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Retired NFL quarterback finds solutions with Healthy Living Moxie.

We all understand that if you have your health, you have everything. But people often don’t think about that until after they’ve had a health scare or must stop doing the things they love to do. These are the triggers that often cause people to make changes in their lives and look for solutions, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

The BEMER’s ability to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow accelerated Matt's return to the golf course

The BEMER’s ability to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow accelerated Matt’s return to the golf course


Belinda Casper, C-IAYT, and Curt Coenen, LMT, founded Healthy Living Moxie more than five years ago to help people find health and vitality through simple, natural, noninvasive and affordable approaches. They offer a variety of unique services to aid in the restoration of the mind, body and spirit and make it easy for people to incorporate simple changes into their lives. They meet people where they are in life’s challenges and help them through their journey.

Belinda is a certified international yoga therapist with a specialty in Lymphatic Yoga®. Curt is a licensed massage therapist who uniquely incorporates vibrational tuning forks, aromatherapy and other modalities into his transformational sessions.

Healthy Living Moxie brought the BEMER medical device into their offering several years ago, and that is when fundamental changes really started to happen with the people they work with. 

The BEMER (Bioelectromagnetic Energy Regulation) is an FDA Class II cleared medical device. It stimulates muscles; increases blood flow; improves performance and physical fitness; strengthens muscle, endurance and energy; increases vitality and well-being; and even enhances relaxation and reduces stress, as well as manages sleep.

Curt and Belinda have collaborated with many people these past five years, but most notable is Matt Robinson, who began playing football in fourth grade and retired from the sport in 1985 following a career playing quarterback for the University of Georgia, the National Football League and the United States Football League.

Return to Activities 

Matt, who played in the NFL for the New York Jets, Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills during the 1970s and ’80s, realized he was no longer as resilient as he was during his playing days and that all those years on the football field were coming back to haunt him.

In need of a solution, he reached out to Curt at Healthy Living Moxie. Curt recommended that he try the BEMER, a modality Matt had not previously tried in his effort to overcome the discomfort and limitations his sports career had imposed on him.

During a four-week rental of the BEMER from Healthy Living Moxie, Matt realized that the positive impact the device was making on his health was so significant that he purchased one for himself from the practice.

Having daily access to the BEMER allowed Matt to experience the changes he was seeking and allowed him to return to the activities he loved such as golfing, hiking and traveling.

Matt came to appreciate the BEMER and the advantages that come from working with Healthy Living Moxie even more a couple years ago after he had knee replacement surgery. The BEMER’s ability to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow was part of a winning game plan that got Matt back on the golf course where he wanted to be in far less time than expected.

Fundamental Belief 

As it did with Matt, Healthy Living Moxie meets people where they are in life’s journey and helps them find or regain a spirit, vibrancy and joy for life through a bundle of services that includes massage therapy, yoga therapy, Lymphatic Yoga, stem cell activation patches, brain supplements, essential oils and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy.

People everywhere are looking for solutions for improving their health and lives—physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Healthy Living Moxie works with people individually to help them change the quality of their lives using a variety of holistic methods. The practice’s fundamental belief is that the human body has an innate self-healing capacity and balance, and its therapists help people learn how to give their bodies what they need to find that balance. Humans are vibrational beings. Healthy Living Moxie offers a combination of services that helps people align their bodies and begin innate healing from within.

The team at Healthy Living Moxie helps people reach the potential they desire. They are committed to helping people overcome the stresses modern living has on the body. Setting the goal of initially helping 10,000 people overcome their health challenges, Belinda and Curt are well on their way and setting their sights higher as they share their passion for helping others. 

© Article provided by Healthy Living Moxie. Matt’s photo courtesy of Healthy Living Moxie.
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