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FDA-approved treatment is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

“I’ve been dealing with hemorrhoids most of my adult life,” recalls Larry.* “They seem to run in the family: my father and my siblings have all had problems with them, too.”
A variety of factors can affect hemorrhoid sufferers, including heredity, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, and constipation. In Larry’s case, the problem became severe.
“Within the last ten years, the hemorrhoids seemed to become more of a problem in that there was occasional bleeding associated with them,” he explains. “I could never tell when that was going to happen.”
Then Larry’s wife read about a nonsurgical treatment called Ultroid offered by Linh B. Nguyen, MD, of Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions.
“Rather than go through the painful hemorrhoid surgery that my sister and brother went through, I figured I’d give this a shot,” he says.

The Ultroid treatment

“Hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in the rectum or anal canal, are extremely common,” explains Dr. Nguyen. “In fact, more than fifty percent of people age fifty or older have them to some degree.”
Most sufferers are understandably reluctant to try the available treatment options, some of which have traditionally been both painful and inconvenient. Studies estimate that hemorrhoid sufferers spend over $1 billion a year on medications and treatments for symptomatic hemorrhoids.
“For prevention, it’s good to have a high-fiber diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables,” acknowledges Dr. Nguyen. “Other helpful measures include drinking adequate fluid daily and avoiding heavy lifting. However, change in habits alone may not effectively treat existing hemorrhoids.”
Fortunately, Dr. Nguyen offers a revolutionary, nonsurgical method for treatment of hemorrhoids that can be performed on an outpatient basis.
“Ultroid is an FDA-approved technique to treat hemorrhoids,” says Dr. Nguyen. “A low current is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid, causing a chemical reaction that induces the hemorrhoid to shrink. The procedure is well-tolerated by patients and does not require anesthesia.
“The Ultroid system is considered revolutionary because it is highly effective, safe, and convenient. Up to ninety percent of people who have it done get relief from their hemorrhoids. It doesn’t cause the agonizing pain often associated with traditional hemorrhoid surgery and it is covered by most insurances and Medicare.”
The treatment can be safely repeated as needed.
“There’s no need to take any special preparation to clear the bowels,” adds Dr. Nguyen. “Patients can have the procedure done and go back to work immediately, so there is no downtime. The entire procedure takes approximately twenty minutes.
“Some of my patients suffered miserably with hemorrhoids for twenty or thirty years, and the Ultroid treatment changed their lives.”

Stop the bleeding

The treatment definitely changed Larry’s life, he says.
“After the very first treatment, I experienced almost immediate relief,” he marvels. “I haven’t had any bleeding since the treatment started. I had several very large hemorrhoids, and they took two to three treatments each.”
He notes that he was able to return to activities immediately following each treatment.
“In one case, I flew to Las Vegas the next day and was playing golf with no problem,” he reports.
Larry adds that the positive aspects of the care at Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions extend beyond the treatment room.
“I think the whole experience is very respectful, both of the patient and of their time,” he assures. “I never felt rushed, and the doctor is very calming and pleasant to deal with.
“Considering the area being treated, it was as good an experience as I could possibly have.”

*The patient’s name has been withheld at his request.
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