‘Most Amazing Tool I’ve Ever Seen In Medicine’

SoftWave TRT heals injured tissue, restores mobility and function.

Doug found long-term relief with the help of Dr. Richardson and SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies.

When Doug Hillman sold the last of his three Florida marinas last year, it marked the end of a 52-year career in which this aged mariner logged hundreds of thousands of nautical miles on the open seas.

“I started out in the marine industry in 1970 while living in the New York-New Jersey area,” offers Doug, 75. “I decided pretty soon that the climate for this was much better down south, so I moved to Florida.

“Once I got here, I started working on yachts, and that turned into a yacht delivery business where I delivered yachts from as far north as Nova Scotia to as far south as Venezuela and all over the Caribbean.”

Doug has also crossed through the Panama Canal to deliver yachts to the West Coast and Hawaii and once worked as a dealer for boat builders in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Atlantic Seaboard.

“I’m very fortunate to have been to a lot of very interesting places and to have met a lot of very interesting people,” says Doug, who paid a stiff physical price for spending more than a half-century maintaining his sea legs.

“Yeah, about eight or 10 years ago, I started having some pretty serious problems with my left knee,” Doug details. “And when I say problems, I’m talking about problems with pain. To the point where it was pretty hard to get around.

“I fought through it for a while but finally visited an orthopedic outfit that did both surgery and therapy. They told me I was dealing with your classic bone-on-bone situation and that I needed a new knee. I wasn’t ready for that, though.”

Doug opted for other remedies, but they provided only temporary relief. Then, last year, as he and his wife were making plans to visit Greece and Turkey, Doug went in search of a more permanent solution.

Expedites Healing

He found that solution at ReGenRX Wellness, where Mel Richardson, MD, specializes in a variety of pain management and lifestyle optimization treatments, the most notable of which is SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies.

SoftWave TRT uses the patented, noninvasive, therapeutic OrthoGold 100® device, which is designed to alleviate pain and expedite healing in damaged tissue through the delivery of acoustic waves to the cellular level of the injured or painful area.

Similar to the approach used for breaking up kidney stones, SoftWave TRT delivers specific frequencies that enhance the flow of blood to the injured area and sparks a profound change deep inside cells.

“When acoustic waves penetrate injured tissue, they trick the cells into releasing anti-inflammatory chemicals and proteins that the body produces naturally,” Dr. Richardson explains. “These chemicals decrease inflammation, which relieves pain.

“At the same time, the sound waves attract stem cells from around the body to the injured area. Over time — usually between six and 12 weeks — those stem cells heal and regenerate the damaged tissue. But pain is typically relieved much sooner.”

A typical course of SoftWave TRT calls for patients to be treated once a week for three weeks. The therapy can be used to address pain in the back, neck, foot (plantar fasciitis), wrist and hand (carpal tunnel syndome), and other areas. The treatment also helps with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

“This is, from head to toe, the most amazing tool I’ve ever seen in medicine, and I’ve been involved in pain management for almost 40 years,” says Dr. Richardson, who recommended SoftWave TRT for Doug’s knee.

Wave Reviews

“One of the treatments I tried before meeting Dr. Richardson was platelet rich plasma injections,” Doug offers. “It worked phenomenally well, but PRP acts primarily as a lubricant to cushion the bone-on-bone situation, so the effect didn’t last that long.

“What Dr. Richardson was offering was something that actually activates the stem cells, so not only does it relieve the pain, it also stimulates a cure, which I found fascinating. The thought of it working within my own system was outstanding to me, so I gave
it a try.”

Doug was given a full course of SoftWave TRT treatments, the last of which was provided about a month before the getaway to Greece and Turkey. Doug says the treatments helped make that vacation one of the best he’s ever taken.

“The trip was fantastic. We had a great time even though Greece turned out to be a lot more vertical than I thought it would be,” Doug enthuses. “But I was able to handle it because my left knee held up very well thanks to Dr. Richardson’s SoftWave TRT therapy.

“The only problem I had was that, while we were there, my right knee started to act up a bit. But the results of the SoftWave TRT therapy on my left knee were so fantastic that I decided to get the same treatment on my right knee.”

The outcome on the right knee mirrored the left. Doug is feeling so good that he and his wife are planning another trip, a return to Israel.

“We went a few years ago and it was a little more physical than I thought it would be,” Doug relates. “This time we’re going to follow the same itinerary, and I’m really looking forward to it because Dr. Richardson’s treatments are working so well for me.

“I am very happy with the results, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr. Richardson. He’s a great guy, he has a presence that is very warm and welcoming, and he’s very confident. I gladly recommend him to anyone.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo courtesy of Doug Hillman. OrthoGold photos courtesy of SoftWave TRT. mkb
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