Morpheus8 Results Visible in Days

Revolutionary anti-aging treatment restores youthful appearance.

In part because she builds a decorative wreath out of those that she receives in return, Angela* has long maintained the seemingly fading tradition of sending out Christmas cards to family and friends each holiday season.

A true traditionalist, she typically sends out cards displaying classic wintery images. For the first time this past year, however, she sent out a personalized card with a family portrait on it. She then spent a good part of the holidays wishing she hadn’t.

“I absolutely hated the picture,” Angela laments. “I feel like I looked very old in it. I mean, I’m not a kid anymore; I’m fifty-two. But I’m very active, and I don’t feel like I’m fifty-two. In that picture, though, I looked like I was older than fifty-two, and I didn’t like it.”

Angela’s disappointment with the family photo prompted her to make a New Year’s resolution to improve her appearance. She was unsure of the treatment she needed or where to get it, though, so she asked a close friend for some advice.

Without hesitation, her friend suggested she visit the Institute of Health & Wellness in Stuart, where the practice’s founder and director, board-certified surgeon Deborah A. DeMarta, MD, specializes in integrative and anti-aging medicine.

“She was absolutely adamant about me going to see Dr. DeMarta,” Angela says of her friend. “She told me she’d been there a few times herself and that they have a lot of great anti-aging treatments. So, I made an appointment for one day in early January.”

A Deeper Dive

During her initial consultation with Dr. DeMarta, Angela expressed her desire to erase some of the wrinkles around her eyes, upper lip and forehead as well as some crepiness that was beginning to develop around her neck area.

“If done in a series, the results can often be like a mid-face lift. And there’s almost no downtime associated with this treatment.” – Dr. DeMarta

The treatment Dr. Marta suggested is called Morpheus8. It is a safe, noninvasive, technologically advanced approach to fractional skin resurfacing that stimulates collagen and elastin production by targeting the deeper layers of the skin.

It is in those deeper layers where the skin’s building blocks exist, and by reaching those deeper layers, Morpheus8 reorganizes the building blocks through a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency heat waves that spark a natural anti-aging process.

A completely customizable treatment, Morpheus8 treatments are applied through the use of a small, FDA-approved, handheld device that helps brighten, tighten, sculpt and smooth out skin anywhere on the body.

“The device is attached to a generator, and on its surface is a matrix of twenty-four gold-coated micropins,” Dr. DeMarta explains. “Those pins penetrate the skin more easily than pins in other devices.

“It’s from those pins that the radiofrequency heat waves come, and that heat revitalizes the collagen, which helps to improve the complexion and texture of the skin that gives us that more youthful, more radiant appearance.

“During a typical treatment, we do three passes to the area we’re treating. We start at the deepest level, which is about four millimeters deep, and depending on the body part, we go three and then two millimeters deep with different amounts of energy.

“In those last two passes, when we’re treating an area more superficially, we use a different attachment on the device, and the result is a lot like what you would get from a fractional treatment using a fractional laser. It’s resurfacing.

“But it’s that ability to go deeper into the skin that allows us to get the remarkable results we get with collagen production for fine lines and wrinkles and the contraction of fat pads that we get when we’re tightening areas elsewhere on the body.

“Those results are one of the reasons I offer this treatment. I want to offer something that can truly improve the crepiness of skin and that works on all the extremities, because areas on our arms and legs can become a big problem as we get older.

“For women especially, we can get those bat wings, and many of us tend to have trouble with our inner thighs or the entire thigh and gluteal area. This treatment works extremely well in those areas.”

“Colorblind” Treatment

Dr. DeMarta notes that Morpheus8 is what she refers to as a “colorblind” treatment, which means it can be used to treat any type of skin, regardless of color, head to toe. It can also be used to repair acne scarring.

“Acne scars are very deep, so regular microneedling techniques are not going to provide someone with the vast improvement they want,” she says. “You used to use a full fractional laser to get those results, but we can get them with Morpheus8.

“Another great advantage associated with Morpheus8 is that you can see results in a few days. And as time goes on, more collagen is produced and there’s even more contraction of the tissue, so those results keep improving.

“If done in a series, the results can often be like a mid-face lift. And there’s almost no downtime associated with this treatment. It’s really amazing, and I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anything that gets results like this. It’s absolutely phenomenal.”

Angela doesn’t disagree. As intended, she had Morpheus8 treatment done on the problem areas on her face as well as her neck. She says the results make her wish she had waited a year before making a family photo the main image of a Christmas card.

“I would say that the Morpheus8 treatment has painlessly taken almost ten years off my appearance,” she raves. “And what really amazed me is how quickly I noticed an improvement. Within a week of the treatment, I could already see a difference.

“And just as Dr. DeMarta said it would, I have continued to see improvement in the texture of my skin. It’s so much softer now, and the area around my neck that I was concerned about is no longer a worry.”

Angela was so impressed with the results that three weeks after receiving her first facial and neck treatment with Morpheus8, she had a treatment done on her knees, where the crepiness of her skin made her hesitant to wear shorts.

“My knees were looking very wrinkly, and Dr. DeMarta said she could treat that area as well, so I said, Why not?” Angela remembers. “And now my knees look fine. I won’t be so hesitant to go to the beach this year or just wear shorts at any time.

“I really could not be happier that my friend recommended I visit Dr. DeMarta. She really does have all the latest treatments, and I highly recommend her for anyone who’s looking to take a few years off their appearance. It sure worked for me.”

*Patient’s name withheld at her request.
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