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Innovative once-a-week, 15-minute workouts reverse osteoporosis.

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When residents in western Tennessee woke up to find themselves buried under nearly nine inches of snow one day this past February, Sandy* was glad she listened to her husband eight years ago when he suggested they retire to Florida.

“We lived in Collierville, which is a suburb of Memphis, and we had some snow days there but nothing like that,” Sandy remarks. “To have a snow day like that is very unusual, so I’m very glad we’re now in Florida.”

While her husband retired from a position with International Paper, Sandy retired from a computer consulting firm she built up over 30 years of serving small businesses across the Memphis region.

“I had a great time with that business because I had a fantastic relationship with IBM,” Sandy explains. “When I first got into it, IBM was still using third-party consultants to install, implement and write code for small businesses, and that’s what I ended up doing.”

Sandy, 72, thought her career as a businesswoman ended when she left Tennessee, but she recently became involved in a new venture. Like her work in the computer industry, she is once again involved in a product on the leading edge of technology: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, a treatment option for certain types of pain.

“I became a rep for a company that makes PEMF mats,” Sandy reports. “I was having great results using one for the arthritis in my hands. One thing led to another, and now it’s turned into a business for me.”

Sandy, an active woman who walks up to five miles a day, became familiar with PEMF mats while tackling another health issue: osteoporosis, which along with its precursor, osteopenia, can lead to severe bone breaks.

You Create the Force

Found most often in postmenopausal women, this bone loss develops when bone growth fails to keep pace with natural bone degeneration to the point that bone mineral density becomes dangerously low.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis can be treated with medication but only for a limited time. When Sandy reached that threshold with her medication a few years ago, she began looking for an alternative treatment. She found one at OsteoStrong.

OsteoStrong is a revolutionary program that has helped more than 25,000 people reverse the negative effects of bone loss through once-a-week, 15-minute sessions that utilize proprietary equipment to achieve osteogenesis.

The equipment includes four biomechanical machines that allow users to be placed in the safest and strongest position. During these sessions, users can safely exert pressure four to 12 times their body weight.

“The difference between our equipment and the equipment used at a traditional gym is that our equipment is focused to strengthen the skeletal system, which means tension is developed without contraction of the muscle,” states Bill Atterbury, owner of OsteoStrong near The Villages®. “There is no force pushing against you, which means you create the force.

“On the leg press, for example, I’ve had ladies in their 80s who weigh 100 pounds press 1,000 pounds. That’s because the equipment is designed to keep you in a safe position. For a person who weighs 100 pounds to develop new bone using traditional equipment, they would need to create a resistance of well over 400 pounds. That simply cannot be done for 99 percent of all people in a gym environment because it involves weights they couldn’t physically move. Or, if they could move them, they’d be at high risk of injury.”

Resistance Yields Results

To understand the difference, Bill invites people to come in and try the equipment, noting that his facility offers a complimentary tour and session.

“What we do at OsteoStrong is help people build a stronger skeletal system, which further allows them to live a healthier, more active life,” Bill points out. “That’s why I felt it was so important to open an OsteoStrong facility near The Villages. I’m a resident of The Villages, and I know that the people who live in this area are very conscientious about living healthy, active lives. If I can help give them another 10 or 15 years of that healthy, active lifestyle, that’s a win-win situation for all involved.

“This is an amazing concept based on a century-old theory called Wolff’s Law that looked into the body’s natural adaptive response to growing new bone and improving bone density. Through that theory and years of research, we have come to learn that when you put certain forces on the bones, the body responds by growing bone tissue.

“That’s a known medical fact, and the results of these short sessions are absolutely amazing. On average, our studies show that OsteoStrong improves bone density from 7 to 14 percent per year. Also, people typically increase their strength by an average of 73 percent over their first year at OsteoStrong.”

Similar studies also show that having an OsteoStrong session more than once a week does not promote additional benefits. As a result, the sessions are not only impactful, but time efficient.

And the advantages go beyond reversing osteoporosis.

They can also help alleviate pain and suffering associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, knee and back pain, neuropathy, Type 2 diabetes and vertigo.

Bill encourages people of all ages to accept his invitation to try out the OsteoStrong equipment.

“Osteoporosis is not something that only happens to old people,” he explains. “We have clients from young to old and everything in between. And men are not immune. When they start losing their testosterone, their bone loss becomes more rapid.

“In addition to helping them recover from it, OsteoStrong wants to help educate people about bone loss. The skeletal framework is the most important part of the body, and you need to take care of it and be aware of c1hanges to it.”

Highly Recommended

Sandy discovered OsteoStrong after she realized some additions to her exercise routine were not providing the benefits she needed to ward off the effects of her osteoporosis.

“I continued to exercise, but my bone density tests showed that osteoporosis was still evident,” she says. “One day, I happened to see OsteoStrong, which is not far from my house, and decided to check it out. Bill was there at the time, and he gave me a brief introduction to what was offered, and I immediately felt like this would be a good fit for me and enable me to build my bones so they would be stronger. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

OsteoStrong near The Villages offers members other wellness treatments as well, including PEMF therapy. Before purchasing her own PEMF mat, Sandy took advantage of that by spending a few minutes each week using OsteoStrong’s PEMF mats on her hand.

“The PEMF mat really worked,” she enthuses. “After a while, my hands just quit hurting. That’s why I decided to get a PEMF mat for myself and eventually became a rep for the company. Eventually, though, I wanted to see if the workouts were helping my bones.

“Medicare only pays for a bone density scan once every two years, and I had one just about a year before I started doing OsteoStrong workouts, so I paid for a second scan myself. The results were unbelievable. They showed the bone density in my spine is normal, so I no longer have osteopenia in my spine. I still have osteopenia in my hip area, but my doctor said that is a very large dense bone and it’s going to take longer to see results there.

“The bottom line is the numbers are going in the right direction, so I’m thrilled. I just can’t say enough great things about OsteoStrong and the people there who run it. They’re all very helpful, and it’s a great program. I highly recommend it.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo courtesy of OsteoStrong. mkb
* Patient’s name changed at her request.
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