Most Wanted Treatments for Pain Relief

SoftWave® therapy heals painful conditions.

Through his television series, America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh has helped law enforcement capture 1,244 fugitives in 45 countries and recover 61 stranger-abducted children. At the age of 74 and after filming 51 shows a year for 25 years, John was hoping to retire, but the FBI and US Marshals weren’t done with him yet.

John Walsh's photos courtesy of Gail Daman.

John is back in the saddle after TRT OrthoGold™ SoftWave® therapy eased the pain in his right knee.

“They came to me in the beginning of 2018 and said, We suspect 2018 is going to be the most violent year in American history as it relates to homicides and violent crimes,” John recalls. “They said, You have the trust of the public, and your concept of having the public call you with tips works. They needed my help, so I agreed to try a couple of shows with Investigation Discovery, a popular crime channel. We premiered last January.

“We caught an FBI Top Ten fugitive who for years was hiding in a shelter near the FBI Building in Washington, DC. We then caught a US Marshals’ Fifteen Most Wanted, who they had been looking for five years. I’m currently filming season two of In Pursuit with John Walsh, which will air on Wednesday nights on Investigation Discovery beginning in January.”

When he’s not working, John can often be found playing polo. An avid player, he has suffered his share of injuries from competition, including a torn ligament and cartilage in his knee. He had surgery to repair the damage, but the pain persisted, so he turned to longtime friend and physician Mel Richardson, MD, for help.

“Polo is a tough sport,” John acknowledges. “We play hard, and sometimes, we crash and fall off the horses. In one of those instances, I tore the meniscus and ACL in my right knee, and even after surgery, I was unable to ride. I could walk, but once I got in the saddle, bent my knee and started riding, my knee would start throbbing so badly, I could barely make it through the game.

“Orthopedic surgeons were saying I needed to get the injury repaired, but then I went to Dr. Richardson. He said, Maybe you won’t need surgery. He treated me with a new device, and the results were fantastic.”

The unique treatment Dr. Richardson used on John’s knee is SoftWave therapy. It has shown tremendous success at relieving pain and promoting healing.

“I use a leading-edge SoftWave therapy device called TRT OrthoGold that is changing treatment for pain and has proved to be useful. In fact, it is highly effective in treating many pain syndromes and health conditions,” Dr. Richardson announces.

“I’ve been a pain management physician for more than thirty-five years and used various techniques, including epidural steroid injections and other invasive procedures. But the TRT OrthoGold is the most remarkable device I’ve seen for treating pain. It actually accelerates healing.”

Childhood Activity

At the age of three, McKenzie Flinchum began training in gymnastics, and that activity nearly consumed the next decade and a half of her life. Gymnastics still plays an important role in her current training as a CrossFit® athlete.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

McKenzie Flinchum

“CrossFit can include anything,” McKenzie reports. “In competitions, we’ve seen swimming, rope climbing and walking. During my training, I do strength and conditioning work as well as gymnastics-type activities, including handstands and exercises on the bar. That’s where my gymnastics background really helps me.

“CrossFit is about being as well-rounded and fit as possible. I have to get my body trained to be good at any type of activity that could be thrown at me.”

But at a CrossFit competition earlier this year, McKenzie suffered a freak injury that left her in excruciating pain and nearly immobile.

“There was a rib out of place on my left side, and I had issues with some muscles,” she describes. “It was very painful, like a muscle spasm. It was a grabbing, debilitating pain, so it wasn’t a pain I could work through.

“The pain came on gradually leading up to the competition, then during the competition, I kept pushing myself, which set it off. It made the pain worse, so I knew I needed to do something about it. I saw Dr. Richardson at the gym, and he told me he had a treatment that might help.

“At that point, I couldn’t lift my arm over my head. I was ready to do anything to return to doing all my movements and get back to training. I decided to give Dr. Richardson’s treatment a try.”

Counting on Sound

As he did with John, Dr. Richardson treated McKenzie using TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy, which is similar to that used to break up kidney stones. It is a noninvasive treatment that utilizes specific frequencies of acoustic waves to initiate improved blood flow to an injured area of the body. The additional blood flow results in profound changes at the cellular level.

“First, the acoustic waves enter the injured tissue and trick the cells into releasing the anti-inflammatory chemicals and proteins the body naturally produces,” Dr. Richardson describes. “These chemicals decrease inflammation in the injured area, which relieves pain.”

This benefit occurs quickly, when the treatment is performed. The second thing the sound waves do is attract stem cells from around the body to the injured area.

“The stem cells heal and regenerate damaged tissue,” the doctor adds. “But they take time to fully regenerate, so the maximum benefit of the treatment occurs anywhere from six to twelve weeks following therapy, even though the pain may disappear completely before that.”

A typical course of TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy is one treatment a week for three weeks, although some injuries require additional treatments to obtain maximum benefit.

“McKenzie was training for a CrossFit competition when she injured her muscles,” Dr. Richardson reports. “She was in a great deal of pain and was unable to perform her exercises. She would have been out of competition if we did not treat her with TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy. She received four treatments.

“John was traveling, so he received only one treatment on his knee, but it was successful. He was pain free after that one treatment.”

“Dr. Richardson’s treatment didn’t have an immediate effect, but he told me it was going to take several sessions,” McKenzie recalls. “I think his treatment, along with the chiropractic care I received to put my rib back into place and some additional body work on surrounding muscles, really sped up my healing process.

“Within a month, I was almost back to training full-time, and when the CrossFit Open came around, I did the best I’ve ever done and punched a ticket to the CrossFit Games. I’m super grateful for the treatment, which got me back to one hundred percent and allowed me to qualify for the games.”

Total Turnaround

TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy was successful for John as well.

“Before Dr. Richardson’s SoftWave therapy, I couldn’t ride and I couldn’t stand the pain in my right knee,” John notes. “Now, I’m back in the saddle. I can use my leg and ride my horses, and I didn’t have to have another surgery.

“It’s really important to have a physician who stays on top of medical advances and knows about new treatments, and that’s Dr. Richardson. His SoftWave therapy is pretty amazing. I wish it had been around years ago.”

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