of the church. Some theaters have hearing loops as well.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Former New Yorkers Geraldine and Edward are hearing and communicating better.

“I’ve been with Trinity Hearing & Balance Center for four years now, and Edward has been with them for three,” Geraldine adds. “Dr. Hansen and Dr. Goldowski-Richa conduct their business with great integrity and compassion. They are very patient and put me at ease, which is wonderful because I was a little fearful at first.

“And with Edward, he had some questions about performing tasks such as raising the volume and adjusting dials, and they were very patient with him. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

“I echo what Geraldine says about Dr. Hansen and Dr. Goldowski-Richa,” Edward says. “They’ve got a wonderful, caring way about them, and mine was an enjoyable experience. They’re great people, and we love them.”

“We highly recommend Dr. Hansen, Dr. Goldowski-Richa and Trinity Hearing & Balance Center,” Geraldine declares.

“Absolutely, no question we recommend them,” Edward agrees. “They’re the best.”


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