No-Cut Gum Rejuvenation

Innovative Pinhole technique restores receding gums without scalpel, grafting.

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Robin Kriedeman

When Robin Kriedeman arrived at college, she had no idea which career path she would follow. She wanted to be a veterinarian but wasn’t confident she could get a job in that field. Eventually, she chose to pursue a career in nursing.

“I became a nurse in 1975 and worked in the neonatal intensive care unit,” Robin, 67, shares. “In 1980, I became a neonatal nurse practitioner and was an integral part of the care team for the babies.

“I was one of the first people to meet with the parents before the birth of their premature baby. I went to the deliveries and stabilized the babies. I went on rounds, wrote orders and assisted the neonatologists.

Robin, a Memphis native, spent a good part of her nursing career working in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area until retiring May 1, 2019. Shortly after, she and her husband became snowbirds, splitting time between Hudson, Wisconsin, just east of the Twin Cities, and Port Orange.

Robin has struggled to find a solution to a dental problem that has bothered her for more than 20 years.

“I had a lot of gum recession, and when I asked my dentist in Wisconsin what we could do about it, he said it wasn’t bad enough yet to do anything,” Robin confirms. “But it really bothered me. I didn’t like the way it looked.

“The recession was so bad that the roots of my teeth were showing. I didn’t want to smile anymore because you could see the area that should have been covered by gum tissue. It was very unsightly, discolored and unattractive, and I didn’t like it at all.”

Not long after traveling to Port Orange, Robin learned about a new procedure that sounded like what she needed: an advanced, minimally invasive treatment for restoring receding gums.

“I read an article in Volusia Health Care News about the procedure,” Robin informs. “After I read the article, I decided to make an appointment with the practice that I read about, which is Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics.”

Duel Enhancements

Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics is the practice of Huda Aljonaidy, DDS. Among the many services Dr. Aljonaidy offers is a scalpel-free, suture-free, graft-free treatment for gum recession called the Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

“In addition to the aesthetic issue, Robin was also experiencing some mild sensitivity as a result of her receding gums,” Dr. Aljonaidy reports. “She knew the condition was unhealthy, so we performed an assessment and recommended the Pinhole technique.”

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is most often used to treat generalized gum recession. As such, every tooth benefits from the procedure’s dual enhancements: the return of the gumline to its original position and the addition of thickness to the soft tissue, which improves overall
oral health.

“When human tissue is lost – receded gums are missing tissue – we need a source for replacement tissue,” Dr. Aljonaidy informs. “The biggest advantage of the Pinhole technique over conventional gum restoration surgery is the source of the tissue.

“Conventional restoration surgery requires a donor site, a spot in the mouth, typically the roof of the mouth, where we harvest tissue and transplant it to the gum area. But by doing this, we create two surgical sites. What’s more, there’s a limit to the donor site. We don’t want to harvest too much tissue to cover a full arch of receded gums.”

The Pinhole technique, on the other hand, requires no donor site or second surgical area. Using this technique, Dr. Aljonaidy carefully manipulates the existing gum tissue and repositions it into the proper position in the mouth.

“The Pinhole technique is a true rejuvenation for the gumline.” – Dr. Aljonaidy

“An amazing benefit of this technique is that I don’t use a scalpel,” Dr. Aljonaidy stresses. “I use specially designed surgical instruments to tunnel underneath the gumline and release it. I carefully adjust the gum tissue when it is no longer attached to the mouth and move it with my fingers to where it belongs.

“At that point, I place collagen through the access hole that I’ve created with the instruments, which is literally the size of a pinhole. The collagen acts as the glue to keep the gums where I’ve repositioned them. It also adds thickness to the tissue. The Pinhole technique is a true rejuvenation for the gumline, and the gums are the glue for the teeth.”

Another benefit of the technique is that it is a quicker restoration process than the conventional approach.

“Conventional gum restoration requires two procedures, one to harvest donor tissue and another to graft it onto the defective gum,” Dr. Aljonaidy explains. “Using that approach, the patient has to visit the dentist about 12 times over two years to finish the work. With the Pinhole technique, we can achieve the same results in one or two visits.”

“I’m Smiling”

“At first, I wasn’t even sure if I was a candidate, and I thought that if I was I’d probably get it done next fall,” Robin remembers. “But Dr. Aljonaidy said, I’ll clear my schedule, and she did the Pinhole surgery just two days after I first saw her.”

Dr. Aljonaidy performed the procedure on Robin’s upper and lower arches during one visit that lasted about three hours. Even before the healing process was complete, Robin was pleased with the results.

“The health of my gums is so much better now,” Robin enthuses. “I’m happy with my results. There’s a definite change that I am pleased about. And yes, I’m smiling.”

Robin is also impressed with Dr. Aljonaidy.

“She’s a ball of energy and an amazing woman and dentist,” Robin describes.

“Dr. Aljonaidy cares greatly about her patients and wants everybody to be happy, satisfied and look good.

“And she has a thirst for knowledge. She wants to know more and wants whatever she does to be as natural as possible. I think that’s why she’s so excited about Pinhole surgery. It allows the body to regenerate itself, and it’s been successful for me.”

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