Making Connections

Creating hearing health care partnerships.

Mary Tucker, 82, was inspired to be a teacher by her own first grade teacher, a nun in the Catholic school of her youth. Mary was also inspired to work with students in the younger grades.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Mary Tucker

“I taught kindergarten, first, second and third grade for thirty-three years,” shares the Leetonia, Ohio native. “My sister was also a teacher, but she chose high school children. I liked the younger children, especially their artwork.”

As Mary grew older, her hearing deteriorated, so last year she purchased a set of hearing aids from a local provider. But she wasn’t happy with the hearing aids or the provider.

“I was very upset. I didn’t like that place at all,” Mary reveals. “The hearing aids weren’t right, and I couldn’t get them adjusted. It just wasn’t a good situation.”

One of the residents of the senior living community where Mary resides recommended Hearing Aid Lab, a family-owned business with offices in Lake Mary and Orange City. At Hearing Aid Lab, Mary met with Elise Guzman Roubicek, BC-HIS.

Facing Challenges

“Mrs. Tucker came to us a little over a year ago,” Elise recalls. “She purchased hearing aids elsewhere but faced challenges with them. For one thing, there was no consistency with her hearing care provider. Every time she went to the office, there was someone new assisting her.

“We’ve been in business for seventeen years, and it’s always been the same members of my family working here. With that kind of consistency, we can really build relationships with our patients and become their hearing health care partner.”

Mrs. Tucker was also having problems adjusting to her hearing aids, Elise notes.

“We tested her, programmed her hearing aids and held several training sessions with her, but she continued to have difficulty with the technology,” Elise elaborates. “She was frustrated because she couldn’t hear well or engage with her friends at the senior living community.”

One of the most common issues for people with hearing loss is hearing in noisy environments, and Mary struggled with that issue as well. She didn’t hear well with her current hearing aids, so Elise loaned her a new set to try in her day-to-day environment.

“I told her to let me know if she noticed any improvement,” Elise reports. “She told me it was like night and day, so she purchased the hearing aids. We eased her through the hearing rehabilitation process until she was fully comfortable with the sound quality from the devices. That’s another part of the partnership.”

“Hearing Aid Lab gave me good hearing aids, and they take care of them,” Mary relates. “I go back every three to four months, and they check everything out for me. That’s very helpful because my hands tremble a little, and it’s difficult for me to get in there and clean out the hearing aids and get out any wax that might be in there.

“I like the staff at Hearing Aid Lab. I’ve been going to them ever since I got my last hearing aids, and I won’t leave them. I highly recommend them.”

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